Let us try to visualize what is happening. The phenomenon is basically described as the abnormal heating up of a strip of water in the Pacific Ocean that is enough to unchain a series of serious climatic disturbances around the entire planet.

The term “Strip,” is not the most appropriate one, because what the satellite photos showed was an immense red wound of ten thousand kilometers in extension and two thousand kilometers in width, with an esteemed 300 meters in depth making the red area in the ocean two times much bigger than the size of the United States. This time “El Niño” (little boy) has shown the world that it has already become an adult and it is now the biggest it has ever been.

In recent months some countries have already begun to feel its effects and they have had a preview of what is to come in the future by recollecting some of the facts that had happened in the years of 1982 and 1983, the period in which El Niño was the most intense than it had ever been registered to date. On that occasion a mortal period of drought punished central Africa, southeast Asia and the Brazilian northeast; in Australia alone, the longest dry spell since colonial times provoked 340 deaths; in Tanzania hunger killed an average of 150 children a day. Torrential rains fell for months in South America and in the southwest of North America; in Peru the rainfall was 340 times superior to its normal one, making the gush of some rivers increase a thousand times more than their normal flow; around 900 people died in the American continent because of flooding and thousands of people lost their dwellings. The sum of total damages all over the world reached the figure of eight billion dollars, the biggest ever tragedy on this planet to date.

The fact that El Niño is a natural phenomenon does not mean that it is normal. Above all else, it should be considered as a very serious exhortation of nature; in reality it is clearly addressed to the dominant species of this planet. The catastrophes that are unleashed are far from mere climatic whims they are in fact, automatic reprisals to the destructive human action of the environment. It is therefore, exactly the inverse that is divulged by the appeasing meteorological experts with their ever-ready unlimited supply of useful explanations, in the form of pretentious uncontestable scientific arguments.

In an article entitled “The Naming of El Niño,” Dr. Carlos A. Nobre, a meteorologist of the Institute of Technology of Massachusetts, wrote the following: “It is best to learn how to live in peace with it. More still, when science permits a reasonable forecast of the phenomenon and its effects. It is what is expected of a society that uses the available scientific knowledge with intelligence, and also knows how to observe nature and co-exist with it.”

They are statements like these that give a false reality and contribute to maintain humanity comfortably asleep in its proverbial indolence, and that also help nourish and conserve this collective lethargy, inducing people to apathetically (and eagerly) accept any scientific lenitive that free them of thinking for themselves. A few intellectual and melodious ballads are enough to put the people into a deep sleep, prohibiting them from waking up, even with the crashing sound of a collapsing world around them.

Nevertheless ballads are not capable of stopping catastrophes. Mother nature's thousand- year-old patience in relation to her problem child, the Homo sapiens has expired. She has always been a loving mother, providing everything necessary for the high spiritual species to be able to use and enjoy a healthy existence here on Earth being fully aware of it too. But what did she receive in retribution for her dedicated care? The destruction of forests, the slaughter of animals, the pollution of the air and waters, plus the poisoning of the soil… And worse still all these “presents” came wrapped up in hate, covertness, envy, wars and perversion. The punishment that she had to apply along the centuries to its degenerate son, in the form of catastrophes and epidemics, did not have any effect. They were not sufficient enough to make him contemplate and retake the right path. Finally, it became clear that she would end up being killed by this monster if she allowed him to do it, as he had already placed himself as lord and owner of her and thus she was disobliged to fulfill her laws.

It is not man that dominates nature but in fact, it is the other way around. Now the time has finally come for him to learn the lesson that he is just another creature like any other in nature, something that any other species already knew by heart for thousands of years and has lived in accordance with it to now.

Not only is the cyclical red scar in the ocean testimony of the continuous wounds that humanity has been inflicting for a long time already, but it is also a sign, for whoever wants to see that the last cleaning phase on Earth is in full swing.

In the near future all the species - that of course also includes a certain number of human beings - will integrate in a new nature that will be healed and revived after the gangrened member, that today is made up by the majority terrestrial humans that still threaten to destroy what little remains of the healthy body in creation, will have been be definitively amputated.

Roberto C. P. Junior