Humanity's unrestricted faith in relation to its cerebral abilities has already been here for a long time, in fact, for thousands of years, and the successive successes in gross matter were of excellent service to further confirm this idea.

What we presently observe is just the coronation of this process, where the intellect has established itself as the only reliable support, because science has entirely consecrated the omnipresent and omniscient “divinity” and judged it its duty to enforce itself on humanity and to all those who pray to it too, every time they turn to it to achieve ephemeral and miserly earthly objectives through intellectual maneuvers.

When the ancient Greeks began to slowly unmask the laws of celestial mechanics, spiritual development had, for a long time already been put to one side and it was also considered as something unimportant, unnecessary, even an obstruction to “human progress.”

Without a competitor of the same guile, the intellect strengthened itself increasingly more, unhindered, in fact at the same velocity as the natural gift of the spiritual humans was suffering from the effects of atrophy. Each new scientific discovery announced became a new stone block used in the construction of that intellectual pyramid of values, which already at that time was considerably high.

The well know Brazilian scientist, Marcelo Gleiser on referring to the ancient Greeks and their discoveries, declared the following in one of his texts: The Dance of the Universe: “Their love for reason and their faith in using their intellect as a primary instrument in the search of knowledge formed the fundamental framework in the scientific study of Nature. We should never be afraid to inquire or be intimidated by our ignorance.”

And this is precisely the point.

The base on which science supports itself is the intellect, human reasoning, and it could be no different. If it intends to analyze and classify physical phenomena, physically perceptible, the intellect is naturally the best suited for this, because it is a product of the brain and this organ belongs to the material body of the human being.

Using reasoning as an instrument, science is in fact capable of great feats, which nevertheless has to always remain restricted to the sphere of matter. The results obtained up to now through the several areas of science are clear examples of matter's unquestionable success.

The big mistake occurs when, motivated by these visible successes, scientists feel that they are equally capable of examining, with their intellect, restricted to matter, things that are found outside the sphere of matter. This way they imagine that they can find answers to the fundamental questions that concern man, such as: How did the Universe begin? How did life appear? Who are we? Where do we come from? And, where are we going?

And at every stage on the pyramid of values there is this same belief of science's unlimited capacity. Full of hope, with an ill-disguised pride, as all the classes of the human race raise their eyes to their idolized scientists, the cream of the human species that dwell at the top, in the expectation of also obtaining answers for these extremely crucial questions. And all this takes place in spite of the fact that they will be unable to understand the scientists and dominate their hermetic language, however, they eagerly await the answers in order to appease their own intimate anxiety.

They wait in vain…

It will never be possible for the human intellect that unconditionally belongs to matter, to solve enigmas whose solutions are to be found at other levels of creation. To do this the mobility of the spirit is necessary, something that the scientists today - with rare and honorable exceptions - don't possess anymore. And they, who are the majority that neither believes in the existence of the spirit nor in the Creator, insist on researching subjects of a spiritual nature with their restricted intellect limited to Earth. They want to solve the secrets of creation with scales, test tubes and electronic microscopes, a situation that could even be comical, if it weren't so sad.

And in spite of the crystalline logic that exists in this natural impossibility, of understanding spiritual phenomena through material means, science can never recognize this limitation, not because of vanity, but because of its total incapacity to do so.

It is precisely because it believes that the intellect is the key to everything, that it can solve everything that the scientists are deprived of the capacity to marvel at what lies beyond the limits drawn by intellectual knowledge. For them it is completely impossible to extend their vision beyond this point. They do not even consider the hypothesis that there is something that the intellect is not capable of explaining. In fact, they do not possess the capacity for such discernment anymore.

The disciples of science imagine themselves to be at the apex of human knowledge, and they allow themselves to be lulled to sleep, satisfied, in the melody of this illusion. And in reality that is how it actually is for them. They are in fact at the height of intellectual knowledge this however is at a very inferior step, way down below in relation to the knowledge that we could have had of the immense work of Creation, had we made full use of our spiritual capacities.

If humanity had not abandoned their spiritual development so thoughtlessly, everything today would be totally different. Science today would be the synonym of true knowledge, and all the important human questions would have been solved already.

Ob.: In the following articles we shall analyze the answers that science has given in dealing with the fundamental subjects of human life.

Roberto C. P. Junior