It is the drug addict. Fundamentally, the drug addict is to blame. Without him there would be no marijuana, coca and poppy, plantations, narcotic refining laboratories, drug trafficking, money laundering or criminal cartels.

It is the drug addict that finances all these enterprises with an incomprehensible zeal and tenacity. It is he who self eliminates any trace of human dignity and goes down to the lowest depths anybody can reach or knows, and destroys his entire life in exchange for a few moments of pleasure.

Lucifer did not have to make any special effort at all to add these decadent souls to his ranks; they came running to meet him on their own free will, bent on selling themselves for a few miserable ephemeral sensations.

Then, how can one help a drug addict? Help is always possible, presupposing that the addict wants to be helped, that he is making an effort to get out of the nauseous bog that he so diligently created, and where he wallows so pleasurably. Only after making a great effort to get rid of his private filth, can he really be considered as a person with a problem, disoriented and in need, who really needs help and is worthy of it. Before all this happens, he is nothing other than a worthless and unworthy “human” complement, an extremely weak creature, a voluntary slave, a worm that is not aware of just how repugnant he really is, who crawls through garbage thinking he is floating on clouds, a dazzled fool who is dressed in sequins convinced that he is wearing pure gold.

The drug addict resembles a coward that tries to flee from life by throwing himself into a well. The best help than can be given to somebody in these conditions - who wanted to fall into a well - is to throw him a rope and encourage him to climb out of the well using it.

Going down to the bottom of the well to bring back the suicidal candidate in your arms, does not free him of his self-destructive tendencies. If he were taken out of the well without using his own will power, his members will remain atrophied. He will continue to wander through life, fumbling miserably, obscured by the sunlight that has become strange to him, all eager and willing in search of the closest well, to once again be push into it by his ever-present cowardice. Would this be true help?

Indeed, drug addicts should be encouraged to redirect their lives, but not with sweet, pleasing and hypocritical words, that impede them from recognizing the sad role that they acted out. Words that give a false reality to the drug addicts are like an even more dangerous narcotic to them, because they blunt any remaining autonomous personality that he may have.

It is evident that a drug addict should be submitted to a detoxication program, but as long as he also agrees to do a detoxication of his soul, and radically change his internal vibration too. Eventually, he will also need to understand that only he can definitively tear out this stained page from his life-book.

Inappropriate condescendence does not restore the drug addict his lost human condition; this, he must find himself, as it was he who let go of it. And depriving him of his self-effort to inwardly improve is nothing more than an act of false love and mechanical charity, because through this he is robbed of the deserved happiness of rediscovering and reconquering his own dignity at the outset.

Only through the recognition of his own fault is a person who is still good able to provoke a drastic change in his way of living, and never err again. And it is also through this acknowledgement that he is motivated to find the necessary strength in him to do this, presupposing naturally that he still kindles a small flame of character inside him.

The cultivation and commerce of narcotics are one of the biggest calamities of today. However, trying to combat drug trafficking and the traffickers without considering the consumer, preserving him and placing him aside, it is like trying to eradicate the weeds by pruning them every now and then.

Then we would really be living a discouraging situation, if the purifying winds that presently encompass Earth also do not undertake it upon themselves to tear out all the roots and everything of this harmful weed of the traffic and consumption of drugs, independent of the human will and of its pitiful efforts to do so. One way or the other this harmful weed will be effectively eradicated. That is why now the time has come for the drug addicts to stop cultivating their addiction that is if they do not want to become part of the harvest as well.

Roberto C. P. Junior