A Sign of the Times

Much has been said about the Final Judgment and consequently much has been imagined within man’s present rationale about the said epoch. But is what we have imagined it to be necessarily what it is? Is the consequence of our mental mindset of the Final Judgment correct? Is it just because what we have progressively interpreted through ancient translated scriptures necessarily correct? Is our rational and intellectual interpretation of spiritual happenings right? Is man’s evolutionary progress strictly intellectual or should it be have been spiritual too, or should there have been a correct balance between the two? If there were to have been a correct balance what then should it be?

Simply because man’s mind capacity at that time, in our evolutionary process, was far less developed than it is today and simple uncomplicated explanations were used to explain about highly complex spiritual events concerning the creation of life. We definitely know today that Earth was not created in six days but in fact the entire process took five billion years. Thus what we understand through our present mindset is definitely far closer to the truth now than we could have comprehended then.

However the passing of time, as a result of mankind’s chosen evolutionary path, we have progressively developed into intellectual and materially minded beings instead of spiritual ones, which is a far cry from the original plan set out for us by the Creator. As a result today mankind finds itself at a crossroads of either becoming more material minded or becoming more spiritually aware of itself. This is more than evident through the rising numbers of evangelistic groups throughout the globe, be they Christian, Judaist, Moslem, Buddhists or Spiritualists. The increasing numbers further adds to the appearance and overnight success of the so-called spiritual leaders, independent of their religions, making it even clearer that people are seeking spiritual succor.

So as a direct result of mankind’s self-imposed development of the intellect it has found itself snookered by trying to understand spiritual knowledge through the intellect. This is much like trying to add apples and oranges and the end result can only be simply fruit. This unfortunate reality leaves people at the outset of their search with a severe handicap and soon the end result of this approach is a person desperately grasping at anything that appears to be a life-saver; just like drowning men do in quicksand as they desperately try to save themselves from being succumbed by their surroundings. All quite sad indeed, but to those that are pay attention to these events can learn from this and try to make sense out of the true meaning of life, instead of making wild erratic attempts at grabbing onto anything that appears to be a temporary solution.

You should be able to deduce by now that our developed intellect is out of sync with the true Laws of Creation. This is more than evident just by scanning over the daily headlines. There, you only read about suicide bombings, tragedy, death, unbelievable ruthlessness, and grotesque sexual deviance. Logically it really makes no sense at all if mankind is meant to be more civilized now in the 21st century than in its past. Mankind today is certainly more advanced with information technology, banking via mobile phones, traveling into space and working a comfortable 5-day week in comparison to its past where it was enslaved in serfdom and prone to regal or religious caprices. Obviously, there is a large portion of mankind excluded from the above description, but a little less than half the world’s population feels guilty of this fact, and perhaps that is why this part gives so much to charity. However, should one feel guilty of one’s material accomplishments? Are these accomplishments only related to this life’s material improvement, and financial gain? You could ask the question, what purpose has the activity of material improvement in man’s evolutionary progress?

Considering today that mankind is in its Final Judgment and even funnier still the majority has absolutely no idea of its reason, consequence, and procedure is in itself a real marvel. It is not that we have not been warned about the event. We have been in every lifetime since the beginning of time and each one has already registered this fact in one’s spirit but at some stage during our several lifetimes on earth we simply allowed this fact to be placed in some far-forgotten archive at the back of our very spacious mind. And when I say spacious I really mean it, as we have managed to put all kinds of “information” in there, cars, houses, women, men, desires, vacation homes, paradisiacal beaches, lottery jackpots and whatever else possible.

According to some people having knowledge about the Final Judgment is of no consequence, nor do they even care about it. This is a prerogative and justifiably so. For in reality there really is no such thing as right and wrong, but there is the consequence to your choice and the related responsibility attached to it. You can by choice sit in one place for your entire life and do nothing of course, but your net worth is also nothing. Or, you can set out to do something and in the process make a mistake, but as you reflect about the mistake you can either rectify it or continue making the same mistake; however either choice has two completely different outcomes and consequently two completely different realities. If you continue making the same mistake your end result is a consequential vicious cycle of always making the same mistake. If you rectify your mistake then you obviously move onto the next stage and progress is in the making, at the end of the day the choice is always yours. Today you are a consequence of all the thoughts, words, deeds and actions you have executed in your previous lives regardless if they were constructive or destructive.

In the Final Judgment you are judged on your accumulated actions. But this judgment is not like that described in the Bible where bodies simply rise up from the dust and stand in a queue to be judged. So you quite rightly ask. Why is there a Final Judgment? Why is it necessary, and why does this process exist at all? Or you could ask what is its purpose and why must I go through it in the first place? Well for the most obvious of reasons. Every thing finite in Creation has a beginning and end, and there are transformations that take place in this process of having a beginning and an end in order to improve and get better. As the spirit is of a different nature to what is finite within Creation it undergoes a different process, but it still needs to improve its performance. The spirit is infinite and consequently it is governed by other factors within its working in Creation. Therefore, when thinking about spiritual matters we must disassociate ourselves from the human body as it is simply the casing for the spirit to exist on earth and all things related to the spirit are therefore completely different to those factors that govern the human body. The human body has a birth and death and it has transformed over the millennia from a hairy upright one into an almost hairless upright one. Being different to the body the spirit has no birth or death like the body does, yet it does have to follow a process in order to develop. Its task through its passages on earth is to become a conscious spirit and this is what is being evaluated in the Final Judgment or final examination if you prefer.

