Do You Reincarnate?

There must be a reason and a purpose for reincarnation, and the very purpose or reason must be also associated with the attainment of spiritual self awareness, as this is the goal of a spirit coming to earth and incarnating in a human body: read article on “Why does a human spirit need to journey to earth?”

In order to accept why several journeys to earth are necessary for a human spirit to become self-aware I am going to use a simple comparison. This would be apt to comprehensively understand and fully appreciate the marvels behind the mechanism of Creation. Human intelligence is limited nevertheless growing, but within its limitations there are ways to comprehend and appreciate the reasons why certain mechanism exists to which you are bound to as a human spirit.

By using the simple example of going to school I would like to explain why several reincarnations are necessary to attain spiritual self-awareness. When you first enroll in kindergarten at the age of four you are limited in your learning capacity by the very nature of your youth of mind and the lack of your intellectual development. You first begin to write the alphabet, improve your speaking skills, develop interactive skills with other children of your same age group, and all this learning is limited to the capacity of your developing intelligence. So, at the end of the first year you go on a well deserved holiday. Now let us consider your first year at kindergarten as your first life experience as an incarnate human spirit on earth and within that lifetime, regardless of the life-span itself you learnt and experienced things both good and bad and you carried out acts and had thoughts both good and bad too. Your sprit was only able to acquire sufficient information and develop according to its first experience and the time allotted it. These experiences now make up part of your personality and this becomes one layer of an onion around the bulb, your spirit thus each layer that follows shall represent one lifetime spent on earth.

Now after finishing your 1st year at kindergarten you are on your entitled summer holidays. These summer holidays in my elementary explanation would represent your first life-on-earth passing, i.e. death. During these “summer holidays” your spirit will return to its spiritual plane of vibration, determined by your spiritual grading, for example C+, and it shall remain there until it is time for your next passage on earth through another incarnation.

Spiritual life, though not made up of physical matter is made up of matter but of a different species to what we understand as physical matter. As it is made up of a substance it also follows the rules related to its matter by the nature of its species. Thus, your spirit, grade C+ will remain with spirits of the same grade and none other, and consequently be affected by all the energies related to that sphere of influence, in energy and matter. It is much like the difference in the cellular structures of oil and water. They are of a different cellular structure consequently they do not mix. In fact it is impossible for them to mix under natural conditions, and the conditions that effect one does not affect the other due to the nature of their differences. Thus you can see that spiritual life is governed by the law of equal species and it comes under the influence of all energies related to that species both in attraction and rejection. In the spiritual there is no concept of time and space as we know them on earth. So the permanence of the spirit during its “summer holidays” could last for a period from let us say 25 to 100 human years, depending of course on the nature of the spiritual grade and the work it chose for itself to carry out. The permanence of the spirit in the spiritual sphere is not a vacation; your spirit is active in its designated activity brought on by its grade and essence.

On a future return to earth the governing factors as to your vessel of incarnation depends on your choices made and prepared for in the spiritual, the register of your past life and the attributes and reciprocal actions you have to fulfill in your passage on earth in order to further your studies gained in your 1st year on earth. Please do not limit your thinking to time and space as sometimes a physical life can be short lived, but its passage, regardless of the time allotted it has an influence on all those around any human spirit, independent of the acquired nature of the soul, be it good or bad.

The important thing to remember here is that I am limiting the explanation to a simple example. Just like a 1st year at a kindergarten the life experiences are relative to exactly that. A second year on earth, where your learning progress is a little more developed than the 1st, but in a linear development to it continues to progress in relation to the past and acquires new knowledge. This second is once again followed by the summer holidays and this same process continues until you graduate from school and then go on to university. These stages are all perfectly necessary in order to ensure a fully self-contained academic mind.

Obviously after each year at school there were summer holidays that followed and during these so called holidays your spirit returned to the spiritual. Thus each year at grade school represented a reincarnation on earth. All in all you would need about 18 years at grade school and university before you become a fully qualified scholar. Thus similarly you would need about the same number of life reincarnations to become a fully developed human spirit. This number in fact is not the right number of times designated for a human spirit to reincarnate and develop into a fully self-aware human spirit. The number designated was more, and due to the slowness of our pre-programmed development it has been increased. In short we had to repeat some “academic” years quite often.

I have deliberately not entered into gifted minds that at an age unusual to the norm have already forgone this process and are university graduates at the age of 18. These exceptions have nothing to do with my simple comparison. If anything these gifted “minds” could be considered as the special human spirits like prophets and specially prepared human spirits to guide the masses.

As each incarnation goes by your spirit further develops and accumulates another skin in your soul, around the inner most onion bulb, your spirit. Each of these skins represent life experiences, acts, thoughts, deeds and desires both good and bad that will ricochet back to you and they will either help you perform or hinder your progress in ways that will sometimes leave you bewildered as you look on in amazement and wonder how you managed to get into or out of a mess.

During your second and future tours of duty you have no direct access or knowledge as to your past life but you are affected by the negative or positive thoughts, deeds, acts, or whishes of those previous tours, and they directly affect your performance and the day to day happenings of your present life. The fact that you have no access is to allow you exercise your intuition and let it guide you. It is through your intuition that you get spiritual guidance.

Another point of interest is that in each passage on earth you might be born into a different race, according to your spiritual determinations. For example in your first incarnation you could come as an Inca and in your second as a European and in your third as a Chinese and in your fourth as an African. This is of no real importance in this but it does affect your spiritual self and inevitably your physical behavior when you are incarnate on earth due to the nature of your surroundings.

Come the summer holidays and the process repeats itself and off you go to your spiritual level that this time you could be an E- and will undergo the influences of the energies designated to that sphere of influence. There the same thing happens as did before and you are prepared for your next incarnation to earth.

This is where your personal strengths and weakness come from. They are directly attributed to this. In previous lives you developed a certain skill or skills and they are part of your identity, your personal profile, unique to your spirit alone. This is why you may find yourself with a propensity for numbers and not art or you are great at music and hopeless at medicine. We all have developed different types of skills and intelligences, for example, you could be great at motor skills and hopeless at mental ones and so on. This you discover as you get older in your earth lifetime and begin to manifest your inherent gifts despite being pushed into an activity alien to your nature but enforced on by a caring parent or relative.

There is an excellent book written by Roselis von Sass, entitled “The Threads of Destiny”; publisher the Order of the Gail. This book relates some interesting factual stories about different people during some of their passages on earth that were important in the way their different experiences from their different passages played a determining role in the way they behaved in future lives. In particular an interesting story concerning one of the most peculiar historical figures of our modern age, Fidel Castro, the Cuban leader that has outlasted more than 9 North American presidents and has even outlived 6 of them.

Reincarnation is not a new concept. It has been with mankind from the very beginning. The wise men of Ur fully understood this and so did many other peoples through time. Even in the Bible Jesus Christ talks about it in a simple metaphor, ‘what you sow is what you reap’. This was a simple warning and a fact. You are the product of your own actions, thoughts, words, deeds and desires, and that all of them shall come back to you. But the question is do you fully understand the simplicity and seriousness of this admonishment? Through these words he called our attention to several points.

  1. You shall live with the consequence of your actions. There is no possible way for you to harvest rice if you planted a pineapple.
  2. From one mustard seed planted, you get a tree, but on that tree you get another hundred thousand seeds, which is the fruit of your action that further multiplies on replanting them, be the action good or bad.
  3. Through exercising your freewill there is an inevitable reciprocal return to your every act, thought and intention, and this is part and parcel of your responsibility of your freewill.
  4. If you are going to do anything think well first before doing it, as you have the freewill, but you also have the responsibility of the consequence of the action attached to the same freewill and you shall have to accept the outcome, for there is no escape. And all this you know beforehand.

Now regardless of your creed or religious ideology this logic is so simple in its meaning, yet so profound in its purpose that it must to be fully understood and appreciated. This is a direct reference to reincarnation though not clearly understood and passed on in the Bible. The teachings of Jesus Christ on earth were incomplete as his time was forcefully curtailed by the evil forces that feared his presence. Jesus Christ as a man spoke of spiritual values and he spoke in parables as his objective was to pass on the spiritual knowledge to those who were spiritually awake at that time and awaiting his arrival. He always spoke about spiritual matters and this simple metaphor is of great importance.

As I previously wrote reincarnation is not a new concept to mankind. It has not been conjured up out of a magician’s hat, it is not a exclusive right of any religion or dogmatic creed, it is part and parcel of your spiritual mechanism within the parameters set by Creation, destined for your learning process from the time of your very first incarnation inside a human vessel, however through the ages this knowledge has been blurred, manipulated, erased, altered and even ridiculed, to what purpose I do not know, but this is how you find ourselves today. Blindly stumbling around in an ignorance that leaves you bewildered, lost and confused and in this state you shall never be able to return to your spiritual homeland, Paradise. If you want to read further into this matter read the book by Abruschin: In the Light of the Truth: The Grail Message.

Bernard Cajetan Rangel