For whoever has contented himself with ready-made answers concerning fundamental questions about the existence of mankind, here to, as in all else, won't need to make any effort to search deep down within. He will only have the trouble of choosing. As each religion, sect or philosophy has already undertaken on to itself this task, and has placed at the disposition of those interested, a quiet peculiar concept of life after death, to which in the end, automatically matches the specific regions of the globe, according to the geographical area in which the respected belief has been disseminated. So, despite the uncountable nuances of denominations and interpretations, the majority of Westerners will go to a similar place in heaven or hell, according to the fact if he followed or not the doctrines of his belief, whilst the people from the Orient will dissolve into a type of nirvana or will undertake the task of watching over those who remain in the world of the living. As for the materialists, who despite the fact that they are spiritual refugees, are numbered by the millions all over the world, and they will go to meet their much-awaited “absolute nothing”.

On the opposite extreme there are those who have devoted their lives in search of solutions for the unfathomable mysteries of life and death, but in doing so have depended exclusively on their intellect, which already at the outset makes any higher understanding impossible. For the intellect is nothing but a product of the human brain, thus it will never be capable of - because of its own constitution - scrutinizing things that are above the concepts of terrestrial time and space. That is why those who belong to this group are in no better condition than the already fore mentioned above, who apathetically and placidly accept any third party transcendental explanation. Neither does a single doctorate in theology serves as a safe-conduct much less as an escort in the beyond.

In reality, both groups commune in the same evil, which is called “blind faith”. In fact, this word is more than appropriate, as none of the followers really manage to see past the blinkers imposed on by a doctrine or a rigid lifeless study, exclusively built up upon intellectual thought. But with the materialists it is not exactly a set of blinkers, but a deadly spiritual shroud woven with amazing dexterity by the people themselves. In which they are wrapped up in from head to toe allowing them to parade through life with conceited pride. There is no real reason why one should loose time and words with these people who have diligently dug their own spiritual grave. Let them carry on with their seemingly much constructive and important task, and bury themselves collectively in one mutual grave.

Only a tiny portion of humanity is in any condition of really scrutinizing what the other side of life has in store for it. They are those few, who instead of curving before the impositions of the brain courageously follow what the heart dictates; they are the ones that try to hear and follow their inner voice, their intuition, in opposition to the orders of the intellect. They are the ones who in dealing with the subject of faith only accept what they can understand, and thus in the same way allow it to become alive inside them. Effectively they are the ones who are their own bosses, bosses of their own destiny, and not slaves to their intellect or rigid dogmas. And unfortunately those who are free like this are few in number…

But these are exactly the ones that will sense, with crystalline certainty that at the end of the day each one will only find on the other side awaiting him that which he himself had forged, through whatever he emanates, be it through thoughts, actions, or of his own inner will. Anything different from that, they know with complete clarity that there in the other life, there simply cannot be any distinction or separation of creeds of any species, no differentiation of any kind at all that has been engendered by the terrestrial intellect. There, there are no more ideologies, there are no more hymns or flags, and there is no more money or honor. There are no more Christians, Jews, Muslims, Spiritualists, Hindus, Buddhists or Shintoists, but only human souls, simple human souls that have to give account of how they used the time granted to them here on Earth.

There no external form of blind faith, mechanically learnt by heart counts any more, only the true inner faith does, according to the exact measure it is really alive in the respective human spirit. It is the content, and not the form that counts. In that world, what has real value is the legitimacy of the veneration of the Creator and the vivacity of the gratitude to Him, and not the amount of prayers recited during the terrestrial years. What has value there is the true love shown to thy neighbor, deeply intuited, and not the number or value of the alms distributed on Earth, as so many suppose in their un-confessed foolish hope that they should be credited somehow or the other in the next life, as a metaphysical investment of guaranteed return.

Only a living faith, vivified by the person himself, can become conviction, and only the inner conviction is capable of impelling one to ascend spiritually, and always become an ever-better human being, a precept in fact that was always the foundation of every true doctrine. It was only much later when the followers and leaders of these pure, original, doctrines decided “to perfect them” independently, that this very fundamental teaching was relegated to second or even third-level importance, or even completely suppressed. Then in their place the empty forms of blind faith were inserted, that did not demand any effort of inner improvement and that is why they always received warm welcome on the behalf of the followers, because of their chronic spiritual indolence. The age-old ballad of the dogmas took care of lulling their already half-asleep spirits into a guaranteed spiritual death-sleep.

We ourselves are the ones that produce the material that forms the world we enter into after our death. The construction materials at our disposal are actions, thoughts and intuition. These are the invisible bricks with which the much feared “beyond” is built of. And it is impossible to ascend to the other levels of Creation without first entering into this world and having to remain there for some time. This world in fact is quiet close to our Earth of gross matter. Also only those who are capable of continuing on the spiritual ascension, until Paradise, are capable of entering in a correspondingly much higher and more beautiful world, accordingly built to the laws of Creation that impels everything to be developed and improved.

These laws of Creation, or natural laws, are of such simplicity, of such logical understanding and clarity, that it escapes the comprehension of modern man. Yes, they are so simple that he is no longer capable of understanding them, for he is impeded by the sophisms of his intellect. And, nevertheless, they flow everywhere throughout Creation, consequently also acting here below, on our small planet, with identical undisturbed relentlessness, in its eternal uniform rhythm. If we only make the effort to move aside the blinkers, just a little, so that we are able to scrutinize these laws of Creation with a free spirit, it would already be possible to recognize them without any great difficulty.

We know, for example, that in a rice-plantation a sprig of wheat cannot sprout, and that in a bean plantation a Soya bean will never appear. That is why; if we sow thistles we are sure that not a single flower may appear from this sowing. This is so obvious that no one doubts it. However, the same natural law that acts there in such an inexorable way, not admitting the slightest deviation in its effects, is the same law that equally acts on the human being. Nor could it be any different, as he too also is nothing else other than a mere fruit of Creation, as so many others.

When Jesus spoke the sentence: “WHAT MAN SOWS, HE WILL REAP”, he was transmitting the statement of this law that is called “The Law of Reciprocity”. This law of Creation that acts so unrelentingly in relation to the seeds produced by Nature, to the point that we are not aware of it, also acts with the same relentlessness, with the same security and exactitude in relation to the seeds produced by man himself, which are his intuition, thoughts, words and actions.

These human seeds are equally planted in the “other world”, of a different material consistency, that is much finer, and it also produces its respective fruits, that will have to be obligatorily plucked and tasted by the owner of the sowing, that is, by whoever planted them. What the planter does not reap here on Earth, as the retroactive effect of this same Law of the Reciprocity, he will unfailingly reap in the so-called “beyond”. Then after his death he will have to go to the world that he himself helped form, through the irrefutable effects of the laws of Creation, he will usufruct happiness or suffer torments, side by side with souls of the same species as of his.

That is why it is in man's own hands not only to forge his destiny here on Earth, but also to categorically choose what type of world he would like to inhabit after his death. He himself creates this world for him according to his own sowing, which can then be pleasant, warm, full of light and happiness… or hell itself.

Roberto C. P. Junior