To those that cultivate the fearless habit of accompanying world happenings closely, must have been frightened on observing the list of highlighted titles with which the year 2001 was entitled, and continues wearing the laurels. Thus, it was “the year that entered into history,” the “tragic year,” “the year that marked the beginning of 21 st century,” the “bloody year,” amongst other titles of equally superlative epithets.

The fright is not raised precisely by the happenings that were without a doubt tragic, which marked the prophetic, semi-apocalyptic year of 2001, and that shook so many hearts and minds all over the world. What surely left any attentive observer amazed was to verify that these classifications only occurred now, when the American nation was so hardly hit by terrorism and dragged to a political-religious-military imbroglio of frankly unimaginable consequences, or, better, to which we would simply not like to imagine. In fact, everything indicates that Uncle Sam's retaliation will not limit itself to the dismantling of the terrorist network, but that will be directed now against the recently elected “Axis of Evil,” or then against other ‘Axes' of the same suit, which from time to time insist on rising up against the idolized democratic values. Yes, it is unquestionable: the year of 2001 was really a “tragic year.”

But the year 2000 was also tragic. It was marked by fratricidal wars that decimated thousands and thousands of people all over the world; it registered the most disturbing advance of AIDS up to then, in its sinister task of sweeping African nations of their inhabitants; it saw countries being convulsed by unprecedented climatic catastrophes; it verified the overpowering increase of the so-called psychiatric diseases, like depression and panic syndrome, which took care in mercilessly dilacerating a countless number of distressed souls; it impotently observed the methodical growth of hunger, of poverty and of despair on the planet, as well as the ferocious outbreak of diseases that were considered extinct a long time ago, or, at least, reasonably under control.

Therefore, the year 2000 was very tragic. As were, in their own right, the years of 1999, 1998 and 1997. In fact, the entire decade of the 90's was tragic. And if a rigorous retrospective were made, we will verify that the 80's were equally marked by unprecedented tragedies up until then. The same stands for the 70's…

The roll of human tragedies, up to now, have not given any sign of exhaustion, to the contrary, they have just changed the level, intensifying in quantity and intensity along the recent decades. The ones that until recently still happily defended the naïve concept of the “end of history,” (undisguised externalization of one's intimate desire) at this stage of events must already be very disappointed. Contrary than imagined, the pathetic outcome of one of the greatest contemporary tragedies, Communism, did not signal the “end of human history”, but indeed the imminent “end of the history of humanity”. A not so subtle difference not restricting itself only as a mere matter of semantics. It is not history that is going to finish, but indeed humanity itself, this present humanity, has its days numbered…

2001 “entered into history” because, this time, one of the countless tragedies that have been devastating the world on a daily basis for decades struck in the heart of the American homeland, and not in their neighbors' backyard, Africa and Asia. If another tragedy of large proportions strikes in some European community's country, then the respective year in course surely will also “enter into history”, next to the pioneering 2001. For the media, governments and peoples, what seem to dictate the dimension of a tragedy are basically the location where it occurs, and not its magnitude.

However, for the years that lay ahead will also enter into history, in the conception of the First World followers. Year after year, they will don onto themselves this doubtful status in retribution onto the whole humanity in increasing suffering that others will be unable to conceal. Indeed, a collective suffering that has already been imperturbably increasing for decades, as a reciprocal effect of the incorrect conduct of man throughout the millennia, in it's directly opposite performance proclaimed by the Laws that govern Creation. An atrocious just suffering, more and more intense, which just like a trumpet of the Final Judgment will still try to awaken a part of humanity from its deep spiritual sleep. For only a spiritually awake human can consciously transpose the cogwheel of Divine Justice.

From the point of view of the Natural Laws, the human being is the only creature that did not worked out right, or, better said that he did not want to work out correctly, as he always had his free will and an almost indescribable help to walk along the true path. However, humanity invariably rejected all the help and proceeded blindly in its incorrect development. Thus, today it stands alone before nature as a harmful species, which for this reason needs to be exterminated, so that Creation as a whole does not suffer permanently.

Think of it as a cleaning process from the planetary point of view. It is as if the whole world were being consumed by an extraordinary purifying fire that spreads all over in a devastating way, mercilessly consuming all the evil by means of tragic flames, flames in the form of tragedy. And the flames of this gigantic fire are continually revived by the whirlwind ill will of the remainder of humanity. This way, it is humanity itself that forces its inevitable destruction. The fire burns and destroys the very evil that generated it and that still nurtures it. Therefore, they are purifying flames, and neither anything nor anybody will be capable of putting them out. They will only be extinguished when all the evil has been eradicated from Earth, from wherever it is has taken root: in politics, in religion, in the economy, in people, in communities, in families and in the individual human being.

Only when all the evil has been completely calcined, will true peace be able to finally emerge, without the risk of being dilapidated again by a debased creature. Then it will be the dawn of the much craved for Thousand-Year Kingdom of Peace… However, up to then, much of man's work will still have to be reduced to ashes.

When this unconsciously desired Kingdom of the Millennium is implanted, Earth will be partially inhabited. It will provide habitation only for those that voluntarily and at the right time, lend themselves to the work of purifying their desires, their thoughts and their actions, so as that they can withstand the purifying flames of the Final Judgment. Whoever survives, will see.

Roberto C. P. Junior