Badly identified would seem to the more adequate expression, because one way or the other the UFO phenomenon is indeed identified under multiple forms by a wide spectrum of specialists, that goes from non-believers to the ultra-skeptics. People and organizations continually produce new suppositions about it and the only common characteristics the suppositions have are that all of them are fought over and passionately defended by their respective followers, those from the UFO spectrum. The well perceived suppositions don't necessarily have to be understood. Enthusiasm is sufficient.

But would it be reasonable or wise to put all of the thousands of testimonies collected worldwide about the apparitions of strange objects and luminous shapes under one label?

The most respected scholars, who for the most part are also the most worthy, are so because they really try to unmask the reality of the facts in an impartial way; without preconceived ideas, estimate that between 85% to 95% of the reports on flying saucers are false alarms. Either they are perfectly well known atmospheric phenomena – although rare – or they are open mystery theories.

The small percentage of unexplained cases still have to be divided into two distinct groups: one dealing with luminous objects of undefined and or changeable shapes, and the other of the defined flying objects, of metallic appearance that generally look like two upside down saucers facing each other.

For the certain non-conformists of the ever-growing contingent of astronomical fantasies, it can be safely affirmed that the group composed of unknown luminous objects are an exclusively natural phenomena. And this is due to a very simple reason, quiet commonplace in fact: nothing that takes place in nature, or through it, can be unnatural . This hypothesis is already quite impossible by the etymology of the very word nature . The only unnatural thing is the behavior of humans that on encountering a natural phenomenon they don't understand they feel they have the right to feed their morbid fantasy (excuse the pleonasm) with the most hallucinated explanations. And not only hallucinated but also irritating, for the more absurd it is, the more unlikely the explanation could be, thus the more interest it will provoke in another group of even more numerous humans that form a single, extensive, compact and sadly credulous mass of fickle enthusiasts.

It would be a much more dignified attitude in these cases, in fact the only dignified one, to sincerely affirm: “I don't know anything about it”, or better: “With the knowledge and resources that we have, we cannot clarify yet the cause and the purpose of these phenomena.” This would be much wiser than to try to disguise one's own ignorance by nourishing those who know nothing at all with some pseudo-esoteric-scientific nonsense. For it is neither the pose of an intellectual, nor a pretentious, mystical, peaceful appearance that makes a dilettante a wise man.

These interesting luminous phenomena, already witnessed by many and even registered in photos and films, are natural occurrences, absolutely natural, for if they were not so they simply could not happen. The inflexible laws that rule Creation do not permit unnatural manifestations.

These luminous shapes or forms originate from our own planet; they are part of earth's nature, just like the other atmospheric phenomena, as the aurora borealis, or the practically unknown “Saint Elmo's Fire” and the extremely rare “Ray-Ball”. The fact that the origin and the meaning of these forms are still not understood should only serve as an incentive for us to deal with the planet we live on more seriously, and deepen our understanding of the phenomena that take place on it. We should pay more attention to the maintenance and preservation of this home that was delegated to us, without allowing our imagination to drag us off to the far ends of the galaxies. Wild imagination provokes fantasy, which in turn fertilizes vanity and presumption. Our performance is here on Earth, for it is the only thing we can fully develop. The sincere will to understand the laws that govern nature and act according to them brings about as the first and most important effect, a reawakened humility, which is in fact the most important basic condition for the understanding of any phenomenon in Creation.

In relation to the second group of strange phenomena, the one about the “alien spaceships”, this diagnosis is simpler, as there are only two possible causes capable of abducting the innocent and unwary: a shameless lie or impudent fantasy. For, whoever can imagine the following three possibilities; beings from other planets circling Earth from distant galaxies, or from the future, or even still from the beyond, clearly have the time to waste with such topics and are completely unaware of the laws of Creation (and even the laws of physics).

Of course it is also a ridiculous presumption to imagine that just our small planet is inhabited. Luckily, there are many scientists who believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, for the most elementary calculation of probability demonstrates the untenability of this puerile and egocentric conception, that life is a restricted miracle to Earth. Nevertheless, it is impossible for the inhabitants of these planets to make courtesy visits to one another in spaceships.

Also the widespread, popular idea about the appearance of extraterrestrial beings, as green humanoids with big heads and almond-shaped eyes, and even other similar anatomical aberrations, is naturally, just one more product of that incurable and contagious disease called the human fantasy. Fantasy, induces people to believe in absurdities like this, while the intellect, indissolubly tied down to matter, for a long time now has undertaken the act of extinguishing the true knowledge about the beings of nature, the enteals – yes, these really exist – from peoples minds, exiling them far away, to the kingdoms of mythology, legends, and fairy tales. Concerning the looks of the inhabitants of other worlds, man today firmly believes in the distorted appearance generated by his own delirious fantasy, and (the irony of ironies) is that this same fantasy is applied to the knowledge about the existence of the beings of nature here on Earth, only because man has lost, through his own negligence, the capacity to see and integrate with them.

Yes, millions of planets are inhabited but humans like us inhabit them. The human form of the creature that was created according to the image of its Creator is the same everywhere. And we earthlings could have even established contact with inhabitants of other planets, if only we had just developed the right way. Not technologically, but spiritually. For example, those who work with astronomy today could have gotten to the stage of consciously contacting human beings on other planets, who like us, are also spiritual beings. Only a live vibrating spirit is capable of overcoming the immeasurable distances of the material universe, not a technically dead or heavy spirit that can barely make a tiny vehicle run around a few miserable kilometers on Mars that is stuck to Earth in astronomical terms. However, the possibility of spiritual contact with beings from other planets and many other things is completely impossible for this earthbound humanity, because through our own free will we stunted the scope of our development, what else could have happened within the narrow confines of matter.

The human of today can form no idea of how much he has limited himself and of how much he has lost by unconditionally submitting himself to perishable matter. First of all he has closed off the doors of Paradise by himself, then he has lost the knowledge that he had about the beings of nature, and last of all he has totally isolated himself in the universe, placing the planet in a dark cloud that keeps it inaccessible to any higher spiritual influence.

The comforting image for many, of spaceships leaving Earth to cross the cosmos on exploration or colonization missions, is just a shy attempt of the unconscious yearning of spirits that have long been suffocated by the intellect. Beings that have provoked their own atrophy and that still only manage to get a shimmer of hope as the rockets ascend… but not the ascension of their own spirit.

Roberto C. P. Junior