All that is alive in nature has a multiple value of usefulness. From bacteria to whales, from bushes to sequoias, everything has its function in the world. The need to be useful in the unit of nature is an indispensable condition for a species to be able to continue to do its part.

While a certain species goes through its natural course of development, improving continually and according to its nature contributing as a whole, it assures its permanence in the world, protected by its very own nature.

However, if for any reason it deviates from its natural path, becoming noxious instead of useful, it will simply be eliminated, through the autonomous effect of laws that are also natural. A pernicious mutant species is automatically excluded, to keep safe and protect the remaining species. It is an automatic process of global self-conservation.

On Earth there is a species that has proved to be unable to adapt to the existing natural laws after hundreds and thousands of years. The Homo sapiens have preferred to follow other laws, created by he himself, in the attempt of to dominate nature and reign uncontested over it forever.

To achieve this, his objective, he has polluted the air, dirtied the rivers and seas, poisoned the soil, mistreated and killed in own kind, who like him had the same right to live and to develop on the planet. He created an artificial habitat for himself, where other laws were instated and followed, until then unknown to nature: selfishness, immorality, perversion, covertness, envy and hate…

The much-praised progress, that the majority of humanity proudly put forward as an argument against this criticism, does not make it a useful piece in the cogwheel of nature. One single human being that respects and loves nature, who tries to keep pure the focus of his thoughts and his will, is much more useful in creation than an entire legion of scientists and their materialistic theories. A single effective act in defense of this marvelous nature has much more value than a dozen engineered expeditions to Mars.

The majority of humanity preferred to take an unnatural path during the period granted for its development. Yes it developed, but in a direction contrary to the ones extolled by those natural laws and, consequently ended up signing its own death sentence. And it signed it consciously, with a smile of superiority, challenging mother nature openly, despising all help it was sent from above, mocking the countless warnings and exhortations directed at it, so that it could retake the natural path while there was in time that it had abandoned so thoughtlessly.

Now we have finally arrived at the stage for the sentence to be executed. Seemingly in slow motion, at natures proper pace, however, firm. From nature's point of view humanity today is nothing other than a parasite that has proliferated in an uncontrolled manner all over the organism that until now had remained healthy in creation, disseminating focuses of disease everywhere. That is why now the majority has to be eliminated. A gangrened member has to always be amputated, to avoid contaminating the rest of the body.

The human being is, in fact, only a member, alas a very small one in the entire work of nature. It is a creature like any other with just one interesting difference, of being the only one, for centuries already that works tirelessly towards its own complete destruction. For being a creature, it is unconditionally subject to the natural laws, that never allows anything insane remain and defile nature indefinitely.

In action for some time now, there has already been a natural cleaning process influencing Earth. One of the ways this has become evident is through the reprisals of nature itself, through the natural catastrophes that continually increase over the world both in number and in intensity.

The second is the increase in the virulence and number of pathogenic agents all over the world. Old diseases are reappearing with a ferocity never seen before, while new diseases, ever increasingly more shocking, appear every year. In the last 25 years 32 new lethal virus have appeared in several places around the globe…

The third, which is also an automatic effect of natural laws, consists of removing the protection that the parasite had against its natural enemies. In global terms this protection is made up of the ozone layer that protects the planet against potentially deadly ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. In a more restricted ambit, this protection is made up of proper defense system of the human organism.

AIDS and the holes in the ozone layer in the Antarctica and in the Arctic are effects on different scales from the same natural process of purification. In both situations the human being sees his defenses slowly disappearing that once he possessed against its natural enemies, which is radiation in one of the cases and opportunists illnesses in the other.

Up to now the attempts made to solve these problems have not had any success, for the true cause of the problems has remained untouched. And neither will any of the treaties for the reduction in production of CFC's have any effect (because they are never fulfilled anyway), nor will all the therapeutic cocktails be of any use as long as the human being remains in opposition to the way of life established by nature for its creatures.

The part of humanity that still remains in expectation in face of these events will have to learn the hard way for nothing can be in opposition to the established laws of nature without suffering serious damage. And the sooner it recognizes this the better of it will be.

Roberto C. P. Junior