The Antichrist and the Conspiracy Against Humanity

The seeds of the spirit were cast upon the realm of physical matter. A star was created there to give them a temporary home where they would receive adequate clothing, an earthly body, and humans should begin to strengthen their spirit through the accumulation of earth bound experiences. At a certain period, in the given future, the seeds should be ready to return to their origin, self-conscious, with a developed personality, and strengthened by the splendor of the Light of the Truth, in accordance with God’s Will.

Man lived without worries in the abundance and paradisiacal beauty of the Planet. In the progressive development the moment would come in which the connection with the intellect would be made. Roselis von Sass explained this in the book, The First Human Beings: “The connection between the spirit and the intellect took place at the moment in which the time for it came. This was one of the events of the greatest importance! Through this turning on of the intellect, Man received a power which at the outset he had not become aware of. Mankind thus became the ruling power in the material world, and from this moment on, the destiny of Earth was placed in its hands.”

The conspiracy against mankind, of deviating it from the straight path of spiritual enlightenment, came about at the very outset of man’s evolutionary process when mankind passed onto the phase in which it should be instructed in the correct use of the intellect; the earthbound instrument of the spirit. The intellect should act in cooperation with the spirit, assisting in the fulfillment of its intuitive wish in physical matter, here on Earth, the place for development where spiritual progress could take place in peace and harmony.

From a dark place the forces of evil prepared a plan to prevent mankind from enjoying its passage here on Earth, this wonderful star. The traps were set to hunt and restrain humans in all that is of material substance, by submitting them totally to their intellect, inducing them to base passions, making them forget their origin by delivering them to presumption, vanity and arrogance. This way, little by little, the spiritual beings slowly transformed into intellectual ones that have come to consider themselves as the lords of the Planet.

A great danger hovers above humanity, due to the development of the wish generated by erroneous human desires, in opposition to God’s Will, threatening the human species to annihilation, due to the consequence of its performance contrary to the Laws of Creation, through the domain of the intellect over the spirit.

The dominion of the conscience takes place through the intellect. Many have allowed themselves to become ensnared in these traps, they cannot free themselves to carry on their journey towards the path of the true spiritual homeland, as they have become submissive to the great enemy, the Antichrist, whose servants in their devilish activity of destroying the connecting channels with the Light, act with agility by controlling their victims' mental activity, whom have exposed themselves to this influence through the exercise of their own free will.

Wherever they may be: in companies or in public administration, in universities or in religions, the humans that have withdrawn themselves from the Laws of Creation, conscious or unconsciously, serve the objectives of the only enemy of the Light; in opposition to the Will of God.

Lucifer, the Antichrist, in his hostile fight against the Will of God, uses here on Earth humans that have rendered themselves to the wrong principle that has given the human intellect primacy in detriment to the spirit, thus leading humanity to ruin through the automatic reciprocal effects of the Laws of Creation, as the human intellect restricts itself from all the nobler intuitive sentiments, eliminating kindness, incapacitating the perception of a spiritual life, consequently turning human life into an arena of frantic passions and calamities.

Jesus, Christ, had established a luminous column of unending energy and purity, from which all that is inferior had to withdraw, so that the humans could, through it, spiritually develop, captivating the pure spiritual energy. But, the Antichrist and his servants work against this doing everything they can to keep humanity fettered to the ephemeral attractions that are found here in the material sphere, suffocating the spiritual desire through lies and falsehood in place of the true spiritual teachings.

According to Abdruschin, in the Message of the Grail, no human has deliberately sought the Antichrist through the intellect that has enabled his ill desired expansion with such ease, as this way it has excluded humanity of all and any comprehension of all that that lies outside physical matter, of real life. From the place where the contact with the spiritual initiates; leading to the proximity with God.

The majority of humanity has become a slave to its earthbound intellect, of which only fights for ones own influence. Only a few humans have welcomed Christ's teachings in their hearts. Nevertheless, they should make a greater effort to once more find the lost path to the Light of the Truth.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra