This is a delicate subject. Without a doubt one of the most incomprehensible, and misunderstood themes that demands a coherent explanation.

Let us leave aside the extreme reactions, which are by in large those that most drive away from a more correct opinion, precisely because they are the same. For it is discouraging to observe this type of Manicheans dichotomy, where in some countries the practice of homosexuality is punished with death, and not only the body but also the soul, is compelled to burn in hell according to the current expert inquisitors, while in others, at the opposite extreme, homosexual couples are given nuptial blessings by the state, encouraged to “assume their condition” and usufruct of all the legal rights in existence. Such dissimilar positions between the two precisely prove that there is total incomprehension in this field.

To the contrary, let us enter into the very core of the problem and discover the true causes that lead a person to feel attracted to another of the same sex. In order to do this, it is first of all necessary to acknowledge that this is not the first time that we tread on Earth. Each one of us has already been here several times before, through these multiple earthly lives, we have experienced happiness and sadness, victories and defeats, learning from them, with the intent of a continuous spiritual improvement.

Whoever cannot accept the crystalline truth of reincarnation, at the outset already removes any possibility of recognition of the truth. For this person, homosexuality will continue to be an undecipherable enigma, as well as all the apparent earthly injustices. Resigned, he will go through life as a self-myopic spirit, unable to discern the real connections that mould human destiny.

And, nevertheless, it is this very person that excludes himself from the comprehension of the true phenomena, permitting to be obliterated by rigid dogmas, like a slave who allows or even insists that others put the blinkers on. Lead blinkers, forged on the anvil of spiritual indolence and moldy from the centuries of being in the catacombs of religious incomprehension… Thus that is how it is, bent by the weight of his dogmatic blinkers, the indoctrinated hodiernal slave is ready to welcome the most hare-brained explanations on homosexuality, such as: “mental disease”, “divine probation”, “genetic anomaly”, “diabolical possession” and other nonsense of an equivalent level. It is what his blinkers allow him to see…

The human being is a spiritual entity, which incarnates several times on Earth with the intent to its indispensable evolution. During this process of successive incarnations it is generically called soul . The soul also can be seen, more adequately, as an ethereal body of the spirit, a special wrapping that serves in the so-called “beyond”. The soul that reincarnates is therefore always the same; what changes in the multiple earthly lives is only its more external mantle, the “clothes” that it dresses in each incarnation that we call the physical body.

As the soul always is the same, it brings forward to each incarnation the marks of the previous existences, which are felt quite clearly, in the current earthly life, starting from a specific age. This age occurs in the adolescence years, when the physical body becomes completely formed, thus allowing the full actuation of the embodied spiritual human being present. In this phase, all that lies in the soul, all that is hanging in it, so to speak, due to existences engaged in other earthly lives, all this openly manifest itself somehow, with all intensity, whether we are dealing with good or bad characteristics.

Then let us suppose that in a previous earthly life, a woman had started to develop some kind of predilection for more practical, ruder topics and activities of a masculine nature. If this predilection intensifies too much, then it ends up transforming itself into a “vice”, that is, into a characteristic that effectively proceeds to take on an existence in that soul, which indelibly remains marked by this tendency.

The feminine soul thus strongly marked by an erroneous spiritual wish – we could also say “twisted” by this wish – will in the future embody into an adjusted body to these newly engaged masculine particularities, these well understood particularities, do not pertain to her origin and therefore are not natural to her. Thus, in the next earthly life, this originally feminine soul will incarnate, due to her voluntary torsion, in a masculine body.

The spiritual human being, the proper “self” to that personality continues to be feminine, however in this current earthly life it sees itself trapped inside a physically masculine body. In her intimate she still feels attracted by the opposite sex, that is, the male, as it spiritually continues being a woman. However, if she inconsequently gives flow to that feeling, this will externally be evidenced as very strange behavior (to say the least), because what is externally observed is only a man with feminine traits searching the company of other men.

Often this situation ends up being involuntarily remedied, because the spiritual woman embodied in a masculine body feels frequently attracted by another twisted souls like hers, however in the opposite sense, in other words, by a spiritual man that for the same explained reasons, is nowadays embodied in a feminine body. With this, the spiritual and the material apparently conciliate themselves because both the souls that try to unite bear the same kind of inclination.

It is not difficult to realize that this situation of twisted souls is neither natural nor desirable. But it is not anything that serious that cannot be remedied, as long as the respective person faces this current life as an important learning stage, and not one's entire existence as a human spirit that, as said, embraces several lives, both here on Earth as in the beyond. She can perfectly overcome her torsion here and avoid the repetition of this situation in the future.

It is a stage that has a lot to teach, without a doubt a difficult stage, with much suffering, as practically the only things that which she comes across are incomprehension, contempt and mockery. So a current earthly life is, this way, a very hard stage, but it is also an irreplaceable school that teaches one to face, up front, his or her torsion of the soul and overcome it. Presupposing that one does not feed revolt within oneself, because this way one would only manage to entangle oneself even more.

The individual bearer of a twisted soul should convince oneself that he or she lives in a body not fitting to one's more profound core, and that this is due, exclusively, to one's own fault. Aware of this, one should always keep a serene discretion, principally through avoiding establishing connections with other people that could only strengthen even more one's torsion. If one acts always with moderation, without giving in to extreme attitudes of the type that “affirm one's homosexuality”, and other similar conduct, which are no more than hollows attempts of legitimizing something illegitimate, one will then end up by disengaging oneself from this mistake adhered to one's soul. One will calmly overcome one's torsion of the soul and never again find oneself ever in the situation of living in a body that does not correspond to one's “self” spirit. Naturally, this is worth both for a feminine human spirit, as much as for a masculine one.

What was exposed here concerns intrinsic homosexuality that manifest itself spontaneously at a certain stage in life. They are those in which, on arriving at the adolescence phase, the respective person feels incomprehensibly attracted by the same sex.

It is different for those people who are not yet twisted souls, but in this life begin to manifest some predilection for activities and subjects sympathizing towards the opposite sex. In this case then there is no excuse. It is necessary to literally cut the evil at the root, not allowing this predilection to continue and transform into a vice, thus avoiding advance in the torsion process of the soul. Acting in this manner, these first homosexual inclinations that are initially always weak, will not be nurtured anymore and will die off by drying up and loosening from the soul, extinguishing themselves by themselves. One can well imagine how much future suffering such a person will avoid with this firm attitude, both for oneself and for one's environment.

Roberto C. P. Junior