A Friend in Need

“Imagine what would happen if you went to a friend in the middle of the night and said, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves of bread. An old friend traveling through just showed up, and I don't have a thing on hand.’ The friend answers from his bed ‘Don't bother me. The door is locked; my children are all down for the night; I can't get up to give you anything.’ But let me tell you, even if he won't get up because he's a friend, if you stand your ground, knocking and waking all the neighbors, he'll finally get up and get you whatever you need.”

(Luke 11:5-8)

In this parable the insistency is equivalent to perseverance. Jesus teaches that we have to have steadfastness to obtain what we are looking for even in transient unfavorable earthly conditions. We should not be dismayed finding locked doors here and there when facing successive denials from the ones who today have earthly power.

If the soliciting is for a just cause and useful for one's development, one will end up getting what one is looking for, on account of the Law of Movement.

Creation always provides humans a bountiful table from which they can take if they move in the right direction, in accordance with the laws that sustain all. This right manner is not an egoistic and arrogant demand but taking with gratitude and appreciation as a welcome guest who makes use of his spiritual faculty. All who persevere in this correct manner of acting will always obtain everything wished, because those wishes are indeed born from their cores and the actuating laws will work in their favor.

Those values achieved in this way will bring the possibility of generating other beneficial gifts, when they are not acquired for selfish purposes encouraged by intellectual calculations but for the blessing of other human beings, that is, for altruistic reasons, as natural in any spirit that has not become atrophied.

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