Looks like they everybody is here once again, and working like they never did before. Gurus, messengers, avatars, mediators… All of them announcing the end of the world and even naming the day and the hour. Presently, the club is already overflowing with false prophets and as each day passes more and more new, and competent professionals are being admitted to it all over the world. Guides of the most varied eschatological nuances suddenly appear, everywhere, like mushrooms in the damp morning. They are all giant, good-looking, colored mushrooms… and evidently all are poisonous too. They regiment a countless-number of incautious followers that will soon fulfill, consciously or not but always faithfully, their mission: to deviate the attention of good-natured possible, from the real meaning of the incisive transformation of which is happening on to our planet and to all humanity now.

To deviate, indeed, and at any price, because who in his perfect mind, and with a little discernment would not reject from the outset the “revelations” declared by these perfect beasts of the apocalypse? Really, one really needs to have reached a supreme degree of stupidity to believe, for example, that it would be possible to escape from spiritual responsibility by committing suicide followed by a quick and swift escape on board a flying saucer hidden in the tail of a comet heading towards Sirius, the star. Or, then that you could survive the end of the world by drinking the bath water of Mr. Asahara, the venerable leader of the Japanese sect the “Supreme Truth” (the one who made the attack on the Tokyo subway), who also states that he is the reincarnation of Buda and proudly brags about his humble title, “Savior of the Century”.

One must also question the encephalic integrity of the followers' of Mr. David Koresh, who affirmed that he is the Creator himself and took seventy of his followers to die gloriously by burning to death in a confrontation with the American government; or to be one of Jim Jones' disciples (914 suicides); or still a member of the American sect “Worried Christians”, who just a short time ago decided to initiate the start of the apocalypse on their own accord in Jerusalem. And wasn't there a large group that recently got together in a Dallas suburb to wait for the Creator's arrival? Doesn't it seem incredible? Not really, considering that Jesus Christ in person is already reincarnate in several places today on Earth, according to some conflicting testimonies (that excludes) themselves.

The list is endless. But apart from being first class material for comedy programs, and eventually also eliminating some of their foolish followers, the leaders of these end-of-the world movements unleash a much greater tragedy, much more serious for mankind than we believe that the beats of the mystic gongs or the announcing trumpets of their ridiculous theatrical performances do.

These deplorable personalities provoke a comprehensible repudiation in good and sensible people in the face of any unusual news item that is related to human life, or of something extraordinary that is about to happen on Earth. Scalded, completely mistrusting, they soon reject before hand anything that sounds similar to this. They reject it without examining it. And thus put everything into one pot, already giving a generalized, condemnatory verdict, about any information that they come across regarding the apocalypse and the Final Judgment.

This is the greatest tragedy of all, and the most effective evil, as this is also the true and principal objective of evil, that is in fact what sustains and impels all these ridiculous characters – yet all the same quiet dangerous – of the Armageddon movements. For it is this way they manage to deprive good-natured people of the opportunity to meditate seriously and impartially about the events that are taking place in the world. They avoid doing this (and rightly so) through fear of wasting their scarce and precious time and attention in other foolish activities of this nature. And this is how they themselves discard any possibility of soberly analyzing the world events, and to meditate about it open-mindedly and thus arrive at the conclusion of what is in fact happening with humanity and to them. This way they miss the possibility of conforming with the Laws of Creation while there is still time; in short they miss the opportunity that is now available for them to do so.

In reality these people don't pay attention to the prophecy they themselves have frequently mentioned about the coming of false prophets, that would allow them to clearly differentiate the right, the true one from the false ones, for He will be on the earth precisely at the same time as fore mentioned false prophets. These people don't go to the trouble of critically analyzing whatever is presented to them, thus being able to perceive properly, by using a select analysis to tell, the right from the wrong, the bread from the stones, the lead from the gold, the tares from the wheat. They don't notice at all that the concept of “false prophets” is far wider and more serious than they suppose that it doesn't only incorporate the fore mentioned crazy card-holder members, but all and any leader, of all and any religion, philosophy or sect who doesn't guide their followers towards the recognition of the unconditional personal responsibility in each generated thought, in each uttered word, in each accomplished action. For the human being has the free-will to act here on earth, being able to live the way he chooses but nevertheless he always remains integrally responsible for everything he that flows from him, whose consequences inevitably flow back to him either after a long or short period of time, or in the form of good or bad events, yet always according to the nature that was generated.

And the world is in fact going through a gigantic transformation process. Something that has already been in the process for decades, and in spite of the fact that it is in its closing stages, it doesn't have a closing date yet. Such a cleaning process brings back to mankind and each individual, in the closing stage of the cycle, whatever was formed by our will and action, and all that still hasn't found remission through the law of cause and effect, or by the law of karmic return. That is the reason why today there is such a growing accumulation of everything, as much as in the quantity as in the intensity, of terrible events in all the areas of human life, as it is not a secret to anybody that the will of almost all mankind always leaned towards evil. History itself registers this quiet clearly. Now, all of us reap what we have sowed. We have all reaped what we have wanted to or not, in this great final reckoning.

The natural catastrophes are not increasing to the fulfillment of the street corner prophets' orders, but by the multiple natural and inevitable effects of the acceleration of this process of global purification, which in the end will leave earth completely cleans of all its dirt, including all of them, naturally. In fact, there is nothing esoterically fantastic in this affirmation of the increase of catastrophes for it can be easily verified through statistical data. According to a German insurance company – by the way, one of the largest in the world – there is an rise in the number of tropical cyclones, heat waves, forest fires and snow storms; in the last ten years, according to the company, three times more natural disasters have taken place now that were registered in the 60's, and has also provoked nine times more damage than the same period.

Everything that affects us today is due to retroactive effects. This is a consequence of our disastrous acts in the past and also in the present. Whether they be destruction provoked by natural catastrophes or climatic alterations, economic ruin or moral degeneration, diseases or fear syndromes, violence or depression, everything is an effect of the speeding up of this collective return, that brings back everything bad that was formerly sowed, always in the exact measure of the contribution of each one, as much as in the form as in the content.

Presently, all the evil cultivated by humanity and all that is impregnated in it for the millennia is being forced to manifest itself with maximum intensity, until it extinguishes itself through self-consumption, taking with it everything and everybody that is stuck to it and that are not capable of (or they don't want to) separating from it in time. Thus the exceptional growth of human tragedies is evidently recognizable in whatever was touched by man.

Those who are becoming aware of these things are already being forced to verify this in their fellow man, or they themselves are experiencing it, and are thus forced to think seriously about the extraordinary things that are happening in the world and to them also. Consequently it brings about a desire to arrive at a logical conclusion: of why there is so much global and individual suffering, and in truth this can only be due to the effects of wrong human acts carried out by man himself. So from this point on it also becomes clear to these people of the unavoidable necessity of a radical inner change, an integral refitting to the inflexible Laws that govern this Creation – of which are only ones that permit a development towards doing good – that consequently modifies their way of thinking, speaking and acting, and creates an uncontrollable contingency to survive the Judgment.

Everything has to be renewed!” From this sentence one perceives that only the renewed human beings will be able to live in the coming renewed time-period. And it is against this much necessary change of the inner tuning of good-natured people that the apocalyptic beasts, in reality, act with the maximum zeal that only they are capable of. Let us hope that spiritual indolence will not triumph again, and the good-natured people can still manage to wake up in time, and thus find the right path. This is exactly what is expected of them.

Roberto C. P. Junior