New Times Require New Strategies

In the very distant past when people spoke of strategy the thought was how to achieve objectives through military plans by using the available resources in the most efficient way at that given space and time, by surprising the adversaries to obtain additional advantages. Presently the concept has been widely employed throughout the corporate world through the elaboration of plans and actions and the cleverer ones make it a point that their objects are taken on board by others.

Nevertheless, there is yet to appear a long term planning strategy that holds as its main aim the betterment of the quality of life both in the present and the future, this is a fact that has yet to be seriously considered. So that this can become a reality the great battle to be won is in the war against the negative fundaments that make us act egotistically blocking out the participation of the heart, for what stems from there is our pure intuition. This strategy must be set for victory in the greatest battle of; to be or not to be, as it is the most basic fight between life and death of our inner-self.

The world scenario now finds itself in the mode of fast-forward changes, and with the velocity that which the happenings are occurring, almost one after the other we are loosing the capacity to deal with them for they take place almost simultaneously. The exercise of power can no longer be carried out and divorced from the meaning of life. The fundamental themes can no longer be set aside. We can no longer cover our eyes to the critical events that follow in succession, with their opportunities and risks and their alternatives and threats, efficiently administrating the external and internal crises.

We must be aware that at all levels people are responsible for the actions and strategies that lead us into the future, they should not remain unconscious. That is why it is important to evaluate what type of future we want for ourselves, our children, and our companies. The leading strategist needs to be wise and sensible to place power at the service of the common good of humanity that allows one to be flexible in enabling one to find ways that are feasible, for what is important is perseverance and courage to attain the goals.

So that we can become good strategists we have to acquire a better perception of the meaning of life and our true role as human beings. And most importantly we need leaders committed towards the betterment of humanity.

The global population is quickly rising and concentrating itself in the bigger cities whilst the available natural resources are reaching their limit. Where can we dump all the produced litter? How can remunerated labor be offered to all these people? What kind of economy and financial markets will we have with petroleum at 200 dollars a barrel? With the rising price of food, what kind of lifestyle will we have under the impact of water and food rationing? Thus, in the midst of all these pressures what kind of human relationships will we have in the workplace, cities and at home in our families?

The world is evolving quickly for conflict situations. For the strategist Ketan J. Patel, the time has come for the conflict solvers. They shall be the strategy masters. His function shall be to intervene to alter the pattern of conflict, create a new understanding and awareness, construct new institutions to include this awareness in others and give them an opportunity so that they too can attain human development.

The true strategy must be employed in the search for the Truth for the betterment of life in general, paving a future of peace and prosperity, liberty, responsibility, and sustainability through the balance between intuition and the lucid intellect, so that we can attain success as citizens of the cosmos.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra