When we are still children we learn that nobody has the right, either to take the life of another or one's own. Both the religious precepts and national laws expressly prohibit it, and the character of many well intentioned people take special care of maintaining it firmly in place, deep in the core of the individual's conscience. And this conscience for the most part is painfully molded by continual shocks from an early age, when the child and the pre-adolescent is forced to verify, with perplexity and incomprehension, that this very basic precept, so sacred – of the prohibition of provoking the extinction of life – is disrespected in this world at each fraction of a second, and through multiple forms.

For these good natured people, the horror evoked by assaults and massacres is such, that they simply cannot admit that the State promotes a similar horror, under the protection of the law; this is without taking into account that many statistics demonstrate that the crime rate has not dropped significantly at all in countries where capital punishment has been adopted. In fact this is the principal argument against the death penalty, still sustained by the assertive contusion that only the One that gave life, has the prerogative of taking it, that is to say, it would be an act beyond that of human hands. This is a powerful argument, worthy of respect, because it shows a sincere will to do the right thing.

Nevertheless, there is a fundamental flaw in this conception, a flaw that is just not recognized in virtue of the lack of vision on the true connections that determine human life.

The aversion of a good person, facing the possibility of removing a human's life, is perfectly comprehensible. But this aversion only exists because the person judges that everybody that lives on Earth is also human like him too. That's where the error lies. For example, the so-called hardened criminals; psychopaths that kill, rape and inflict every type of cruelty while carrying out their criminal acts are not really human beings anymore. Indeed, externally they still have a human appearance, but that absolutely does not make them a human being, for the physical human body is just a tool of the spirit, and only a live spirit can be called a human being. The material body is no warranty at all that a human being still lives inside it.

The spirits of these ex-humans are already dead, and the appearances of their souls haven't the slightest likeness to that of the human form anymore. They are monsters in the most profound meaning of the word, indescribable aberrations that defile the Earth with their disgusting presence. They find themselves at a level that is well below the one occupied by any insect, independent of how insignificant it is. They are even worth less than a pathogenic virus, which has a function to execute and it executes it integrally, while an aberration of this type that only resembles a human being externally is nothing, this spirit is nothing but a pile of decomposing garbage, that only here on Earth, under the protection of the material body, is it still capable of carrying out its atrocities.

Many of these “things” admit that they will kill and rape again in case they manage to escape from prison. Then are we going to take care of them for years, feed them and treat them until they do what they intended? What would we do if by chance we come across a pile of stinking garbage in the middle of our living room at home? Would we cover it with a protective dome so that it doesn't spread or would we immediately throw it away in the trash can?

Human rights, as the name itself says, are destined for human beings. Only humans deserve to usufruct human rights. The others cannot, for they are not humans anymore. And they will never be again. Give a serial killer all the necessary conditions for rehabilitation; all the support, all the social assistance one can imagine, and none of this will have any effect. The serial killer will continue being a non-human, he cannot be one anymore.

From this point of view, the denomination “capital punishment” is not adequate. It is not exactly a punishment, but indeed it is a right. It is a death right of society, because there is no reason why one has to live constrained, and concealed because of the filth.

But neither is the desire for revenge justified in any way as an incentive for this death right. Revenge and hate are very negative sentiments that through reciprocity can only bring multiplied misfortune to those who nurture it inside themselves, even when we direct it at criminals. The death right is just the right of living without garbage in the living room.

When present day life is analyzed under a wider lens, not only restricting it to what is merely terrestrial, the apparent incongruities vanish automatically, while some established and accepted concepts that were considered as solid show all their vacuity with frightening clearness. So let's have a look at abortion. As the death right mentioned previously is the only valid justification to take the physical life of an evil being, as we are not dealing with a human being anymore, it is inconceivable that a woman feels she has the right of practicing abortion, with the idea that she can deal with her body as she sees fit. A pregnancy, voluntary or not, is equal to a “request for life” according to the laws of nature, and it is not a death right. Abortion is nothing but a crime, that subjects the woman who practices it to serious consequences belonging to the soul, of which she will only become aware of when she has left this life. Rape would be the only exception, because it is easy to imagine what species of creature can incorporate in a body through this type of conception.

By the same reason no human being has the right of taking one's own life. In fact, one needs to be an exceptional coward to commit suicide. Suicide is cowardice in itself, it is the most shameful admission of defeat imposed by spiritual lethargy, it is the confession of one's absolute inner weakness, of one's own incapacity to withstand the retroactive effects of his own wrong acts, it is one's own admission of total incompetence in obtaining personal maturity through the indispensable experience of life. A suicide victim is a deplorable creature, who by his act mocks the gift of life presented by his Creator.

And euthanasia? Would it also be a crime or more a death right? It is necessary to differentiate. There are, in fact, two types: active and passive. Active euthanasia means to establish procedures, which include the ministration of drugs that abbreviates the life of a sick patient, considered as a lost case. But passive euthanasia is limited to depriving technical resources capable of stretching out a terminal patient's life artificially, for example machines that substitute part of the vital functions of the body. The former type of euthanasia is a disguised suicide, while the latter is a legitimate death right.

Passive euthanasia is the right that befits a sick patient of dying with dignity. Only the most hardened, rigid and “brutish” materialist can find some justification in keeping a person in a coma for months, even years, by the use of machines. One must be really dull witted to call such a situation “life”. Because for the materialist only terrestrial life exists, thus the materialists thinks it is preferable “to live” this way instead of simply dying naturally. The exacerbated selfishness of the relatives who are responsible for the dying patient also holds great weight here, as they demand that the patient remain in this world at any price, even if it is as a vegetable.

Passive euthanasia and the elimination of unrecoverable criminals are two situations by which the death right stands. However, when this current purification process is over on Earth, when the new age has been implanted, these two situations will also have disappeared. The terrible diseases like the ones that sinful humanity today suffers will have ceased to exist, because none of the remaining humans will need to be affected by them. And the so-called heinous crimes will just be a sad recollection in the memory of the purified human beings, a bitter remembrance of an era when monsters inhabited the planet, of a period when the living walked among the dead… Those spiritually alive and those spiritually dead, for there are no others.

Nevertheless, this anxious reminiscence will soon be supplanted by the cheerful and tranquilizing certainty that all types of walking dead, including the group that are today still incorrectly and euphemistically called “human beings of a criminal nature”, will be swept away forever from the wonderful work of Creation.

Roberto C. P. Junior