In the first part of this essay I said that the conception about the truth, which is closest to reality, is the one that affirms that man can, indeed, obtain knowledge of the truth to a certain degree and the recognition of how things really are in Creation, but to do this it is necessary for one to have certain requisites, certain conditions. However, these conditions have nothing to do with external qualities such as culture, economic level, or membership with some kind of religion or sect, etc., but only with the inner-self of man, to his or her true state of the soul, which in the majority of cases is extremely different from the idea that the same person has of himself.

To analyze this conception about truth, considered the most correct, let us establish as one premise alone that very well defined laws govern the whole Universe. And to recognize this is not difficult, because it is sufficient to contemplate with impartiality the nature that surround us. The performance of the perfect, inflexible laws that never fail and don't show any exceptions can be observed everywhere. They are so perfect that they have to, necessarily be all including, that is, they exist throughout all of Creation, including all that there is above our visible material sphere as well. And as they flow through everything that exists, they should originate from a common point.

Then, whoever is still not totally obliterated by the intellect will have no difficulty in conceiving a Supreme Being, a Creator, as a point of origin of these laws. The ones who cannot reach such a stage of maturity, that gives them this firm conviction, have already excluded themselves from a higher understanding. They themselves close the doors of knowledge on themselves. And in the majority of cases they close it, as is notorious, with a slam, so that everybody notices how absolute and superior they are in their ideas, so that all can clearly hear how firm they are in their decision to sink into stupidity and thrive in mediocrity.

Thus, already at this initial stage of the recognition an entire legion of materialistic philosophers with their dazzled followers, hypnotized by the illusion of scientific knowledge automatically remain behind. They are absolute and superior in their own little world that they can see, smell and touch, and this they consider is the only true thing that exists. And in fact for them that is how it is, if they are not already atrophied spirits, permanently soldered to matter. Let us leave them way down there below, pleasurably enjoying their “knowledge” in symposiums and seminars, moving their select audiences with an endless exchange of theories and hypotheses. Let us continue.

It was never foreseen that man would have to develop in the dark, groping around uselessly here on Earth, without a clear understanding of where he came from or what his mission in Creation is. Quiet to the contrary. Since the birth of the first human being on Earth, it had already been determined that he would be gradually informed as to the meaning of life and what his role in the cogwheel of Creation would be. But this would always and only happen when he reached a certain degree of maturity by himself. Never before as the soil needs to be appropriately prepared for the sowing, otherwise if this did not happen the seeds would not germinate and take root. That is an extremely well known fact here too in physical matter.

Therefore, this spiritual contingency of man to have to make an effort to mature has been so since the start of humanity right up to this day and this has not changed at all. It has remained the same, because it is an integral part of a law of Creation. And a law of Creation is, by definition, unalterable, because what is perfect cannot, evidently, be subject to improvements. It is an unavoidable contingency that man has to mature by himself; through the experiences he has in his journeys through the different matters, if he wants to ascend. On reaching a certain degree of maturity, it then becomes possible for him to acquire much more knowledge that progressively lifts the veil off and see the way that the mechanism of Creation is carried out.

So from time to time during the hundreds of thousand years that went past, new revelations of truth came to Earth, always in consonance with the respective maturity reached by the peoples who attained it.

So the truth has been revealed like this little by little, exactly as it had been foreseen. What however was never foreseen was that man himself would interrupt his spiritual development abruptly from a certain point on in time. Unexpectedly he began to give value only to perishable matter, forgetting little by little what the essence of being a spiritual being was. And choked the voice of his accusing intuition that a long time before had been clearly heard, he created for himself the lie that until that point in time did not exist at all on Earth. He closed his soul to the truth that shone radiantly above it, obscuring it with ridiculous pendants molded by his intellect, which was already excessively developed at this time, and due to its own proper material constitution could do nothing other than perceive values only through material goods, the only thing that the intellect understands.

From then on the revelations from on High started to arrive woven as warnings and exhortations, for those creatures that still managed to modify in time becoming able to retake the path on the recognition of the truth, with concomitance – and consequently – through the evolution of their spirits. Otherwise, the human spiritual seeds that until then had developed marvelously in the great cultivating field of matter would end up by withering away because they would be worthless and noxious. The very same thing happens on a plantation, when bad seeds don't manage to germinate or they shoot up as weak and unproductive plants. This period in time of Creation is dated by the appearance of several scripts from the old prophets, invariably full of severe warnings and admonishments.

The doctrines brought by prepared spirits, at the given time for this to happen, were by every meaning of the word pure and true, in spite of the different ways of their presentation, they were consistent with the characteristics of the peoples they were destined for. But after humanity as a whole strayed from the ascending path, invariably something unusual happened: after a certain period of time elapsed after the death of the respective prophet or teacher, the then leaders responsible for the message began to mix strange things into the doctrine, so much so that it ended up being transformed into something very different and sometimes even quiet different to the original teachings. The successors mixed the truth of the doctrines, originally pure, with their invented lies, conscious or unconsciously. This always happened, as an unfortunate natural consequence of the growing and uninterrupted progress of the lie all over the world, in all areas of human life. Even with the teachings brought by Jesus, the Son of God, it was no different.

The biggest proof that the current religions don't correspond to the original doctrines is by the mutual hostility that exists amongst them, hidden or not. Doctrines coming from the truth, which are still pure and true, could never create discord amongst the different races. If the so-called religions had remained pure, they could even have different forms today, but they would be complementary to each other, convergent, as the original teachings came from the same source. They could never be incompatible with one another, and much less still antagonistic.

The quality of knowledge of the truth that humanity managed to possess at a remote time in the past was lost in the passing of a night. One terribly long, thick, and blackened night created by the lie, that thus has maintained this world for millennia immerged in darkness and has made sure that the Sun of the truth hasn't shone over it anymore.

Now at this crucial period of human history, the most important that has ever existed to date, when all of the structures that have ever been generated and nurtured until now by the omnipotent intellect are unavoidably and overwhelmingly in decay everywhere, when each one has to decide on his own subsistence as a human spirit, the truth is once more on Earth. It has arrived here molded for the present time, for the human beings currently alive. However, the requirements to find it have not changed they have remained exactly the same as before, and it could be no other way. As always a certain amount of spiritual maturity is necessary that can only be obtained by one's own ascending force and this is exclusively personal. Only this makes the spiritual yearning legitimate, alive, and not mere mental curiosity.

Whoever possesses this legitimate longing that burns, and possesses humility in its purest form, has also reached the necessary conditions to find and recognize the truth in our present time. This person will effectively have to find it. Others won't. It will pass by them without them seeing it or recognizing it, because they are not capable of it, even if their intellect convinces them otherwise. The complete truth is now here on Earth. Now the task is up to the human spirit of to find it and recognize it, free from pre-conceived ideas of cerebral sophisms.

To really know the truth means to live it, experience it, to live inside it and in it. It means to have all the present doubts solved. It means to continually ascend spiritually. To know the truth means to know Creation up to the point of origin of man. However, to know Creation is fundamental for the recognition of the path that will open itself up gradually as you continue to progress on the spiritual ascent.

This possibility is within reach of each one that still brings inside him a spark of the truth. Academic knowledge, the occult, mysticism, and blind faith are not necessary they do not lead to the truth. The path there can only be opened by the individual's inner condition, formed by one's own pure will. And that's the simple truth.

The truth comes from the Creator. It nurtures and livens the human spirit, and that is the stairway of spiritual ascension for the spirit. But its antonym, the lie, is an exclusive invention of the degenerate human. It corrodes the soul, sucks the remaining forces of the spirit and it is a deep well for the spirit that certainly takes it down until the depths of spiritual perdition.

Man still has the choice.

Roberto C. P. Junior