In 1974 India carried out its first atomic explosion. It was a test with the intention of “peaceful” means. Recently the country exploded five nuclear devices in two days, this time with the declared objective of consolidating its defense system. It took the Indian government 24 years to abandon the hypocritical expression that it labeled the first atomic test and assumed its true intent: to provide the country with a nuclear arsenal, something Pakistan, its bordering-neighbor and arch-enemy, achieved shortly afterwards.

India left its hypocritical language aside, but the rest of the world has not. From the four corners of the world New Delhi was attacked with expressions such as “a great disappointment”, “deep consternation”, “strong concern” and other severe diplomatic retaliations.

Now, let us be clear and objective. Let us be honest. The Indian nuclear tests ended once and for all the vain tentative of the atomic club's founding partners to keep the doors closed to new joining members by impeding the unauthorized entrance of new applicants. And there are many countries determined to make the immense atomic minefield part of its national know-how so that it too can become part of this new and changed planet, as if the amount of accumulated megatons obtained up to now is not sufficient to materialize the apocalypse. If the world's current atomic arsenal were to be equally divided amongst all the inhabitants of this planet, each citizen would have in his or her possession the equivalent of 4,2 tons of dynamite…

The efforts up to now of reducing the danger of a nuclear war have been, let's say diplomatically, “fruitless”. The treaties of limiting and partially banishing nuclear weapons, between United States and Russia, have only reduced the margin of how many times the world can be destroyed. That's all.

Nuclear tests and the development of new weapons continue to be carried out, undisturbed, by the official members of the club, through computer simulations. And nobody has shown any “disappointed” or “dismay” with that. Why? The hotly, longed for and tirelessly pursued objective, of total destruction strictly remains the same. But now, only the new uninvited members of the atomic club still give opportunity to ridiculous manifestations of displeasure, due to their obsolete tests undergrounds… Lets be more realistic and welcome the new kids on the block to become part of the First World.

Finally, the people on Earth are mature enough for the Third World War. The lack of reaction to the new nuclear tests and the lethargic indifference with respect to the improvement of the existent arsenal demonstrate, with absolute clearness, that human will is completely unable to stop this event taking place. Once again, and for the last time, humanity will reap what it has sowed. Then the leaders can contemplate, for a short space of time, the merit of their diligent efforts, of decades on end of gloriously preparing themselves for mutual destruction. Or is there still somebody that believes that the Third World War will not take place?

The annihilation of the larger part of humanity, in the most frightful manner, has already been foreseen for a long time now, a very long time indeed. The majority has already taken the wrong path centuries ago, a path that has no return. And the number of those that decided to trail this path has continually grown with the passing of the ages. The nuclear tests that we now witness are the final preparations, the final touches of a horrible end for the greater part of humanity that cannot be stopped nor postponed indefinitely anymore.

The nuclear hecatomb is the glorious final stage of the human saga, written in blood from generation to generation. A long, dark plot composed by a countless number of characters, each one trying to carry out his role the best way possible, in the unalterable millenary route of greed, revenge, hate, war, oppression, injustices, etc., etc., etc.

Once Einstein was asked how had he imagined the Third World War would be like. The German scientist answered that of the Third he had no idea, but that the Fourth would be carried out with sticks and stones…

Perhaps it could be so, if the destructive human nature managed to survive the Third World War and once again exercised its devastating influence. But this is not going to happen. The Third World War will indeed be the last one in history. Humanity itself will see to that, as it needs to through obligation, through the process of global purification that is now in progress and putting an end to its own disastrous passage on Earth.

Nevertheless, pre-destined sequels will also follow this event, so that not even the slightest injustice can take place, for in our time nobody can be affected by something that he or she had not helped bring to shape. Those who will go through this unharmed will later live under a new order, where the love for one's fellow man will be part of life itself. People will not miss those who did not manage to pass through this stage.

Roberto C. P. Junior