The Trajectory of Man on Earth, in His Search of Truth and Happiness

The book The Trajectory of Man is dedicated to young people of all ages that live on this star for humans called planet Earth whom, are searching for the spiritual truth of life and, it is also directed principally at those that fumble anxiously, fearful of never ever managing to find it.

An immense inquietude is meandering throughout the planet. The majority of mankind is unsatisfied with the existing answers. "Whoever seeks, shall find", meaning that finding the answer is reserved for those that set out in search of it. That is the great promise. The only people capable of finding it are the ones that effectively set out in search of it with earnest.

The purpose of the book is to give a general panorama of the spiritual trajectory of man, since the birth of Earth until the 21st century, pointing out the safest paths that each one, individually, should attain utilizing one’s own effort. It was foreseen that we would arrive at an age in which the revelation of the Holy Grail would no longer remain hidden, because the Grail brings knowledge to mankind.

Life is a very serious thing, yet people should be happy and optimistic. We cannot elude ourselves, we should recognize reality as it presents itself, with the ups and downs, with its turbulence and violence, but with the real hope that there is a better future to be reached, depending quite exclusively on the individual tuning of each one.

But, in these times of wear and tear, through our struggle for survival, in the midst of the multimedia electronic bombardment, the sincere seeker comes across overwhelming obstacles that want to divert his or her attention leaving that person without direction, and torn of one’s willpower, but the person will always come out of it victorious, if he or she does not get discourage and trusts in the help of the Light.

In this ever-increasing agitated world, there is a consensus that readers have progressively less time to read, that is why this book has, as previously mentioned, the purpose of offering a generalized but compact panorama of mankind's spiritual trajectory from our origins until our present time, pointing out the safest pathways that each one yearns for, and ought to individually reach through one’s own efforts. Mankind has become comfortable, and has almost ceased in this search. That is why today, the Holy Grail, the connection with the Divine, has become accessible as once foreseen, awaking one to real knowledge and, with it the true power over life.

Life on earth requires work, constructive and beneficial activity. But before there can be life, a star should appear for man. The formation of planet earth is an unaccountable happening, a present from the Creator, so that the human spirit could strengthen its self-consciousness within a determined period of time.

Brazil, in the southern hemisphere of the planet attracts the world’s attention to itself through the spontaneous happiness of its people. Abroad its films are appreciated because the general public likes its actors’ happy physiognomy, different to the position taken on by the multimedia presently that has been intensely exploiting the “rat race”; the human poverty produced by people that through their capacities should have produced only beauty and happiness on this marvelous planet that they received as a dwelling place.

The happiness and creativity of the Brazilian people originates from a reduced surplus of intuitive connectivity, which has been maintained by the simplicity of a people that recognizes the existence of a Powerful Almighty Creator, without getting hooked onto the intellectual artifices that awaken the mania of greatness and the violence in people's minds that en-grandeurs the intellect, in detriment of the spiritual, fastening it away from one’s intuition.

This quality has made the Brazilian people an extraordinary race, lovers of peace and harmony. The race belongs to the school of thought of “let it be”, as fighting and wars are not worth the price of the dye. In Brazil peoples of all origins and all religions coexist in peace. It is a blessed country, praised in prose and verses.

Happiness, creativity, the desire of evolving and being happy cannot be scorned or discarded, because they constitute the best thing that rests in the heart of the Brazilians. Now, more than ever Brazilians need to use all their qualities so that they do not slip into the common ditch of the indolent and robotized human that is just looking for the material aspects of life, losing their enthusiasm, and increasing the suicide statistics in the developed countries.

The book was also written as a homage to the writer Roselis von Sass, who wrote several other books destined to people in which the desire for true spiritual knowledge is still alive, conscious or unconsciously. As, it was in the content of the books written by her, and in the works published by the Order of the Grail, that the idea of tracing The Trajectory of Man on Earth was born, gathering the pearls of spiritual knowledge, for the embellishment of the soul.

Life is short. Time is short. There is neither space for superfluous sentences nor a need to entice readers, they are pearls offered to the ones that seek with sincerity and commonsense. Pearls should not be thrown to the insensitive, but instead presented to those that seek for jewels of wisdom.

The reward is in the recognition of the knowledge of the Light of the Truth and, through this knowledge, inner strengthening takes place, reaching spiritual freedom.

“Know the Truth and the Truth shall free you.”

(John 8.32)

It has becomes indispensable for modern man to acquire a faultless overview about the ages, from the very beginning of humanity up until the present day, transforming one’s belief into conviction.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra