Darwin‘s Mistake

Researches of the English naturalist Charles Darwin (1809-1882) have confirmed that evolution is a consumed fact in biological development. However, there still remains a great doubt regarding the real essence and the origin of man that could easily be elucidated through research in the differences in bloods, between animal and man.

Man’s essence did not result from the evolution of the species, because it already existed. Neither did the human body appear readymade on planet earth. Man should be the crowning of all Creation, benefiting himself and bringing about his own refinement, however, man has remained as a stranger, ignorant of his own origin. Thus much confusion and controversy involving science and religion is a consequence of this, as the link that connects man to his evolutionary process is lost.

There is a need to teach young people the truth that has been lost through the centuries, when man began engineering his own theories through the use of his intellect dissociated from the natural reality, in other words, the evolution that came about as a consequence as the birth of the planet, with the long progressive chain of events that took millions of years until a more advanced specimen could appear that would become the receptacle to receive the human spirit in physical matter, giving him the possibility of becoming stronger, understanding better, ennobling material life and as a consequence of all this spiritual elevation. With arrogance mankind has nominated itself a lord of the planet, instead of adapting to the natural laws of Creation.

Darkness was injected into the brain of man through the poisons of vanity and arrogance impeding the spirit to manifest itself through its intuition and thus as a consequence the intellect through its dominion has created a society overburdened with inhumanities.

Many humans have trained the intellect in such a way that it controls everything, making the person a mere observer of the events without experiencing them, without reflecting profoundly upon the experience witnessed.

Spirituality is not a religion, but it is indeed a natural fact of life. Man is a being whose essence is spiritual..

Today, the there are more than 1,2 billion young people on the earth, and the whole misunderstanding about man’s origins and true essence has brought us to a critical point in human history, because unfortunately we are not offering them a safe highway for life’s “walkabout”.

A quarter of them have not yet found an effective activity, they are either unemployed or under employed. Their consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs in general has increased and this is weakening their bodies and their thinking process whilst they are still young, causing them to go to war and become sexually promiscuous; as a result of the lack of protection and ignorance, millions have been contaminated by Aids.

The absence of the hope for a better future is depressing mankind and has already started to manifest its revolt, as recently happened in France, where infuriated young people set more than five thousand cars on fire without any real defined motivation. Certainly this scenario, due to the ignorance on mankind’s origin is a result of how his spirit acts in physical matter.

The mystery of the blood has been widely explained by Abdruschin, in the Message of the Grail: “that the blood is linked to the spirit is easy to understand this fundament. One just needs to consider that through the arrival of the spirit in the body, when the child is undergoing its development, incarnation takes place at a specific stage in the development, in the middle of the pregnancy, provoking the first movements, also in the developing fetus, blood starts to circulate independently, while at the time of one’s physical death, when the spirit abandons the body, the blood also ceases its pulse and from then ceases to exist.”

According to the author, the main purpose of the human blood is to constitute a bridge for the performance of the spirit on earth, thus in physical matter alone. One can add to this that the doctors will be able to render invaluable helps to humanity when they finally understand that the irradiation of the blood is in fact the bridge for the performance of the soul, but only when there is a very specific composition, adapted for the soul in question. Changing the composition of the blood, the doctor will provoke alterations in the irradiation in a natural way through adequate food and drink.

With the adequate irradiation of the blood, humans will have to develop until they reach an admirable stage of their desired development, once they become able to develop all their forces that do not impel them towards destruction, but instead towards peace and the desire to ascend in direction towards the Light, full of gratitude.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra