“Say there, which came first: the chicken or the egg?”

It is a child's joke awaiting a grown up's answer. More disconcerting than this question are the answers that it raises, or better still, the lack of them, which are invariably substituted by some frightening smiles, or by that well-known silent smile, that before was nothing more than a shield for the inimitable, uncontestable, ignorance and a sedative for undisguised discomfort.

A question like this so simple and direct, so pure and clear, commonly aired with notorious perversity by children and adolescents, is capable of leaving quiet a few researchers and scholars of any area in a bind, and disabled in finding an answer through intellectual analyses of the same clarity and simplicity. The capacities of the intellect, so well praised by those present in academic circles, are insufficient in supplying a convincing answer.

We acknowledge that when they still find any kind of hint of humility within themselves, or when they acquire the forced recognition of their own incapacity, a few of these researchers and scientists show their dignity by labeling generically all that they cannot find answer for as enigma or mystery, this phenomena have their origin above earthly time and space which is so familiar to them, therefore, above their own capacity of understanding. Nevertheless, even when this restrained humility is found lacking, which is, in most of the cases, they then replace it with a quiet shocking courage of defending harebrained hypotheses, absurd theories and theorems of a constraining puerility, of atrocious ridicule, in complete dissonance with the inflexible Laws that govern Creation. It is the case, for example, of the suppositions in vogue regarding the origin of life, that pretentiously would be capable of answering all the doubts on the subject, included the charade of the continual succession of the chicken and the egg.

Only humans totally submissive to the intellect can consider probable, and even defend the idea that life on our planet appeared from a fortuitous automatic, autonomous reproduction, of some basic molecules. Some agglomerates of admirable atoms, through their own will, as they had nothing better to do in the middle of all that tedium of that succulent primordial soup formed by themselves, served by chance, some 4 billion years ago, they thought it right thing to do by making copies of themselves and… Bingo! Life was invented! Frankly, it would be better for everybody that the highest authorities, Nobel prize winners included, advocate this as… let us say, “foolishness”, had remained in the first group, where its researching colleagues are satisfied in classifying the mystery and enigma of whatever lies beyond their comprehension. It is, indeed, a position equally tactful, but much more honest and infinitely less grotesque.

Neither enigmas nor mysteries exist in Creation. These classifications were created by the human brain as a “placebo”, as a type of “self-mind torture”, after its owner, the physical human being, deviated himself from all true knowledge that he had once had – at a period in which his development was still processing normally, and then his attention was turned exclusively to matter, allowing the faculties of his spirit atrophy in him. An abominable crime, and still practiced with a type of collective pride, which grew in the same proportion to which also the degree of man's spiritual myopia also increased, until becoming both completely arrogant and blind passing on down through history smelted in the name of materialism.

Life is a gift of the Creator's Love, present in His entire gigantic Masterpiece, and likewise also in this material sphere. Each spore, each egg or fecundated ovum - the human beings and animals zygotes - contain in themselves the promise of the continuation of the grandiose spectacle of life, supplying new actors continually to this terrestrial stage, where everything enters ready to play the most varied roles in new acts, unveiled by the effects of the universal Laws, learning with them in the great plot of progressive development. An eternal periodical renewal of life, in a permanent give and take, directed exclusively at the perfection of life itself.

It is not by coincidence that Easter is also symbolized by an egg (symbology surely not recognized as such through the marketing of the chocolate egg), it was in the beginning a festivity to commemorate the arrival of spring, that undeniably also brings the renewal of life every year, regularly, in new virginal forms. That's why Easter also has the meaning of renewal, renaissance, and resurrection.

A resurrection that is also confirmed in each terrestrial birth: a resurrection in the flesh - by virtue of the new terrestrial life that has begun, and not a resurrection of the flesh as the soul, the finest clothing of the spirit is always the same. What changes in each incarnation is just the most external clothing, called the physical human body, a process that repeats itself several times but not one that is infinite, because there is a specific time for everything, and likewise also for the foreseen development of the human spirit.

But the human body is formed of matter, and that is why it has to always remain in the material environment, in which it originated, never being able to go to other spheres of Creation placed above it, that are made up of a completely different species and constitution. This is an absolutely natural consequence and logic of the eternal, unalterable, and perfect Laws. In the so-called “beyond”, in the world of ethereal matter, there can only be human souls, whose constitution has to be identical to its respective sphere. And on the highest plain that a human being can arrive, on the spiritual plain called Paradise, there can only be exclusively human spirits, without clothing of another species. Never can a material body ever ascend until the spiritual plain of Creation, or even to the regions that lie above this. This, the perfect Laws of Creation itself do not allow.

What we physical human beings have to take care of, and that is part of our most important duty at this time of such an incisive transition, is to promote the resurrection of our own spirit, making it revive from the deadly indolence in which it is submerged, reawakening and strengthening its numb capacities. Therefore, each one of us has to promote his own spiritual Easter, and with the greatest urgency! Only this way can we subsist the rigor of this final winter of human existence, and arrive renewed at the spring of the promised Age of Peace that has been announced, to celebrate with joy the great Easter granted by the Love of the Almighty. It is an effort that each one has to urgently accomplish, totally alone. Each one of us has to overcome all the obstacles both internal and external, without caring about the scorn and mockery of those that consider matter as the ultimate reality. A reality that for them is in fact the ultimate as they have excluded themselves on their own accord from a much higher understanding by completely trusting only in their own intellect, which cannot assimilate absolutely anything because it is totally strange to the intellect. And as it cannot assimilate them, to understand them, the intellect condemns them as impossible… Only the intuition, the voice of the spirit, can immediately recognize a truth when it comes face to face with it, without needing proof or counter proof be it material, visible, or tangible.

In spite of knowing that, the same foolish smiles mentioned at the beginning of this article are now inevitably back, I simply want to say that the eggs were the first ones to appear on our planet, many millions of years ago. In the beginning, when the Earth was still an immense cultivation field, prepared and fertilized by the Creator's untiring servants the enteals, the beings of Nature, arrived here - at the predetermined time - with the primordial seeds for vegetable and animal life. The seeds of animals were sheltered in types of capsules that could be called primordial eggs.

The current reproduction of the species here on Earth, that comes today in the form of the ovum and eggs that we know, are the direct effects of that first sowing of life on our planet, the base for the coming of future Easters.

Roberto C. P. Junior