Intelligent Design, Criationism, and Evolutionism

Humans do not dream anymore! …

Dreaming has come to an end. Human life is no longer based on dreams, humanity does not dream anymore. Never have nightmares been so present as they are now. But what has happened to the dreaming youth? Humans have not managed to preserve the importance of dreams as they are now considered illusions.

True dreams need real objectives in life, which for a long time now we are well withdrawn from, and more recently, completely unaware of, thus everything now is based upon an illusion of what life is, and as such has to succumb as sandcastles, that are built by children do, or disappear like bubbles in a glass of Champaign.

During one’s life there are many people that have known those that have had dreams, but the dreamers had neither the conviction nor the perseverance and ended up allowing themselves to be led of to an empty life, fed by illusions until disease and death prevented their spirits from taking advantage of the terrestrial presence for spiritual ascension.

The meaning of life has been cemented into a concept of living in family, helping in the development of the children by preparing them for work, teaching them how to become avid consumers and also instructing them on how to enjoy their leisure time, and thus all else is put aside, and the attempts of understanding the Divine Will are considered, at best, an activity for hermits that isolate themselves in the mountains. They reason, as death is inevitability and as everything ends with it, there is no reason to be worried with the hereafter, for the “intermission” time between birth and death is far too complicated and stressing to become engaged in this activity.

There has been more concern in presenting great feats achieved for other humans to admire as vanity food. Nevertheless, up to now people are less willing to pay greater attention to the origins of life and their meaning, despite the innumerable warnings made by the prophets and the special Envoys.

What is life? Where did we come from? How was everything created? Fundamental questioning for humanity that has been handed over for sterile discussions amongst scientists and religious leaders, putting aside man, that in general has willingly accommodated himself before the illogical and absurd answers, without at least trying to examine them intuitively.

At schools, through the science or religion classes students are induced to believe that the human is in his terrestrial body that has been generated, to develop, to grow, to wear out, and finally to lose its life, and with death, everything ends. Could life be just that? And the human’s spiritual essence where does this fit in, where was it before the terrestrial birth?

The theory of the natural selection created by Darwin is broadly employed to explain the appearance of man, much like the theory of creationism that wants to show that everything was created, readymade by one superior being, however without effectively explaining the cause for the origin of life.

Evidently there is one superior being that is in not apprehensible to the human brain but only the spirit is apt to feel or presence, however without even having an exact understanding comprehension due to the huge abyss that exists between the difference of the spiritual species and that of the Divine.

Well, if the abyss is spiritually impassable, what can be said of the brain, made up of perishable, usable matter just for the short period of its terrestrial existence? It remains evident that the brain by itself is not apt for a more elevated flight, unless it works in harmony with the spirit that manifest itself through one’s intuition, as happens in the exercise of true art.

The most important dream that should be nurtured by young people of all ages must be linked to ones spiritual ascension. Pay attention, much is said about ascension and salvation, but what does one understands by it? What does one effectively mean buy these words?

Real dreams are true and lasting as they are intimately connected to the very meaning of life, the search for the truth, and for lasting happiness. To build on Earth a better world, a copy of paradise, is the fundamental condition of being human and that man pays attention to his spiritual reality and stops playing around with theories that explain nothing. Science and religion can only go hand in hand when they use as a base either nature and its laws, or the laws of Creation, only through them can man reach the notion of the Divine Creator.

If we admit to instantaneous creationism, we could ask: Why were humans not created readymade, instead of the necessity of a generation and a whole development process? If we admit that man arose from the evolution of a species and the adaptation of different means, why has this stopped happening?

The evolution of the species was an important stage in the preparation of a receptacle for the human spirit that has its origin in another sphere.

In The Message of the Grail, Abdruschin minutely describes the event:

“God created man according to His Image! This creation or conformation was an extensive chain in the development that took place rigorously within the laws in Creation interwoven by God. Instituted by the Most High, these laws act rigidly with continuous rhythm in the fulfillment of His Will, automatically, like a part of Him, in the search of perfection.”

“The same also happened with the creation of man, as a crowning piece of the entire masterpiece, under which humans should unite all the existing species in Creation. That is why, in the world of visible physical matter, the receptacle was formed little by little, by progressive development, so that it could embody a spark originating from the spiritual, which is immortal.”

(In the Light of the Truth, by Abdruschin, essay: The Creation of Man)

However, in their continuous pilgrimages on Earth the spiritual spark has succumbed to the dominance of the intellect, and man has remained stationary dragging himself along the ground of materialism, not looking up at the stars above, not dreaming any longer about his origin, that is, with his paradise of eternal blessings.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra