Virginia Tech‘s Inexplicable Tragedy

The enigmatic delay of spring‘s arrival in the United States had astonished the population in general. There were fewer flowers, a lot of snow and heavy showers, unsurprisingly these are the climatic changes affecting the entire planet at the moment, nevertheless what really left a deep scar this spring was the inexplicable tragedy that took place at University of Virginia Technical College, where a young South Korean student, Cho Seung-Hui, in an act of insanity killed 32 people and then shot himself.

With the passing of time mankind in general has chained itself exclusively to terrestrial concepts of time and space, consequently labeling itself as being materialistic due to its sole dependence on physical and visible evidence, as a direct result of this all thought matter ends up being retained at the lowest sphere of creation, as if there was nothing else other than what is visible to the physical eye. Thus, much of what is essential to a greater understanding of the things that surround us has been placed aside because it has become incomprehensible, as the necessary effort that needs to be made so that these events can be understood cannot be duly processed as should be.

Endowed with a developed brain and with the capacity to form thought processes we have grown accustomed to consider our day to day thoughts as something that belongs to a private leisure zone; free to do as one pleases with no consequences.

What happens when we think? What happens when we nourish thoughts of the same thought species? The thoughts are formed in our brain as a consequence of our inner desires. The brain should always be commanded by the inner desire, but by being disconnected from it, it has consequently developed an independent will of its own that has grown to be more easily subject to external influences.

If a person feels envious and the urge to covet overtakes the thought forms, and the person does not interrupt this negative feeling, soon thoughts of this nature arise in the mind that begin to be attract to other similar thought forms. Consequently it too gets attracted to others similar in nature to it originating from existing thought formations from millions of other people of the same thought pool, and all of this thought activity ends up fortifying one’s negative desires of the same though species.

It has already been proved that feelings and thoughts can exercise an influence over other elements including water, thus thought forms are not just limited to having an influence over other humans.

Let us imagine that thoughts are like deposits made into a bank account. That is, they are left by the person in a place where their thought forms accumulate in an unattainable place to the common eye. If they are thoughts of hate and revenge they remain there in the bank account of the depositor, and they are added to a global joint account of hate thoughts independently from where they have been dispatched.

Then some person comes along that has a similar desire and unknowingly wants to cash in a check in his or her possession. That is, it will be a person that has in its inner-self a large reserve of hate, but through neglect, has allowed this sentiment to grow. This would be the same as exposing ones-self to receiving an extraordinary charge of hate deposited by the millions of other people spread out throughout the world in this global joint account.

This may have occurred with the young South Korean Cho Seung-Hui. In a fit of hate he opened the global joint account and received an extraordinary discharge of hate that totally dominated his mind, thus blinding him. In a blind rage of hate he did what he did. Destroying his life both on earth as in the beyond, for as of now his soul will wander aimlessly in a pilgrimage of suffering without being able to find inner peace.

The youth pulled the trigger repeatedly killing many people, but together with him pulling that trigger, was the negative energy of hate thoughts of the millions of scornful people. Evidently he was the responsible person, as he used his freewill, but in the same act there was the co-participation of the hate of millions of people that daily feed this global-hate joint deposit account, and with all certainty they also will be affected by the inexorable reciprocity contained in the laws of Creation, be whoever and wherever they are, as they are connected to the event by invisible threads of destiny, that is, they are identified through the global joint deposit account of life and they will not be able to flee from their responsibility.

Evidently our human civilization, now based on an exacerbated individualism and relationships characterized by the desire of domination, is unexpectedly due to be the sole participant is a series of extremely humiliating situations. The availability of firearms, necessary in this present time for self-defense, also favors the increase in violent deaths, but the greatest problem lies in the existence of dissatisfaction with one’s own life and an excess of hate generated by humanity.

Less wars, less crimes and less violence will occur when people begin to police their thoughts more seriously, fortifying those of a benefic and constructive nature, like that of respect and consideration for one’s fellow man, love towards all creatures, and a joyous, peaceful and harmonious coexistence, all inevitably originating out of a conviction of gratitude for the marvelous gift of life we have!

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra