Today it is almost unanimous that for a phenomenon to be fully understood it is first necessary to dissect it with reasoning. Otherwise it would not be recognized any other way. Only when classified to its smallest detail by the academic phraseology would it gain any credibility and full worth, and only then would it really be worthy of recognition.

We are so accustomed with this “method of evaluation”, so convinced of its effectiveness, that we are not aware of how restricted it is, or better, of the how we limit ourselves on submitting to it voluntarily and unconditionally. We do not perceive, at all, how limited the analytic capacity of the brain really is, absolutely unable – because of its own material constitution – to understand phenomena whose origin is found above physical space and time. We do not notice this limitation precisely because we use the intellect for everything, and this is our biggest mistake.

Thus, we only manage to notice meager fragments of the gigantic phenomena, forming unclear images that are far from representing any likeness to their reality. We have ourselves to blame for this, because we have lifted the cerebral cortex as highest icon of human evolution, in detriment of the spirit. It is our own fault, for we are all ears to the quirks of the intellect and completely deaf to the voice of intuition.

Let us take as an example, the existent concept regarding beauty at this moment. To mention this word suggests to people, with the most evolved minds, images of beautiful landscapes and sounds of nature, while in other minds only top-models and movie star faces are formed. It gets no better, only worse, because here the majority even consider nakedness and lasciviousness as beauty. With little variations, the concept of beauty today is reduced to these conceptions.

Of course we can call nature beautiful. Beautiful it will always be, as its formation is not subject to human influence. Nature, in fact, is only degraded in any way when the human being puts its hands on it, provoking unbalances in multiple forms. Nevertheless, the beauty of nature that is visible to us is just a tiny part of the indescribable beauty that prevails in the work of Creation, of which matter, just constitutes the last and denser part of it.

As to physical beauty, it's amazing the unmeasured importance it enjoys, nevetheless so ephemeral. Just a few decades are enough for it to disappear amongst the wrinkles, flaccid folds, senile pigments and gray hair. What anguish then, absolutely unnecessary and unreasonable, it is part of the natural aging process that so many people disagree with it. A people tormented by themselves, who by means of creams, potions and plastic surgeries fight ferociously to conserve the look of youth that has long gone. This is a sad picture.

This is not beauty. Beauty is not limited to this. Beauty is something much, much bigger. It is the natural and inevitable effect of all and any phenomenon that is processed in conformity with the laws of Creation. Everything that acts and is molded in accordance with these laws will be beautiful. Always. It is impossible for it not to be so. Even here on Earth we can verify this, although on a reduced scale, we can always observe beauty renewed by nature. Like it, nature, unconditionally develops according to these laws, not subject to human will, it necessarily has to be beautiful. Has anyone, by chance, ever seen an ugly flower?

Here we can affirm, without being afraid of making any mistake, that the cause of all that is not beautiful came exclusively from acts contrary to the laws of Creation, or from natural laws. Suffering, pain, poverty, hunger, diseases are not works by chance, they are not blows of destiny nor Divine punishment, but only automatic effects of the wrong human will. These types of things were never foreseen to exist here on Earth. It was humanity itself that insisted on creating things like this that are so ugly , by stubbornly acting for thousands and thousands of years diametrically in opposition to the indicated direction of these uncompromising laws. Instead of directing its freewill to increasing even more the surrounding beauty, as expected , humanity as a whole did the opposite. And now it is surprised on seeing itself obliged to live amid the horror of its false works.

Whoever wants to live surrounded by beauty has to build it for himself. And this is not difficult. It is enough for the respective person to make an effort to live in agreement with these few and simple natural laws, trying to always direct his thoughts, words and actions towards a constructive direction, in a beneficial way. If one continues so his life will once again become beautiful, and so will he, as a resultant performance of these same laws.

The ones that conduct their lives this way are always beautiful. They are those (few) people that seem to clear the ambience only by their presence, and who also magnetically attract others that also possess the same good qualities. Men that inspire trust and women that irradiate grace. They are beautiful in the true sense of the word, independent of the fact if they are young or old.

But these unfortunately are the exception, and getting more and more rare as each day passes. The majority of humanity is made up of ugly souls, really ugly ones, deformed by selfishness, by lies, by envy and hate. Beings that one-way or the other “dirty” the “ambience” and curdle the air around them. Indeed they are horrendous creatures even if their mirror image could be called pleasant.

In the future, when the concept of beauty has been forcefully corrected, and everything else too that humanity has managed to twist through its spiritual blindness, Earth will once again be inhabited by beautiful humans only, in the most complete meaning of the word. All of life will once again be beautiful; it will be as marvelous and as pretty as it once was in the beginning. The way it should have stayed.

Roberto C. P. Junior