The Death of Man, Reflections for All Soul‘s Day

Humanity has not tired in flattering itself in its amazing achievements: from space travel to cloning, and in its advances of communications to its progress in Information Technology.

However, as to its own respect, man remains ignorant, more today than in immemorial times when our ancestors were not so overcome by their intellect, still keeping alive a little remainder of their intuition that came from the spirit.

We have completely ignored the Creator's plan for creating us: as to what is, the origin and the meaning of life? Where are we from and where are we going? An infinite score of religions try to explain about Man, using as a base dogmas in fundamental suppositions, and even scientists from different areas try to explain it with theoretical postulates thought up on their own accord.

Physical matter on its own is inert, without life, but, impelled through the mechanisms of the natural laws of Creation it acquires heat, action and life through permanent transformation. In the distant past, over a period of some million years, there were a series of progressive developments taking place in order to provide an appropriate body for the human spirit to incorporate into. We know that through the act of procreation the formation of a body in the maternal uterus takes place, but we are reluctant to admit that there is human life, as in physical matter human life only comes into being with the incarnation of the spirit in the physical casing that places more or less in the half way stage of the gestation period.

The physical body is a casing on loan to the spirit, which on its own is of a different material constitution. Admittedly there is no way of speaking about the resurrection of physical matter, because it does not have a life of its own. Matter renews itself through transformation, nothing is created, and everything is transformed. Death is nothing other than a natural fact; it is the abandoning of the body by the spirit to proceed on its pilgrimage, while physical matter decays so that it can be transformed.

For the psychoanalyst Roosevelt Cassorla, teacher of Medical Psychology of UNICAMP , man cannot stand living in the dark, with things that do not have any explanation. Death is one of them. Until today, science is unable to grasp even the slightest traces, even if wanted to, that there is life after death.

If we know nothing about what there is after death, then there is naturally the other side of the coin. If we had a clear idea of what took place before birth, then we would logically know what occurs after death, as well as the factors that establish the act of reincarnation.

According to Abdruschin, in the Message of the Grail, parents just make incarnation possible, nothing more. And each incarnated soul should be thankful for such an opportunity for having been allowed to have an incarnation. The soul of a child is nothing more than a guest of its parents. The body of physical matter acts, for some time, as a protecting shield against many happenings in ethereal matter. This protective wall is given as a shield and protector so that it can modify, in steadfast tranquility, often much for the better, and even totally remit that which, without this protection the soul would have been heavily struck in the reciprocal action.

Unfortunately, humans do not use their earthly existence with the due seriousness that they ought to. As a consequence of this, at the time of death and all subjects related to it, there is an unimaginable fear as it is the moment when the soul abandons the physical body, which until then the spirit had animated it, returning, often, to ethereal matter, further overburdened still with negative reciprocity.

As Abdruschin explains, it is very different for those that did not waste their earthly existence, including those that change just in time. Even if at the last second they manage to step onto the path of spiritual ascension, but not through dread or fear, they shall carry over with them this sincere search as a staff and scaffold into the ethereal world.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra