The scenario is, scientists versus environmentalists and, pragmatists versus idealists, an unequal fight, with a very predictable outcome. Neither could it be any different, when the rules of the game are defined by just one of the sides, as is the case here.

The disparate forces between the parts is such that it is evidenced by the contenders' own denominations, woven by the stronger group and dressed by the weaker one, without question. Realistic versus utopians, progressists versus retrogrades. On the “right” side of the battle, of the winners, canton impeccable legions of rationalists', realistic minded, feet on the ground, uniformed, overflowing with scientific work and all of them irrefutable. On the “wrong” side of the battle, the losers, appear like a bunch of lost, noisy, dreamers grouped together, some badly huddled visionaries, armed with just visceral indignation and an intimate restlessness whose causes is unclear.

The high command of the transgenic movement knows that total victory is a just a question of time. Each new country that capitulates under the heavy fire of the technician's reports, whose well-aimed artillery - is unassailable because its non-stop - constitutes the most excessive of battles, on the frontlines, of this new unforeseen world war. With this, the generals of the degenerated genetics continually gain more and more ground everywhere and consolidate their positions. Making human prepotency its headquarters, satisfied they contemplate the continuous advance of the enlightened troops. Complete victory is at hand, for those who want to see it, on the gloomy horizon of this world, of this world that was once ours but now belongs to them. It seems that no heartfelt rising opposition can confront the saturated bombardment of the scientific missiles, preceded by the characteristic whistle and charged with shameful and contemptuous content of the unbeaten intellectuals. The overwhelming victory of the transgenic products will be one more entry into the ledger of so many other achievements of human talent, like radioactive waste, authorized pollution quotas, predatory fishing, hunting, sustainable extraction, the use of guinea pigs in experiments, pâté de foie gras, and the cloning of animals… A series of endless horrors

It is true that one cannot deny the results of the scientific reports. They accomplish exactly what is expected or demanded from them: they scientifically prove that the transgenic seeds are safe, they scientifically prove that they do not cause damage to the environment and to people's health. Therefore, all this they accomplished, scientifically.

And this is the biggest tragedy of all. Accepting scientific reports on this subject is the same as handing over the hen house key to the fox. Unfortunately, however, this is what happens. As nearly the majority of people see science as the pinnacle of human capacity, and the scientists as true gods, with such power or even more spectacular than those of mythology, they really believe that science is the just and infallible umpire for this matter. With eyes staring upwards, without blinking, fixed on the scientific community, they eagerly await the descent of the Olympian light of academic wisdom, which will illuminate their ignorance and will guide them along the paths of an admirable world new. Sustained by a touching ingenuity, they are cocky that if science gives a favorable report to the transgenic products, then this will be the proof that they are approved…

Such a sweet and sad illusion, for no matter how elaborated, or how detailed the scientific reports are and the voluminous studies of the environmental impact are, they will never be able to foresee the final disastrous effects of transgenic science. Simply because these last, devastating effects, neither present any sign, nor is there any physical perceptible indication, which could eventually be detected in the changed genetic code. Transgenic food was not programmed to give any warning of what they are capable of provoking; they just silently wait like mines, impassive as a time bomb, for the anguished scream of a soon perplexed society that shall echo throughout the fields and cities nourished by them. The interrupted unison scream of… “It's too late!”

The transgenic seeds hold a changed irradiation, and for this reason do not belong to nature as such. They do not make up part of nature anymore, as they are no longer natural! And what is not natural brings within itself the germ of death.

But here already we enter into a field that the human intellect cannot manage to accompany, much less assimilate. This notorious inability, this unbeatable limitation of the human intellect then manifests itself in the form of negligence and mockery on the behalf of the rationalists. As the intellect cannot understand anything that is beyond what is merely earthbound, as it is only a product of the brain, it rejects everything else as impossible, because for that, in fact, it is impossible to discern reality just as it is. In this particular case, the intellect does nothing other than infuse on the circumspect faces that disguise so many sagas brains, a certain air of intelligence garnished by a mocking smile, nothing more than that. The correctness of character, the purity of heart, the nobility of soul, the vivacity of spirit, are not qualities that can be observed in the DNA, and because of this we shall never by trickery obtain a materialistic scientist genetically modified to do good. The few really good ones are so by their own nature, and these will never defend transgenic manipulation.

These scarce researchers with integrity cannot assure that transgenic crops are innocuous they cannot asseverate that they only bring benefits. And how could they do that? How could they divulge the advantages of a transgenic plant resistant to agro toxics if it was themselves that modified it so criminally, introducing them as one more toxic in the agricultural world? A new and unknown “agro toxic”! How would it be possible for them to defend the genetic poisoning of a culture that it is resistant to poisons?… We shan't even argue here about the alleged economic advantages of the transgenic seeds, because that would be going down to the manure level in dealing with the problem. No reasonably lucid researcher and minimally honest person could transfer the preoccupation with the health of consumers to a level inferior to that of the reduction of farming costs.

A transgenic seed is a foreign body, an antigen injected into a perfect organism. It happens, my well-intentioned friends that this perfect organism, nature, is well able to defend itself from the pathogenic strains, and it really does, with invariably catastrophic results for humanity. This, in fact, it could have already recognized, if one's intellective presumption did not continually obstruct one's spiritual intuition.

All of the so-called unbalances of nature are not unbalances at all, they are in fact only automatic reactions to man's deleterious action. Wherever this creature has put his hand, an incubated germ of destruction was left behind that always took root, sooner or later. Uncontrollable plagues, inclement droughts, devastating floods and so many other “disturbances” of nature are just reciprocal effects against the biggest plague of all, the Parasite sapiens, that are now trying to cultivate one more excrescence inside the formerly healthy body of nature, in the form of transgenic seeds and plants. The human species is the serial killer of life on Earth, it is the biggest enemy of nature ever. But you can be sure, very sure indeed, that for some time now it has been recognized as such, and now it is being dealt with correspondingly.

That is why, the environmentalists-idealists are classified as a bit thick in the head but they need not despair in their quixotic fight against the transgenic products and their sponsors. Nothing that is contrary to nature, therefore contrary to the natural laws, can subsist indefinitely. It lasts for a short period of time and then exemplarily disappears, it succumbs spectacularly, like a testimony of the most profound failure of human arrogance. Incomprehensible arrogance of a species that dared want to improve nature, without first trying to know about its legitimate Owner by the consequences of his actions and, above all, if it by chance ever had the permission to act this way .

However, the knowledge of this inevitable collapse of all that was twisted by the human intellect does not signify that the defenders of nature should wait sitting down, observing from the theatre box the unraveling of this tragic drama on the claudicante stage of human prepotency. No, each one should be a sounding trumpet, consciously facing the enormous wall raised by the rationalists' presumption so that its collapse can come about quicker still, for the relief and blessing of all cleaned soul people. Nothing else other than these trumpets played with the enthusiasm of idealism are necessary, no violence, no political party flags, no narrow-minded ideologies.

The environmentalists can, should and must fight with the full conviction of justice for their cause. They should not advance with bowed heads, oppressed, and fearful of yet another defeat into of the operating theater. This would be a deplorable image, even in the opponent's eyes. Focus on the example of a certain martial arts, whose motto is written in eastern ideograms on the band that hangs from the fighter's outfit: “Who fears to lose has already lost.” Do not fear to lose.

This time face the opponent with haughtiness, resolve and without mourning. Face him without fear, without regret of being unable to counter him a scientific shield. Our paradigm is another. The maxims of our hearts are enough for us. If they are just, if they are tuned in with the laws that govern Creation, then the victory against the aberration of transgenics is certain. It will be the first great first victory of a series, of our series.

Roberto C. P. Junior