A group of researchers from the University of Minnesota studied the lives of 8 thousand twins for twenty years, in the attempt of discovering how hereditary plays an influence in the formation of the human personality.

Special attention was paid to cases where identical twins had been separated a little after birth, and when adults ended up meeting one another again. According to the scientists, the behavioral likeness, verified in these cases, should be attributed to genetic factors and not to external circumstances, since both possessed identical genetic genes and suffered distinct different environmental influences.

The number of times that a certain characteristic repeated itself in these pairs of twins, in relation to the total of the groups researched, was then considered as the percentage of genetic influence for the triggering of this characteristic. Thus, happiness was defined as 50% genetic feeling, since of the total of researched twins that met again, half of them declared themselves to be happy. Anxiety and susceptibility, in turn, demonstrated to have a genetic pattern of 50% and 60% respectively. But aggressiveness presented to be quiet a predominating genetic component, and this study showed that criminality could, in fact, be transmitted for father to son… By this criterion some pathologies were also defined as hereditary. The researchers showed themselves to be so sure of their results obtained that they got down to some trivialities of extreme daring, like the affirmation that “the habit of consuming coffee is inherited more easily that the one of drinking tea”, what perhaps can explain the unjustified absence of English twins in the locality researched. In short, the study wants to make one believe that all the coincidences found in the personalities of twins have to, necessarily, be related to the activity of a common gene.

This “necessarily” is found with sufficient frequency in scientific works, stamped strategically and here and there like a shield against undesirable interferences. Just like other similar adverbial shields, this too has the function of concealing ignorance, be it conscious or not. It is of a type of protecting screen, quiet efficient to repel some shy questions or doubts, however it shows itself to be extremely fragile when questioned seriously and comes apart easily as if it didn't exist, exposing openly what they are trying to hide behind it: the incredible inherent restriction of the so-called “scientific method”.

In truth it is a method that is far too limited, that in all seen only mere physical effects are distinguished, that are only apt to discern and assimilate - due to its own material constitution - terrestrial contingencies only. A method that is as restricted as it is despotic, as whatever is above the terrestrial concepts of time and space, whatever is not terrestrially visible and tangible, in fact, all that it is before hand naturally intangible , it drags by force into its narrow field of performance and vision, without measuring consequences, compressing it in its very limited and much defined guidelines, in order to make it more or less understandable.

It doesn't matter if there are a few gross, inevitable mistakes when one uses this method to analyze phenomena that take place outside the possibility of terrestrial scientific assimilation. For the self-obliterated humans of the intellect of our present day, any attempt of superficial explanation is already quiet enough, as it is sufficient enough for them. As long as, of course, it is necessarily inserted in any scientific theory, which wins immediate credibility and it raises it to a level of “provisional unquestionable truth”, a necessary enough title to do justice to the scientific community's indiscriminate admiration and for the thoughtless idolatry of its legion of followers.

In my article “Black Sheep, Mothers for Rent”, I affirmed that several contingencies contribute to the taking place of a terrestrial birth. However, things' happening by chance is not one of them.

The many verified coincidences in the lives of the twins just indicate that these individuals formed their destinies in a very similar way, through their acts in other lives whilst on earth. Consequently, they could incarnate under the same terrestrial circumstances in this current life, frequently receiving in the same way the reciprocal effects of their past actions.

If 50% of the researched twins are happy, then it simply means that half of them formed their destinies in such a way that they could be happy in this current terrestrial life. It would be complete waste of time to continue to uncoil the human DNA in the attempt of finding a gene trigger for happiness. Nothing will be found there. Only the human spirit, as the only really live element, has the prerogative of seeking and finding happiness, not the terrestrial body, it is nothing other than a casing for the spirit, a simple tool for the utilization of a terrestrial life. The same happens with the other characteristics supposedly inherited and pointed out in this study.

That's why nobody has a motive to thank or the right of lamenting one's own genetic make-up for the manifestation of a good or bad characteristic of one's personality. Whoever wants to know the proper origin of the formation of the personality has to go much deeper in his search, above and beyond the mere material casing called “body”, so many times confused with the true “I” of the human being. The sentiment of the “I” derives from the spirit exclusively, it is the spirit itself, the only one responsible for the formation of the personality and for whatever effects the human being, be it good or bad, whether it effects him here on earth already or only in the “beyond”.

Certainly many bodily ills are presented to a larger or less degree by ones genetic predisposition, or they are in fact integrally hereditary. This, however, doesn't mean that suffering or not for them is a lottery, because there is nothing that can strike a human being without he himself having caused it. There is no such this as by chance, in the effects of the laws that govern Creation.

Children that are carriers of hereditary diseases were attracted through the vibration of the soul in the incarnation exactly to the parents capable of transmitting such a disease to them. The karma pertaining to the soul formed the bridge of attraction for these parents. And often the incarnated soul only brings the risk of contracting the illness on the terrestrial body, it just inherited the danger of contracting a certain disease by the genetic predisposition, which may or may not manifest itself depending on certain circumstances.

Such circumstances, once again, are established by the very conduct of that person's life. It is the case, for example, of the appearance or not of cancer by the action of the so-called “oncogenes”, they themselves being able to breakout or not from the “protooncogenes”. Science already knows that when the oncogenes are activated cancer is unleashed, but don't think that this is exclusively in the hands of the person himself, to allow it or not to happen, for cancer does not only take root as a consequence of ones' external way of life, but, principally because of ones' inner way of life.

A heavy karma, ready to fully manifest itself through a serious disease, doesn't need to unleash itself with all its potentiality on a person. For even in a dangerous situation as this the human being is not abandoned, he doesn't find himself defenseless. Even here he is the one to determine his own path, to supply the threads so that the loom of Creation can weave the carpet of his destiny. If he makes a real effort to improve in everything, by purifying his will, his thoughts, his words and actions, if he tries to ennoble everything he comes into contact with, then no longer will any previous anchorage take place for the integral carrying out of a serious karma.

As he improved through self-effort, as he ascended spiritually from where he was, consequently also he won't have the same species of bad karmic return anymore. He cannot be fully affected by the bad karma to which he was attached to, for the simple fact that spiritually he isn't there down below any longer, at the same level from where he generated the return by the means of a wrong act that he had committed. The harmful karmic effect can only affect him like this in a very weak way, very weak indeed, symbolically, in a way that it will be remitted the same way. A remitted karma signifies an expiated blame! There is no other way for the forgiveness of sins.

The attraction of the equal species - one of the laws of Creation - also automatically co-participates here, making sure that the retroactive effect will be just down to the smallest detail in this process. The better a human being becomes inwardly, the less he will be affected by the bad karmic effects, be it in quantity or be it in intensity.

Once again it is recognized that everything, but everything indeed, is always in the hands of the human being himself. Only he is the lord of his own destiny, only he decides what he will find on his journeys: pain or happiness, suffering or joy, perdition or salvation. He decides, he plants, he harvests.

Roberto C. P. Junior