Maslow and Human Needs

In the turbulence of our daily lives, with so many serious things happening simultaneously, humans end up forgetting about the importance of life, they stop seeking its true purpose by grabbing onto trivialities, neglecting that which is essential to them.

Studying human behavior, the psychologist Abraham Maslow proposes the theory of the hierarchical organization of our basic psychological needs that he demonstrated in a pyramid form, and states that our activity is directed towards the satisfaction of these needs.

However, Maslow's model ties itself in a prioritized manner to the needs that assure subsistence and other labels that are formed by an exterior and superficial character.

The research did not delve far beyond the purely material, putting aside man’s super "ego", that is, the needs of his spiritual essence, which is easy to understand especially if we consider the phase in which the world finds itself; almost everything revolves around perishable values. But, human needs go far beyond simply this. An every growing number of people have begun to realize the inner "ego" of the man that has the need to know Creation and its laws. For, as long as he does not know this, he will not be able to build in a beneficial manner and liven up all that surrounds him, thus achieving evolution and maturity. Otherwise he shall continue walking through life embittered and dissatisfied, generating inquietude and emotional instability.

Maslow has portrayed 20th century man in his spiritual emptiness. Men and women attentive to their work, engaged in assuring an adequate survival, however withdrawn from their essence in every way possible, but mostly, through their own will that does not expose themselves to the invocations of the soul. It is the psychology created by today’s materialistic civilization that has restricted itself in a prioritized manner to the external superficialities of human life.

Life is a breath of the Creator's immense kindness. It is a pilgrimage in search of strengthening spiritual personality, of evolution, and of happiness.

But, during the wanderings in the pilgrimages, humans have overburdened themselves with errors and mistakes. Their lives have lost their shine of happiness. The shadows of anguish and dissatisfaction have grown. Satisfying one’s basic needs has become an arduous fight for survival, because, man has not known how to adapt himself to the laws of nature that provides him with everything for a suitable material existence, and also conceding him time and opportunity to acquire real knowledge.

Begin right now to walk as a happy person, giving thanks for all that the Creator has conceded you, and all that you have not yet learnt how to use. Give thanks with the most pure happiness sprouting from your heart.

Why is everything in life not the way we want it to be? Why have human beings turned into brutes? Why does today's world present so many obstacles to obtain happiness?

The mental complications come from the overdeveloped intellect. The mind is not to be preoccupied wantonly, basically because preoccupation does not solve problems, but they do overburden the body and the soul. Do not keep looking dissatisfied at what your fellow man has. Many people not just envy what the other person has they want what the other does not have. Keep the focus of your thoughts clear. Let your intuition manifest itself freely, so, put your head to work. Seek the paths of simplicity that are the right ones, because, greatness and naturalness are inseparable of simplicity. Where there is no simplicity, there also lacks clarity.

Humans need elevated goals to become harmonious amongst each other, so that some people do not create difficulties for others, desire to become an ennobled human to build in peace and happiness.

But why explain all these things? People are satisfied with what they know. Why awaken them to the worries of man’s current destiny?

This is indispensable so that they change their direction while it is still possible to avoid total ruin.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra