At each year-end there are just a few days that hold a renewed longing for better ones. It seems so feasible, so real, so within reach of all of us, that it helps us mold again with forced optimism; so much in fact that we are anesthetized with the contagious happiness of the New Year, happy with the expectation of hugging and making vows, whether they be sincere or not.

But… what comes next? Now, that the feet are once again firmly on the ground where the champagne corks once were, and the world has once again become indifferent to the nagging demands of its children showing its face once more. The world now is also missing the hypnotic disguise of fireworks leaving us vulnerable to the distressing resurging question: What will the New Year bring us? Stunned by an entanglement of cabalistic-catastrophic prophecies and economic-environmental predictions, the common man makes an effort to raise the veil of the future a little, at least his and asks: “So, what will this New Year bring me?”

In dealing with humanity as a whole is not really difficult to make a forecast. The compulsory harvest and consumption of the bitter fruit of its evil sowing of the last millennia will continue. Just with a difference that is quite notorious in fact, that the amount and the intensity of these returns will be increasingly greater as time passes, as has already been witnessed in the last decades. Whoever has eyes to see, can see.

Fratricidal wars, heinous crimes, terrible diseases, psychic unbalances, global crises both political and social, widespread economic-financial ruin, multiple natural catastrophes, incisive climatic alterations, fear and insecurity disseminated throughout all quadrants… Humanity's faithful companions of horror from the past century will continue being the same as the ones that have started the new one, they will continue being the most hardened companions in the closing of the cycle of their existence. And still others will join the fore-mentioned in the final stage of the burial. This we see in the appearance of holes in the ozone layer and the solar alterations. Everything is taking shape as it always wanted to, as it had planned for itself with so much zeal, through its incredible, incomprehensible collective disobedience to the uncontrollable Laws of Nature.

However, in relation to an individual, whose spirit is still alive, the future belongs to him and him alone. Only he is the lord of his destiny. It is he who molds his own future, according to how he lives his life in the present. Thus, this way he can either prepare a place full of joy and happiness, immersed in light, or a place of maximum suffering and pain, immerged in darkness of the most terrifying despair for himself. The decision always belongs to him and him alone.

That's why instead of worrying uselessly about one's future, the spiritually alive person should collect courage and act. Act now, in the present! One will have to regiment all one's forces only for the doing of good, without rest, if one really in fact wants to build a more beautiful future for oneself. And one has to put one's own hands to work, with tireless insistence! It is entirely up to the person to transform, in a radical way, his inner-will that naturally ends up manifesting itself also in his thoughts, words and actions. And it is the purified thought, the true word and the correct action that constitutes the very constructing material that molds, entirely automatically, a radiant future for him. I repeat: entirely automatically. Without intellectual garbage, dogmatic handcuffs and mystic-occult juggling.

Acting this way a person will shape a beautiful future for himself. For, according to the natural Law of cause and effect or the Law of reciprocity it would not be possible any other way. As one can see there is nothing that goodwill and perseverance cannot do. Stones will appear here and there, as if out of nowhere, while carrying one's task, these stone may trip up or hurt the person, but they in fact will only be useful to him. They were also formed, polished and placed on the rug of his destiny by him, according to his wrong actions in the past. They should not cause him any fear or depression, to the contrary, they should serve him as a guideline to know the mistakes that still hangover and affect his climb continually upward, harvesting always new spiritual learning. Through this he will notice that little by little the stones have become gradually smaller and more rare as he rises, until one day they will have disappeared completely. This way, his climb up is made easier every day according to his effort in wanting to progress correctly. And on reaching a certain height, he can easily see the beautiful future that awaits him, a future that he formed for himself, that he conquered for himself.

Without making an effort on one's own nobody ascends, nobody progresses. Not even a millimeter. It is a pointless illusion to imagine that blind faith is a spiritual elevator, to disoblige its passengers of making a continuous effort in improving as human beings. Those that call-on to “pray to the heavens” as a daily litany to complain about life and whine a lot, are nothing other that lazy beggars. Worthless people like these, with their unprecedented indolence, can be called “ the disinherited of destiny” and unfortunately they shape a future for themselves that is dreadful. They are spiritually suicidal, who voluntarily weaken their spirits with this forced inactivity and they get to such a stage that in the end they are unable to move by themselves, and end up completely paralyzed from spiritual “starvation”, without having any forces left to find the Bread of Life and feed of it.

Only a person through his own effort always maintains the flame of his spirit alight, burning in the name of good and directed towards the Truth, this way he will be able to resist the forthcoming purifying windstorms. But the others, the ones that are chronically indolent spiritually, who have decided only to accomplish one task, that is, maintain their spirits eternally submerged in a deep sleep, will see, bewildered, their weak and flickering flames will go out already with the first gusts of wind.

The human spirit has been given freewill for his development. And it is by the means of this gift that he can choose his own path, however at the same time he is unconditionally subject to the consequences of his choice. That is why it is he who shapes his own fate, and even his final destiny as a human spirit. So it is not just a simple New Year's resolution any more, but a decision that embraces an entire existence, his entire existence, and not just of this current terrestrial life. Eternal life or eternal death, are in hands of the human being, because his future and his destiny, only belong to him. Then, this New Year for him could be the first of a completely new life, integrated with the Laws of Creation. And it will be… if he wants it to be.

Roberto C. P. Junior