And the Heavens Cried Out His Name in Joy!

At the end of each year the entire world undergoes an unusual phenomenon of feeling goodwill to one another that of which we modern human beings are still unable to fully comprehend and appreciate to its fullest, as we have numbed ourselves to the greatness of our true Creator. We feel good and feel like giving to others unselfishly, but the true reason is confused with the idea of the Christmas season thus it is unclear, or at least not fully understood and properly respected by us all.

In Europe namely Ireland and England there are two particular monuments of this nature that are clear examples marking the passing of the winter solstice. In Ireland at one of the most famous ancient sites called “Newgrange” there is a clear sign left behind by its ancient inhabitants that perfectly represents this fact. In a special chamber inside the tomb there is a hole through which the sunlight shines and the winter sunrays fall upon a design engraved into a slid block of stone of three intertwining concentric circles. At another very famous site in England called “Stonehenge” there is another gigantic construction made of stone that also marks the passing of the winter solstice.

Thus even in ancient times there was a special reason why the earth’s year-end held a special meaning. Christmas did not exist yet, as Jesus had not been born. We must also remember that then there was no such thing as the Worldwide Web or radio transmitters to send signals from one people to another so intercommunication was completely impossible. Nevertheless, throughout the ancient world other peculiar things were also happening simultaneously to all the peoples of the globe, regardless of their location, origins, languages or beliefs. This we today see in the ancient mythologies or legends left behind by our forefathers. All our ancient predecessors saw mermaids, elemental beings; like the thunder and sea gods, fairies, gnomes, unicorns, dragons and all the many strange creatures related in their respective tales. All the ancient peoples saw the very same creatures and interacted with them and obviously they were all named according to their own particular languages and there are no exceptions to the rule.

We, modern men, do not interact with this unseen world. It does exist however and we are surrounded by it but we cannot see it. All the same, the Indigenous tribal peoples of Africa, South America and Australasia still interact with this ethereal world and they coexist with it and are fully conscious of it. “Civilized Man” unfortunately at some stage of his development veered off from his true direction of development. As to when this actually happened, per say, in a time period, is unclear to us as we have conditioned ourselves to a specific time value, and this period, due to our progressive deviation from our true selves is beyond our understanding as we have become progressively rational and we have no logical time basis anymore to relate to.

Nevertheless, the real truth behind our existence is out there and available for those that truly seek it, and although some people may be reading the wrong books, which is a direct consequence of their progressive development of their intellect, causing a subsequent atrophy of their intuitive faculties there is still hope for them as they can always wake up in the nick of time because they are also seeking the truth.

Open your mind and fully understand the true importance of Christmas. This period does not simply represent the birth of another human spirit on Earth. It is the time in which the Son of God was born on earth of man and woman. Yes, Jesus Christ, the physical body was born of flesh and blood, and consequently this on earth can only happen one way, from the resulting act of sexual intercourse between two people of the opposite sex. Nevertheless, this does not make Him like just another person on earth. Most importantly His spirit came down from the highest point of Creation from where It abides with “His Father”, The God Creator. The preparation for such an important event in Creation does not happen overnight. This type of thinking comes from intellectual and rational minds. Nothing in Creation just happens instantly overnight, there is a specific time and a place for everything to happen, not even a flower can just blossom out of nowhere, there is a whole process involved and it too must respects the laws of Creation.

Jesus’ spirit had to be specially prepared so that It could come down to earth because “Its” radiation is, by the very nature and place where It resides in Creation too strong for It to simply arrive here on earth without a special preparation and protection. If this was not carried out then His arrival here on earth would have been completely impossible. So at all the levels of Creation from its highest point down to earth all the elemental beings present there were involved in this special operation. Thus when His birth finally came about there was such rejoicing in the entire heavens above that it all sang out His name in joy for having successfully carried out and participated in this very special event. This is the rejoicing that took place in the heavens above when Jesus Christ was born on earth and the special importance His arrival on earth meant to them.

The time of His birth also did not simply happen at the time of year that we today know as the month of December. This time was chosen because it is at this period of time in Creation when the very special radiation of God comes down to earth. This special radiation is the Love of God and it originates from His place in Creation and it flows down throughout the different level of creation reaching us here on earth. As this special radiation passes throughout creation it energizes and refreshes all the heavenly creatures that abide there and help in the maintenance and creation of all that exists in it and this is what our ancient forefathers celebrated. That is why they made such significant monuments to mark the winter solstice as it coincides with the arrival of God’s Love Radiation on planet earth. This time of year is for all mankind to rejoice in God’s Love Radiation and take special account of His existence and give thanks and praise for His Love. It is not a time of commercial profit and behavioral deviance. We humans are meant to be the noblest part of Creation and it is long past the time in which we should start behaving in a more dignified manner out of pure respect for Him our Creator.

For further understanding about such information read the writings of Abdruschin: “In the Light of the Truth”, publisher Order of the Grail on Earth..

Bernard Cajetan Rangel