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Stones of Truth

The following articles put the reader face to face with reality as it is. Through an objective an crystal clear language, sometimes piercing and incisive, those texts shows the shadowed world the human being created for himself, according to their own voluntarily drift away from the Light. Discloses, without half words, everything they have lost. Also shows the way that would permit a searching soul to find the way out from the existing chaos. Shows a path that can be overcome only by them selves using their one's legs.

The human being must wake-up from its millenium lead sleep and take the spiritual ascension path. Now! If one continues to dream, embarking on the comfort of one's spiritual sloth, will end in a forever sleep, a sleep for the entire eternity.

The human creature must decide, once for all, how to handle correctly the creation's loom that is bind by the inflexible Laws of the Universe. Weave a beautiful and colorful destiny's carpet is in every one's reach to be done by him self. This work lays solely in the hands of each one. No one can do this for any other.