The Da Vinci Code and the Holy Grail

The entire storyline revolves around Mary Magdalena and a supposed intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, offering an unusual approach that seduces the public's attention with this peculiar narrative. However, the author leads the readers to believe that Jesus was seen as just one more ordinary mortal prophet by his disciples. Implicitly this fact tears the dogmas established by the Roman Catholic Church about Mary’s, the mother of Jesus Christ, virginity and the resurrection of Jesus’ body after his death, totally asunder. It also further creates serious doubt in Jesus Christ as being the appointed Messiah, sent by the Creator.

On the other hand, the explanations about the Holy Grail totally divert the readers attention as to its true meaning, on stating that the Holy Grail is a person; a woman, whose character is represented by the chalice, (a more open v) through the female figure of Mary Magdalena, depicted, according to the author, in the painting of ‘the Last Supper’ by Leonard da Vinci.

The author wrote: “The legend of the Holy Grail is a legend that talks about royal blood. When she touches the chalice that contains Christ's blood… he is in fact talking about Mary Magdalena – it is her uterus that conceived the royal lineage of Jesus”. Teabing, a character in the film, also states the same thing.

Discovering who the assassins are, Langdon, another principal character in the story abandons the comfort of his Ritz Hotel room and sets off through the streets of Paris in search of something that he could never find, as he commits the same mistake as so many other sincere seekers do in trying to solve the mystery of the Holy Grail within the physical material sphere alone, without a life-giving ray of light coming down from the heavens above it is impossible to illuminate the seeker. The book, the Da Vinci Code creates an unlikely myth around Mary Magdalena. She did in fact recognize Jesus' mission of bringing the Light to the world, and she did nurture a profound spiritual love for him like the rest of his disciples, but she was just a ordinary human being in search of her spiritual elevation.

Both the film and the book, omit the essential reason as to Jesus Christ’s, coming, which had established an unending luminous column of energy and purity, of which all that is inferior has to slide off and keep away so that mankind can, through it, rise up, captivating the pure spiritual energy. But, the Antichrist and his servants, work against this and do all within their power to keep the humans chained to the existing ephemeral attractiveness of material life, suffocating the spiritual desire through mistakes and falsehood in place of the true spiritual teachings.

With his true teachings Jesus was unaccommodating to the followers of the lie. The enemies of the Light knew that they could only keep Jesus quiet, if he were deprived of his physical body. The ones that held power architected a plan. Jesus foresaw their cunning tricks, but he needed more time to remain amongst man to tell them the truth, to talk about the Holy Grail, the source of life that is situated at an inaccessible height for human spirits in Creation. Then he asked the Father to remove the chalice of his imminent suffering, because to spill his innocent blood was not the purpose of his coming. However, there being the perfect and unalterable laws of Creation, namely the freewill of man, the atrocity was carried out, consequently overburdening humanity with this unforgivable gilt.

Jesus’ life was generated naturally. Man and woman have the capacity of generating children, but they not have the power of giving life to the body that brings about the opportunity of developing fully. Life only starts when the spirit incorporates inside the body and the blood starts to form. Jesus, different to normal humans, had his body vivified by a special nucleus, spiritually superior to us humans, but this does not imply in the revocation of the natural laws of Creation. Just as his body was created through a sexual physical act also his lifeless body decomposed through the same natural process that matter always does. The disciples, the Jews in general and the Roman of that time knew this clearly, it was only much later that the dogmatic and unquestionable false notions about Jesus' body were introduced, which are totally contrary to the laws of Creation. This in itself has to generate great misfortune and the future collapse of the whole unstable framework in which the Emperor Constantine, in the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD based and created the doctrine on which the Christian religion has been partly structured upon. This all came about through the examination of their own logic as to the working of the laws of Creation.

A large part of the humanity has become slaves to the intellect, which only strives for its own importance. It is through the intellect that wickedness finds passage to influence people. The ones that welcome the teachings of Christ in their hearts should make a maximum effort to find once more the lost passage to the Light of the Truth.

Civilization today writhes in agony. Life has become tough. The predominant concept is that we are born to die, and with death everything ends, this is why people are withdrawn away from Love, believing that they should seize life greedily and in an egoistical way without strengthening the desire for spiritual elevation. We know as a fact that all matter is perishable in its cycle of forming, developing, decaying and decomposing to create a new form. But in the case of humans their material body is vivified by the soul that on abandoning the body leaves it lifeless, however life for the soul continues on.

The book, Da Vinci’s Code is good intellectual entertainment that reveals the gaps introduced by Constantine, but it does not offer any content of a spiritual nature.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra