Relative to Our Present Time

We need to proceed objectively in understanding our presence here by dispelling antiquated and outdated modes of thinking and open our minds to the fact that we really have no idea of what our presence here is all about. As the ages have passed our vanity has grown and we have created ideas and instigated debates on this topic but so very little is truly understood as to how we came about, why it was necessary and really the purpose of it all and the strange thing is that we have persisted to do so despite our lack of true knowledge. We inherently feel the need to understand and impose our shallow reasoning as to why? In our self created ego we have even placed ourselves as the sole reason why we are here. We disregard the fact that we are truly only participants of Creation and nothing else and that it is an on-going process.

Still today there are people that blindly cling onto ancient writings that served a purpose at a time in the past for the developed mind of those days. The fact that these people do so is not to be criticised and ridiculed. We must all acknowledge that all of us are individuals and thus have different levels of thinking and this must be respected always independent of ones level of understanding. All views must be respected and allowed to exist. Thought in an individual like life is evolves and devolves as it all depends on that person’s free will. Thus imposition is not an option.

With the progress of technology today and the photographs from Hubble and other man-made satellites we are shown that there is an entire universe out there with thousands and thousands of galaxies. We are not at centre stage anymore and thus as our universe had expanded and our minds too must expand accordingly to be relatively equal to the new space we now live in and occupy. We must each take steps to further our knowledge in understanding that we only have each other and that in accepting each one’s space we only stand to gain by living in harmony and peace. We have progressed a lot from where we all once stood and today we can all participate in the way the world turns. This is most evident in the mobile phones people in the developed and developing countries have. They film the events at the time of happening and share it with the world allowing others to see the happening reality. Hearsay today is something of the past. Ignorance too is also on short legs. It is time to step up to the plate and understand one’s responsibility of what it means to have a “life lease” on earth.

No longer is it possible to live life being simply concerned with your next plate of food or accumulating obnoxious amounts of wealth without participating in the responsibilities of your actions. I personally do not advocate “blind-profitable” charity but I do say there is a rational and structured way to go about accepting your responsibility without ravaging the earth and those on it. There are those that have already acknowledged this and successfully and quietly go about their activities. More of us must also participate and the only way this happens is through self realization.

Fear and ignorance have had their day. Today and beyond there is a new age and a new space. It is now time to be courageous and allow your questions to flow inside you and give time for your answers to appear as you are not alone and are not here occupying a “life lease” without a purpose. Each one’s mission is unique and wonderful. Live it with responsibility and constructively.

by Bernard Rangel