Here you must not think of spiritual development or spiritual consciousness in terms of piety, holiness, being charitable, good hearted, devout and the like, as being the qualitative factors of being a conscious spirit. The conscious spirit is one that is fully aware of the working phenomena of the Laws of Creation. It must be able to conceive and appreciate the marvel of Creation and it must also want to be a part of it once it has fully comprehended the purpose of the Creator and Creation. Blind faith or simply faith is not what makes a spirit conscious, conviction in the awareness of how Creation really works is what makes the spirit conscious and this can only come through proper questioning and due recognition of the right answer when it comes to you through your intuition. Thus the carrying out of Final Judgment, as we are led to believe through our intellectual interpretation, is to be seen in a different light of the Biblical forewarnings.

The Bible is just a collection of human interpretations about spiritual themes written for and by the mindset of the people of that age so that they could use it as a guide for themselves and for others. The fact that during the horrific Inquisition people were forced to swear by the Bible or die in rejection of it gives you an acute idea of just how out of sync it is and we are with the true spiritual nature of life. There is far too much human self-interest in theological books like the Bible, Koran, or Torah for them to be true guides of spiritual knowledge. You, as a developing human spirit are obliged to ask the right questions and you must keep an eye out for the answers. They just appear when you are ready to understand them. Time as we know it is not a factor, and your neighbor’s answer is not yours either.

As, it is not man’s material body that is being judged its resurrection is unnecessary. Thus there will be no endless queues of resuscitated corpses awaiting trial and what has been previously imagined as ‘The Judgment Day’ does not exist either. However, the Final Judgment is presently in full swing. Yes, you have found yourself smack bang in the middle of it. It is taking place over a period of time and the judgment of man’s spiritual content is what is under evaluation. Man’s essence is spiritual and as the spirit is eternal it has had to make several journeys to earth in order to become self-conscious. During the process of becoming self-conscious the spirit has also developed a personality and this will either withstand the millstone of the Final Judgment going onto the next stage, or your spirit will be totally zeroed and your personality lost forever. The empty spirit of course is recycled and returns to go through the whole process once again. So your present personality ceases to exist and that is your private Hell.

So now, as the pressure of the Final Judgment exerts itself over earth it forces all the spirits present on it to act according to their acquired nature over the millennia. This pressure is a gift, as it brings you face to face with your true self and you may like what you see or not. You decide. This realization and reflection enables you to decide and change even at the last minute if you want to. Some spirits are, metaphorically speaking so dead inside that they are unable to recognize the importance of what is happening. Thus what you read in the news headlines is only the result of these spirits carrying out their acts unconsciously according to their acquired nature. These actions of course are provoked by the pressure of the judgment and this is why apparently they seem to have no regard for others around them. However, as all the spirits are equally under the pressure of the Final Judgment, the apparently innocent victims of the tragedies both human and natural are victims of their own doing and acquired responsibilities. Nobody dies violently without needing to. The judgment of the Laws of Creation is pure, unyielding and infallible. Each one undergoes what each one deserves and this pressure also allows those that are not so contaminated with excess culpability to reflect and change if one chooses to do so. You must remember that your freewill is always acting and the only result or outcome of any choice you make is either your own triumph or downfall.

This is the reason why there is so much heightened activity, aggressiveness and strange behavior around the world today. Mankind has had precisely 3 million years allotted to it to develop spiritually, thus whatever behavior you see being carried out, no matter how absurd it may seem to you individually, to the spirit acting out the atrocity it is just doing what it has evolved to do over the millennia.

Yes, many clues were left on earth at regular intervals so that all the spirits incarnate here throughout time were made aware of, or regularly reminded about the Last Judgment and its significance. One of the biggest monuments constructed to span the test of time and left in the visible center of the planet for all mankind to see throughout the ages was made for this purpose alone. Today, the reason for its construction is misinterpreted due to mankind’s intellectual studies. The Great Pyramid in Egypt is the man’s reminder of the Final Judgment. Read ‘The Great Pyramid Reveals its Secret’ by Roselis Von Sass: publisher The Order Of the Grail on Earth. Mankind cannot claim negligence of the true meaning of the Judgment as this time has been prepared for since before the arrival of our incarnate spirit on earth. Even in the spiritual world one’s spirit is regularly reminded of this fact. Oh, you don’t remember this fact! Well, maybe you conveniently allowed your intellect to take over from your intuition and decided to become a slave of physical matter, allowing your intuition to become dormant. Now is the time to awake and move! This is the final curtain call.

Bernard Cajetan Rangel