The Nightmare of the Apocalypse

We are entering the 21st century under the impact of many natural catastrophes occurring simultaneously, in several regions around the globe provoking pain and suffering. This way, humanity is becoming evermore aware that something different is taking place within itself. All in all, this presents newer worries in the already restless minds of man, on a global level, that may have already become so self-absorbed in their personal problems, in their fight for daily survival, and which human life in general has transformed into across the board.

The tendency is that the planet’s population could reach about 9 billion people by the middle of this century, pressuring the limits of the planet and even going beyond.

The chaotic situation is becoming more and more evident everyday in the big cities and in the environment in general, as a result of the ever-growing standard of the human intellect separating further and further away from the spirit. For wherever you look we find the same situation: many discontent people that do not dream anymore, because they have lost the hope of a better future, always blaming others for their afflictions.

The world’s population is ageing. They are already many more elderly people, advanced in years that still have not exactly understood the importance of being alive, in an earthbound body, they do not realize its importance and value of each hour, as a possibility of acquiring the recognition for the spiritual meaning of life, here on earth, because, in the beyond, everything becomes much more difficult. Instead they have been distracted by leisure time and entertainment, without them being offered what is of vital importance to them, and they continue living an empty life, discontent, without seeking for further spiritual knowledge.

The guts of the planet are being turned inside out in search of riches. The forests and the seafood are coming to an end. The economy approaches its global limits. Finally, humans are realizing that disrespecting the laws of nature was a very bad decision, because the consequences are already being clearly seen. On the other hand, the pressure for the frantic competition of the markets is creating distrust, placing financial precariousness on many traditional companies that are looking at cost reduction in countries with cheap labor and less environmental regulations.

For the ultraconservative American Tele-evangelist Pat Robertson, referring to the recent natural catastrophes, as a macabre television series, marking the end of the world and announcing the imminent return of Jesus Christ. "These tragedies have started to happen with an awful regularity", he recently said on the CNN TV Network News.

The biblical prophecies that evoke the end of the world are the sources of innumerous theories that the natural catastrophes are intimately linked to man’s final judgment.

Scientists explain the series of catastrophes in the last few months in another manner. The geologists, in particular, reiterate that the recent catastrophes are no more numerous than the ones in the past, from the time when we started recording the great tragedies over the several centuries.

"It is nothing more than a mere coincidence", explained professor Chan Lung San, expert in Earth Sciences from the University of Hong Kong. "There is no relation whatsoever. The geological and meteorological events, as they occur, are completely independent from one another", he stressed.

“The world is terrified as it faces the possibility of an aviary flu epidemic. And it is just a matter of time until there is a pandemic Asian flu", warns the general-director of WHO, Lee Jong-Wook.

The confirmation that the virus of the aviary flu found in birds in the Turkey belongs to the H5N1 viral strain, considered as the most deadly, and the strong possibility of the virus detected in Romania belong to the subtype H5N1, is causing apprehension in Europe and the United States. The European Union has determined the seizure and disposal of birds and poultry imports from Romania and Turkey after the confirmation of the disease was detected in these countries.

The climate of high anxiety is spreading throughout the world without people understanding how to find adequate solutions. People are becoming irritated and discontent. The environment is being over burdened with a disharmonious mindset.

There are an ever-increasing number of people growing in apathy in the face of the intense act of reciprocity. Everything foreshadows that we shall enter into a great period of turmoil that will take control of the world, but the arrogant desire to dominate is still dominant and the obstinacy of not wanting to see that there is something different in the air persists.

The solution demands a better preparation by population to foresee the connections and finally recognize the great acting of the laws of Creation that now effect the accumulated negative effects throughout the centuries, forcing a purification of everything that is wrong and unhealthy that has to bring about a new construction.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra