Today, the word love, which was originally a pure concept, is perhaps one of the most twisted, defamed and ridiculed expressions. This has slowly come to pass all over the world throughout the millennia of mankind's spiritual decadence.

Let us begin with the concept of love thy neighbor. What has this expression that is such a necessary and sufficient condition for a correct way of living turned into today? Can we even make use of it without being on our guard? It has turned into a synonym of apathy, of weakness and indolence, of inappropriate tolerance that takes comfort in permitting the mistakes and flaws of our fellow man.

Today, the love for thy fellow man is an obliging and false love that is anesthetized in sweet words. This is temporary because the pain of the person that made a mistake impedes him from recognizing the cause of his suffering, which infallibly forces the future repetition of the same suffering because the person commits the same mistake again. Indeed, this type of love provides a momentary relief, but at the cost of perennial misery; that magnanimously distributes alms to the destitute, but not without first subtracting the treasure of dignity. Yes, it is a love that quickly dries the tears of the sufferer, but this only enables him to see the beatified smile and frame the compassionate look of his loving consoler more clearly.

This cannot be love for your fellow. Love, true love for thy fellow man is to give him before all else, that which is useful for him, independent of the fact that it may or may not give him some ephemeral happiness. It must show him clearly, even though it may hurt, the mistakes he made, and explain that they will always return to the generator in the form of continual suffering. It is to give unrestricted solid support, to he who really makes an effort to overcome his weaknesses; it is to aid him as he goes through the hard process of recognizing his mistake, even if it is between the sobs and the tears. For only one's own unmerciful and thorough recognition of the wrong act is capable of making someone change, in a radical way his inner syntonization. And only a voluntary change of this syntonization can interrupt once and for all the apparent endless cycle of intermittent suffering.

Severe true love opens the doorway with great effort to conquer happiness, whilst false love passes over it a rusty bolt effortlessly. The performance of the first is full of obstacles, hindered by strong misunderstanding and intense criticism, while smiling approvals and inconsequent eulogies smooths the latter.

This disastrous concept of false love has spread out like an incurable pandemia that has ended up being mixed into all the areas of human life. Even the love between man and woman has succumbed to this decoy. For many marriages exhibit physical attraction and exacerbate instincts as a base for these unions and a life in common, and this they call the unilateral contingency of “love”. It is like this that the couples, or better said the partners today, still manage to “make love”, as if such a thing were possible in a true love relationship. Pure true love between a man and a woman is not subject to random oscillations of physical performance. It is a spiritual connection of irradiations, totally independent of mere external physical attributes; for that reason it doesn't age either with time, it neither become weaker nor less interesting and it can never extinguish. To the contrary, true love gets even stronger with time and it gets to such a stage, it can always reunite the souls connected by it, for a new life together here on Earth or at any other sphere of Creation. Terrestrial death doesn't represent any obstacle for true love. No grave is capable of confining it, because it is not formed of matter or subject to it.

And how about motherly love? Let's not forget filial love either? Both these were also originally natural and beautiful now they are hopelessly impregnated with false love. For centuries maternal love has been praised as the most noble of female emotions, as if femininity's principal mission were just to generate children to be able to give merit to this very sentiment. Nobody remembered that the human being, man or woman, is essentially a spiritual being, and as such has to act so primarily. Procreation is not the human couple's principal function; to consider it as so is to promote an intentional lowering of the true role and the real mission of the human spirit in Creation. It is a voluntary abjection, unworthy of the human species, resulting also from chronic spiritual indolence that discards intuition totally at any deliberation and invariably suppresses any attempt of deeper thinking. In fact, this is the principal reason why the saying “ grow and multiply” was happily received as a very special revelation, and put into practice with frightening precision and admirable performance since the start.

The age-old odes struck up in praise of maternal love, as if the woman was no more than a gracious two-legged reproducer, transformed it into an unhealthy burden that undermines free spiritual development that has affected both the mother and her children. She is made to believe that she holds absolute and permanent rights over the offspring, whilst the latter imposes the obligation of eternal gratitude, even if it is often under the mantle of hypocrisy. Not to mentioning the loathsome commercialism of filial “love”. The American Anna Jarvis, at the beginning of the last century inadvertently created “Mothers' day”, and personally insisted that this commemoration be adopted in another 43 countries. When her life was coming to an end in 1948 she was completely bitter with her “invention”. She died a recluse, eaten up by disgust and suffering, having to witness her initial purpose, apparently quiet innocuous and well intentioned, become a global commercial aberration.

Throughout the millennia false love has inserted itself in human conceptions in such a way that even the efforts in correctly understanding our Creator's work have been hopelessly twisted by it. Therefore, it is even imagined today that Jesus himself had also been obliging and condescending this way trying to show by uncontested proof the act of Divine Love. He, who was the Love of God incarnate on Earth, and that is why he was particularly severe with the cerebral creatures of that time, and it was this that was presented as a maximum example of the act of false love, which was generated exclusively by the indolence of the human spirit and conserved by his blindness. Mankind has even got to the stage of considering His death on the cross as having been a voluntary sacrifice, a holocaust wanted and programmed in advance by the Most High, for the automatic redemption of this Earth's inhabitants, while in fact such a dreadful event, the fruit of sinful humanity's free-will, was nothing more than a brutal murder. Thus His word, the only way to salvation, became a candid acceptance of this conception about the inevitable death of the Son of God. False love has won once more, and has obtained here its greatest triumph. It has entangled all of Christianity in the comfort of false hope, leaving the Master's own words in second plan, whose unconditional fulfillment was the only possibility of reaching the longed for salvation.

But like everything else that is still wrong, false love also finds itself with its days counted. In the future, when we are forced to relearn the real meaning of the word love, we will certainly think twice, better ten times before we dare pronounce it again.

Roberto C. P. Junior