“Let there be Light!”
And then there was Light.
“Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures and let birds fly above the earth!”
“Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds!”
“Domestic animals, small animals and wild animals, each one according to its own species!”
And thus it was done.


Made by the Creator's Will, and destroyed by the man's desire. Could there be anything more sordid, more torpid than a crime carried out against a defenseless creature, as what presently happens to animal?…

Contrary to the human being, animals are always innocent in all circumstances. An animal never suffers through its own guilt, by disrespecting any of the laws of Creation, if ever it only suffers due to the man's wickedness and the many unbalances he has provoked on the planet. Homo sapiens have become a degenerate animal, they have proved this over and over again; they are a species that did not quite come out right, and because of this they will have to disappear now from its habitat. This is what Mother Nature has determined against anything that disturbs the harmony and does not abide by her laws.

It will have to disappear almost in its entirety, so that the others species can continue to develop in peace, without needing to fear anymore from this insane monster that does not respect anything else except its own well being. A “well-being” frequently enjoyed through the disrespect, torture and death to animals.

Seal cubs are clubbed to death in front of their helpless mothers, so that empty-headed females, of this human species, can enjoy soft furs. Newborn chicks are thrown alive into the fire, so that shrewd males of this species, may not to suffer from the bitterness in a reduction of profits in the chicken trade. And a bill that authorizes the sacrifice of animals for personal cultural-religious ends has just appeared in Brazil, so that an especially sordid kind of this species Homo politicus (1) – could gain favor from his voters, who are just as sordid as them. Oddly though, these are the same cults that invoke and ask for protection from the beings of nature…

A whole book could be written just to describe the atrocities that the “human” being, who could not be more coward, is already capable of practicing against animals that were put on Earth in trust, to be cared for, kept and respected by the dominant species. And an encyclopedia could be compiled just to register the outrageous, the tremendous indignation that enrages the few members of the human species that still love, with all their heart, nature and its entities.

The truth is that sometimes, some people still feel embarrassed, even a little awkward, on having to admit to himself and others that they would prefer to look after and take care of a pet, than to help or even adopt a homeless child. Surprisingly, even though the latter is a human being.

There is no reason for embarrassment. These good people intuitively feel immediate love and dedication for the pet precisely because it is not a human being! Animals are never deceptive in their actions. The loving look of a pet towards its owner will always be legitimate. It never will hide envy, disagreement and ill will, typical of individuals who have to now harvest the rotten fruits that they have sowed in their useless and harmful existence. Individuals that never felt any kind of love, not even fondness for animals, but just contempt, that never nurtured in their inner self any kind of desire to offer them, in thankfulness, are unable to offer even a simple ode, that have only hatred, an unjustified and uncalled for hatred, the size of their own ignominiousness.

Neither do they know, nor do they suspect that there are already many that are also no longer human beings. They had lost the right to this denomination when their souls, disfigured by greed, hatred and ingratitude, stopped having any likeness with the beings that appeared, in ancient times, in the Creator's image. They have descended well below the level occupied by any animal of Earth that never killed for pleasure, nor ever enjoyed themselves with the suffering of their fellow being, nor ever confronted the Almighty.

It is not worth going on about humanity's abominable age-old crime against the animals. Or of the enormous rosary of guilt that it will have to answer for as it stands before the Judge's throne, specifically with respect to this crime, it will not be able to rely on any leniency. Whoever carries out, or even supports any act directed against animals, is already spiritually lost. Seen from above, he no longer exists in Creation. He will just continue to vegetate some more years still, here on Earth, until he is swept out of the great masterpiece of Creation, to the relief of all the other creatures, created by the same Will of the same supreme God.

I would just like to cite a tiny extract from the well-known letter that the Indian-chief, Seathl, sent in 1855 to the then president of the United States, from the paragraph in which he makes mention to the animals:

““I saw thousands of rotting bison on the prairies, abandoned by the white man that slaughtered them from a passing train. I am a savage, and do not understand how a smoky iron horse can be more valuable than a bison that we, the Indian, just kill as a subsistence. What is man without the animals? If all the animals were dead, man would die from spiritual solitude, because everything that happens to the animals can also affect man. Everything is related to each other. All that hurts the earth also hurts the sons of the earth. (……) The white man will also disappear, perhaps more quickly than the others races. He continues polluting his own bed, and he will die sleeping, suffocated in his own excrement!””

Happily, the wise Indian-chief did not live to verify that his prevision, already so bitter, would not be just restricted to the white man, but, in the future, it would also include all of humanity. He did not need to see how the human being, capable in his own time of allowing bison to rot on the prairies, would himself be rotting, in soul, during the final judgment, heading toward his spiritual decomposition. He did not have to watch how the human race would be marked for extinction, and that it would not leave behind any good memory of itself, no nostalgia from the other species would remain on Earth. He was saved from all this.

Roberto C. P. Junior

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