Now let's take a look at what lies behind the excessive supply of labor, considered as the second largest cause of unemployment in the world, and analyze what kind of work must be done that would be in accordance with the Laws of Creation, so that man can act as a beneficial element and not as a pile of sand inside a moving cogwheel, which, in the end will have to be obligatorily washed away during the cleaning process, while still in movement, so as not to damage what is left over of the Masterpiece of Creation.

On first viewing it seems like humanity has suffered an unjust blow of destiny here, but who is to blame, or what is the necessity of sustaining six billion souls? Who is to blame for the almost inconceivable number of inhabitants on this planet? Is there in fact someone to blame for such an evident imbalance?

Naturally someone or something is at fault, and therefore there is a culprit too. So once again, and as always, in all the distortions that appear in Nature, the blame befits humanity itself. A very wide-ranging blame in fact, much wider than one had supposed initially, well surpassing the most external contours that are not so difficult for them to be recognized, like deficiencies of information, mistaken government politics, lack of basic education, etc. It is indeed a far-ranging blame, but of a spiritual character.

The complete dominion of the intellect over the spirit, during the thousands of years that have passed, has provoked the latter to weaken gradually, due to the natural progressive atrophy provoked by the lack of movement, that it was forced to do so by its unripe intellect. Thus, this way the weakened spirit was slowly losing the connections that it had maintained with the luminous heavens, which is its final destiny, becoming more and more susceptible to base influences. Through the continuous influence of these negative, evil influences, human passions were stimulated to the point where they became saturated, here sexual instinct is included, and this has provoked them to grow uncontrollably, taking them to the point of becoming the incurable and contagious diseases that we have today. That anomalous situation allied by the disastrous secular supposition that maternity is the supreme ideal of human femininity (when it is not); has only brought about an increase in the number of earthly births.

But that is not all. The preponderance of the ill will of man, due to his conscious binding of the spirit and its consequent distancing from the Light, facilitated the souls that were incarnating here on Earth to overburden themselves with new guilt over and over again. Instead of using earthly life as a necessary stage for the ascension of the spirit, which in fact it is, the souls bound themselves more and more to matter with their wrong actions and incorrect convictions, and consequently this way they have made their ascension impossible. Thus, they have had to repeatedly return to Earth for a new incarnation because of the threads of guilt they had acquired in previous lives. Through this unforeseen unnatural phenomenon, the planet started getting more and more overcrowded, inclusively with an ever-increasing number of births of extremely heavily guilt-burdened souls that had already succumbed to all the evil influences and now find themselves together with their corresponding base colleagues. These souls could have never ever come to Earth and infest it entirely as they have done, if it were not for the always solicited bridge extended out to them by the growing ill will of the humans that remain. And that is how we have arrived at the present situation of global overpopulation, in which millions and millions have incarnated here in a condition of extreme poverty, through their own fault, totally excluded from the possibility of obtaining their own subsistence.

Humanity as a whole has made ill use of its freewill. It judged itself to be self-sufficient in everything with its limited cerebral capacities and it has only managed to harvest misfortune after misfortune, as a natural and inevitable effect of its voluntary, and conscious disobedience to the Laws established by its Creator's Will, Whom it doesn't know anymore.

It has been exactly these two, they are equally the largest enemies of humanity: the unrestricted domain of the intellect and the concomitant indolence of the spirit, that also took care of eliminating all the empires that have already crumbled here on Earth that were and considered as eternal in their respective ages, but whose acme were in fact nothing else except a putrid mixture of greed, cruelty, immorality and several other excrescences, all covered up by an apparent glorious varnish, painted with violence and polished with arrogance. Could anybody suppose that maybe now, in our time, this process could be different? It is worth remembering that the Laws of Nature are the same as the ones in ancient times that they are unalterable, and eternal.

These eternal Laws however, only and exclusively always impel everything towards development and improvement. This process also includes the automatic elimination of everything that is wrong and insane, be it in nations, peoples, and societies or in the individual. That's why even when their effects painfully strike us; we are in reality receiving a blessing. A blessing for the spirit and that is what really counts. For those who are still alive in their interior, even the difficulty of finding work can be useful, when it forces them to face earthly life and this present time, with the seriousness it deserves. Nevertheless, these good people can be absolutely sure that such a situation is temporary, that they won't be abandoned if their will is really pure, if their efforts in finding a solution are indefatigable and, above all, if their desire in improving as a human is unshaken. Because even in the difficult position of being unemployed each one continues to forge his own destiny, his future, according to his personality and by acting in the present.

A comfortable life for the countless number of humans is an enormous risk to the vivacity of their spirits. Comfort for them is a poison, because they are too weak to maintain themselves spiritually active, in a comfortable situation, for they will happily permit themselves to slip into an intoxicating sleep. However, the fact here is spiritual drowsiness is the first descending step heading towards lethal sleep, spiritual death, which is the worst thing that can happen to a human. That is why earthly difficulties of any nature, even if they are always reciprocal of a previous act contrary to the Laws of Creation, are often gifts from heaven when they strike a person who is still good in his inner self, especially when it forces him to redirect his wrong way of living and keep him continuously on his toes both spiritually and physically, through the multiple and strong experiences.

And more important still than having an occupation, is the way in which we exercise our functions in it. There are so many people who have a good income, or better still they have a good job, a good wage, nevertheless, they execute their activities as a mere mechanical duty, with their sights and thoughts exclusively directed at the coming hours of leisure, to when they can see themselves free from what they consider an inevitable burden. They are the eternally dissatisfied, always ready to make and their own lives, and those of their fellow companions a little more bitter.

However, acting like this they excluded themselves entirely from the blessings provided by their work. They deprive themselves of the happiness of executing their activities with readiness and dedication, independent of what it may be. They reject the simple satisfaction - but indescribable in its plenitude - of contemplating with joy the pleasure in seeing a job well done of one's very own work. If they cannot always “do what they like”, then “they don't feel accomplished”, according to what people are taught in the few manuals of self-help, true written plagues against happiness. Indeed, as the true profit comes from work, as in everything else, it is precisely the experience given to the human spirit during the accomplishment of a task, for it is this that makes the spirit mature and helps it to ascend. The remuneration for the work executed has only use for the person here on Earth, but the experience that he has acquired during its execution he takes with him to the other side, as a legitimate treasure of his soul.

If people were to face their professional activities, as if they were precious opportunities for them to grow as humans, aware of the fact that they were contributing to the improvement of the world, and of them too, as they execute their work with dedication, then the unjustified dissatisfaction would soon disappear, as if it were magic. The dissatisfaction for work should also be credited to the intellective thoughts that attack us, as the intellect can only manage to choose unimportant things as a maximum objective, a tiny thing, like happiness and fleeting pleasures. What does not fit into this category, it soon classifies as undesirable and useless, and then it discards them. That's why it will never manage to understand that the true value of work is in how it is executed.

Satisfaction obtained from work executed with readiness fills the human spirit, it makes it feel, and rightly so, as a really useful and necessary piece in the cogwheel that moves Creation. Thus, its work then starts to have life, it then really becomes alive, spiritualized, a source of constant happiness for it and those around it. A genuine, perennial happiness that takes place in the most beautiful prayer, in the greatest thanks that it can offer its Creator for the incommensurable grace of being able to exist.

Roberto C. P. Junior