— Maria, do you know that a star is shinning over the roof that covers us?
— I know, Joseph!
— And do you also know what this star is announcing?
— The Messiah!


Little over two thousand years ago, more precisely in 12 B.C. according to our calendar, the Earth was stage to one of the most extraordinary event of all times, the most exceptional event ever to take place here. This event was one of unimaginable meaning, the only ever to take place in the entire Universe. On a certain night at the end of that year, a part of the Love of God - the Creator of All the Worlds, - was born on our planet. In the sky, a comet shinning intensely announced the fulfillment of the old prophecies, the realization of an incommensurable grace for all humanity, but at the same time it's comprehension is quiet inconceivable, it was the terrestrial birth of Jesus, the Son of God.

For a little more than three decades, all the attention in the many dwellings of the House of the Father, that is, in the several spheres of the gigantic work of Creation, was turned directly towards Earth: from that chaste night in Bethlehem in the shepherds manger until the terrible outcome of Golgotha.

Never, ever, in anyplace, or at any time will a human spirit even manage to fully understand the phenomenon and effectively know how extensive the birth of that child was, or how immensely large-scale this grace granted in humanity's past really was. The most that one may acquire - entirely depending on one's sincerity – is a very subtle glimpse of the real significance in the coming of Jesus of Nazareth to earth. Only then will one humbly understand that Jesus descended from on high to the limits of Creation, to the sphere of the densest matter, with the mission of offering humanity, lost on earth, the possibility of salvation, through the fulfillment of His Word.

The subsequent effect of the division of the historical periods in before and after His birth, in spite of it being globally accepted, is the least important consequence of His passage on Earth. This division is merely of a material nature. The spiritual consequences are much greater, much more incisive for mankind. By His coming Jesus granted the human beings once again the possibility of saving themselves through the indispensable re-conformation of the ruling Laws in Creation. Through the use of parables at that time He repeatedly explained to the people, with all the patience in the world, about the working of these Laws and the knowledge of which humanity itself had already long been deprived of because of their incomprehensible separation from the Light that had been voluntary and persistent. Thus, this was how we got to know that they were Laws that could never have been ignored, only carried out.

Without the coming of Jesus exactly at that time, no human being would have managed to arrive here today with his spirit still alive. His Word was intended for all nations, without distinction, it was a salvation buoy for all good humans allowing them to safely cross the ages without getting lost from that time until the final examination of humanity, which is today.

Evil, which is hateful to God had control over the majority of humanity at that time and decided to use its followers on Earth to inflict suffering on Jesus and eventually crucify Him. Thus Jesus, the Word incarnate and through His Word salvation, was rejected by man. However, in spite of all these events Jesus interceded with his dying words on the cross, “Father, forgive them for they do not known what they do!” With these words those who show themselves worthy, still have the possibility of salvation open to them until today.

The coming of Jesus would not have been necessary, if humanity as a whole had not built such a wide highway for evil, nor had deviated from the right path so diligently and arrogantly. This behavior had taken mankind closer and closer towards the abyss. For the sake of few the Love of God had disposed Himself to come to this tiny planet so that the remaining who were good spirits, would not be dragged off together with the followers of evil. He came here to clear the straight and narrow path, too battered and badly cared, in virtue of having been scarcely used until now because it was been completely forgotten and abandoned by everybody. And show again, to those who wanted the way that leads to the highest heavens. This action provided man the opportunity of keeping his spiritual spark alive until now, the time of the Final Judgment.

Today, not one human spirit could have arrived intact on earth without the words of Christ. More interesting still, no human has any idea of how much he owes his Savior. Not one of the prodigal sons can successfully evaluate the size of the grace received, of having been shown the path back home to Paradise. For once again the possibility of returning up there, through one's own effort, as a fully conscious and purified spirit, is open to each one, after having used one's talents to pay one's interest upon interest.

It is well said, there is only one way to give back, no matter how little it may be, for the marvelous present given by God to humanity on that wonderful Christmas night long ago: it is to try to live to the fullest the teachings given by His Son, independently of how the external forms of the multiple religious rites are composed. Transform into life the Master's words, making an effort to recognize the Laws that govern Creation and the purpose of our existence inside it, because only he who seeks… will find! And only he who loves his neighbor as himself will be capable of celebrating Christmas the right way: with his soul filled with happiness and his heart overflowing with gratitude.

Roberto C. P. Junior