Removing the Dogmatic Blinkers
and Turning into a Butterfly

It is more than plain to see in the world we live today that the ample supply of information transcends nearly all formal boundaries. Obviously this applies to people that have personal computers and to those that live in countries that allow the free flow of information. Being so, willing or not, the information is literally at your finger tips and sometimes even in your face. There are the personal factors of course that govern if you want to partake of it or not. And really this is how it should be; through exercising your own freewill. Within this of course follow the consequences of exercising your own freewill. Nevertheless, you will ever only be limited to the sum of your duly processed information.

Yet, there is so much information out there and you automatically filter this flow according to your own individual capacity of understanding within the choices of your own interest, the context of the universe that you were brought up in, plus your personal need to register or be concerned with the information at hand.

All the same, having to face the daily tasks of providing for yourself and others if you have children or another type of charge you frequently have flashes of time for yourself, where all types of revelations take place within an eternal instant. And when you think you have managed to grasp the point of the revelation it all suddenly dissolves into an empty void and you desperately scramble to recall the thought-instances leading up to that momentous revealing flash. But alas it has vanished as quickly as it had appeared and though your thoughts linger on you are hurled back into your whirlpool of discontent and frustration.

And that is how you live your life in search of meaning and sense and logical succor like a dog licking itself as if it were the tastiest thing on earth. Never daring to step beyond those moments of revelation and willing to just sit in awe and wonder awaiting a miraculous return of that special moment with the hope of ‘this time I’ll be alert enough to jump through that instantaneous window’ and hoping that you land on the other side and take off from there. This by the way will never happen.

All in all these are futile distractions and the real work must be done of investigating and seeking out what truly lies behind all the things you willing take for granted and complain bitterly if things do not go your way. Is this discontent all due to fear or spiritual sloth or simply an inner inadequacy of taking a firm hold of the pick-ax and setting it to undoing the grey absorbent cement mass called life?

What is life and what does the sum of your days mean? Why does life seem to be like gray absorbent cement? What significance does being good or bad have if you have freewill anyway? Why is faith or belief so peculiar to mankind? Why do you bother at all in wanting to understand about life if it is well beyond your capacity to even understand the simplest of explanations? Why do you sit amongst friends to question each other about what each one understands about the meaning of faith or belief?

Faith although unseen has shown itself to be as solid as a steel ingot. And today this is proving to be very true indeed. Throughout mankind’s history the power of faith has shown itself to be one of the driving forces in mobilizing huge masses of peoples to go to battle to migrate and to multiply. In fact it has been responsible for all our individual and collective histories throughout the world since time immemorial. You are presently a result of this surreal cement individually and collectively: Individually, through the exercising of your own freewill, and collectively, through the law of equal species, where all similar cell-bodies come together collectively and automatically.

It is difficult to separate men or women from their need to believe or have faith in a superior being and really there is no real reason why one should. There is a logical desire of course that this faith or belief is one of respect, harmony and acceptance of one another within the unyielding laws of creation.

Although faith is a non-material driving energy one wonders that if it were a harness-able one, would it be strong enough to substitute electricity. I am sure man’s faith alone would be strong enough to drive whatever were harnessed to it.

So now if you allow yourself the privilege of stepping out of the doctrinal blinkers you were given in your infancy. What would the first sensations be? Of course there would be an excess of brightness, metaphorically speaking, you’d be blinded by the excess of information. One’s capacity of receiving, filtering, storing, manipulating, processing, utilizing, re-processing and discarding would be intensely increased putting more pressure on you than you had before.

Can you embrace this or would you flee back to the comfort zone of your doctrinal blinkers? The choice is always yours and also the consequence of the choice is also always yours. Is there safety in numbers? Can you gain more political strength in staying within an indoctrinated group? Are you content in just existing within the comfort group you were presented to when you were young? Do you identify yourself with the statutes of the membership requirements? Are you afraid that you are incapable of managing all the new information without the blinkers? Do you have to be able to manage all the information you receive without the blinkers set in place?

To man, the restraint pressure of blinkers is abnormal and this inevitably brings about abnormal behavior consequently time lost in the pursuit of trivialities through deviant behavior that is non-constructive and prejudicial to spiritual man. Your personal baggage becomes more burdensome eventually literally breaking your back. You at this stage have become your own worst enemy unable to benefit from the miracle of life and all its wonders. There is no external blame to your inability to live in the strength of the light. You simply got accustomed to living with blinkers.

How can one discard this self-imposed barrier and embrace the brilliance of the light without getting burnt in its splendor? You must willingly expose yourself to it little by little and as time goes by you will be able to withstand increasingly more the wonders of creation and comprehend the Light of the Truth that is available for all to guide you back to your spiritual homeland. You do not have to reject, fight, or reform your religion. You will automatically harmoniously outgrow it like a caterpillar outgrowing its cocoon as it turns into a butterfly.

Bernard Rangel