The Visionary Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno was born in 1548, in Nola, a province of Naples, in Campania, Southern Italy. He was a philosopher, astronomer and mathematician, and was known for his theories on the infinite universe and the multiplicity of sidereal systems, which of course in complete contradiction to the teachings of Catholic Church at that time.

“Everyman has the right to lift his head up to the sky, to the highest point from where the sun of the Truth shines and discover that the cosmos is one, eternal and infinite, and that Earth is simply just one of the planets that rotate around the Sun… All of nature is governed by a profound wisdom. Invisible lines connect the small things of Earth, such as the power of men to the stars to the infinite worlds that we still yet do not have full knowledge of”. This is how the actor, Gian Maria Volonté, expressed himself in the Italian film directed by Giuliano Montaldo that depicts a courageous and coherent and intuitive Giordano Bruno.

Giordano Bruno was very close to recognizing the great eternal universal circle, as well as the journeying of the human spirit in search of evolution and self-consciousness. He believed in successive reincarnations of the soul, but was persecuted for having publicly declared the acknowledgment of many natural facts of life that occur according to the laws of Creation, and not to those laws that were invented by men. He spread the word that the universe is not only made up of our system, but a system of worlds that are born and die in accordance with the Divine universal force. Despite his pioneer nature some considered him to be a libertine for living an unstable life. During the long period that his trial lasted, it was marked by great physical and psychological suffering, until he was finally burned alive at the stake on February 17th 1600.

Human society needs pioneering thinkers that break with the marasmus that does not scorn reason, who feel as owners of their own destinies that teach people not to live like cattle, who have the right to speak about what they think of life and that know how to associate the ideas and the facts.

Just as in the time of Giordano Bruno when people were coerced not to differentiate in the established mindset with their personal views on life, we are presently experiencing a similar situation, just differing now is that humans no longer think independently, they have became fettered to a stagnant mindset, acting like cattle, habituated to always follow along the same path without noticing what is really happening around them, unaware of the automatic working of the laws of Creation that act like waves, elevating those that know how to make use of them, but throwing down to the depths the ones that mock them by acting against the Will of the Creator.

If Giordano Bruno were alive today, in our present time, he would certainly not die at the stake, but would soon enter into a “frying” process, that is, he would simply not have space enough, and if he insisted on awakening humans to reason, he would soon end up by being deported to some distant region, with the permission just to reside there like an exile, just as a tree that has been up-rooted from its natural habitat and, wherever it be replanted, it would die off little by little by losing its vitality very slowly.

As time passes, we are catching up with the mistakes committed by humanity, without examining the true causes because in the developed world everything has been covered up with a sensational gloss, and that everything taking place is just a thousand marvels. In an interview for the Magazine Isto É , Gilberto Gil, the Minister of Culture, mentioned the consented absolutism with which the media works that it can do anything, say anything, deny, manipulate, do and undo without suffering from any criticism whatsoever.

The way things are going in no time at all it will be impossible to live in a normal manner on this planet. Everything is congested, difficult to solve, worsened by people's indifference and the acceleration of time. We threaten ourselves to hunger, thirst, poverty, disease, without these menaces being examined serenely and seriously by society. In fact we are facing grievous facts, but now humanity must dedicate itself to the great enigma: things like, what has continually provoked humanity's decadence? What mysteries, what forces are at play staving off humans from goodness?

Giordano Bruno spoke that Rome used religion to hold onto power, but with the fragmentation brought about by the Reformation, governments proceeded to carry out the same task. He said that he was with the European Kings in search of peace, but instead of peace, he only found spilt blood, in France, Spain, England and also in Rome where his appeals for a change in the dogmatic rigidity, adjusting it to the reality of life, were not heard.

It has becomes imperious to research into the mystery and the origin of evil, for ever since history has been recorded by man, this hidden enemy has been pushing humans to discord, poverty and the desire of domination and manipulation of others over the countless millennia.

In fact, humans are very complicated, they are always grabbing onto anything that glitters that distract their minds, instead of delving into the thoughts that lead them towards the comprehension of life. So, if today they have became easy prey, it is because they did not give due value to their freedom of examining and analyzing facts with their intuition, proceeding consequently to act like human robots unable to think beyond what they were conditioned to do. Unaware of the situation, humans continue to wound themselves through their feelings, thoughts, words and actions, and certainly could end up by mutually self destructing, if they do not undergo a change in their search for the true life.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra