Reincarnations and the Search of Happiness

The Brazilian soap opera, “Alma Gêmea”, by Walcyr Hangman, presently exhibited on the Globo TV Network, is raising doubts in the public's mind. Could the character of Serene really be Luna's reincarnation? It is indeed a question with several possible answers. Serena could be a person very closely linked to Luna that has willed herself to a new earthly existence to unmask the killers. She could be anybody, with special clairvoyant skills and sensitive enough to capture the emotional sensations left behind by Luna's suffering, or she could just as well be the spirit itself that had already once incarnated in Luna's body.

The fact is that, if Serene is another reincarnation of Luna, then all the remaining characters also are the reincarnation of some soul that the threads of destiny led to the proximity of the expecting mother, exactly in the environment where those souls need the life existence or even to make amends to some mistakes of passed lives. Through a new incarnation, each spirit has the opportunity of trekking through the paths of evolution, making oneself aware of the meaning of life and seeking one's elevation to the celestial regions of the Light, escaping from the bleakness of human mistakes. On the soul returning to another physical body, a blindfold of forgetfulness is placed over the past lives. The inner "I" brings the experiences from the past lives that are captivated through one's intuition. Reincarnation is not a theory it is a natural fact that occurs according to, and foreseen by the laws of Creation.

In fact, one of the great problems of films and soap operas is that the writers, generally, present the whole storyline based on the hypothesis of a single life, thus making, to the general public, the success and triumphs of the hypocrites and villains incomprehensible. Unfortunately, along the paths of life, human beings have chosen the winding paths of selfishness, producing envy, distrust and hatred, that is the reason why there is so much wickedness and tragedy to be shown on soap operas. But, in conformity with the incorruptible justice of the laws of Creation, one pays here what one does here, in this life or another, in the present body or in another, fulfilling the sentence: each one will harvest what one has sown, be it good or bad.

Each earthy existence is a new stage in which the soul is led along through the threads of destiny woven by the resolutions of each individual. According to Roselis von Sass, in O Livro do Juízo Final (The Book of the Final Judgment), in the regions of the Light, films are widely used to orient the spirits that there are. Often love stories are shown in which the man and the woman always end up meeting one another again during on Earth, until, some of them fail so badly spiritually that a reencounter is impossible.

Without recognizing the fact that, the human spirit is given several incarnation opportunities in a physical body, so that it can become strong enough to return to the point of its origin, makes it very difficult in understanding the meaning of life, and, without understanding life, it is very difficult to be happy, hurling people into anxiety and lack of serenity to face one's own day to day problems.

Many people are allowing themselves to be increasingly overcome by anxiety. They are not making an effort to maintain the focus of their thoughts pure, becoming subject to all the oscillations and external influences, allowing negative thoughts to take root in their minds. What is going on in the inner self of individuals? How does one develop the internal emotional processes that give abode to dissimulations? Often we see the external behavior, dictated by the social rules and standards, without knowing exactly what is really going on in the inside of one's brain and feelings.

What direction does one take on the highway of life? With so much haste and anxiety. Where are the people heading? What do they want from life? They are always being led to places where there is nothing to think about and lots of things to buy. The empty interior is satisfied with the affirmative power of buying something, and shortly the need to do the same again soon reappears, ready for other acquisitions, without developing an impulse for a deeper reflection about what is really essential for life.

We need to have courage and determination to seek for continuous development, and accomplish the whole human potential that we have, which, logically, includes spirituality. People want to exercise control of everything using the intellect, as they have lost the connection with their inner wisdom, which enables us to foresee danger and visualize solutions, free of oppression from one's own worries and from those caused by people whom are close to us. We need to grow in such a manner so that we neither provoke worries and fears in others, nor allow ourselves to be disturbed by sad memories.

True lasting happiness is felt in one's inner self, or, as many say, in the higher "I", which in fact is the soul realizing that it is reaching its elevation target and ennoblement, looking at itself, gratefully, for the gift of life and everything that it has received, the air it breathes, the food that nurtures the body, and the water that quenches its thirst.

Many look at others thinking they are happier, and end up envying them, coveting their happiness, and launching negative thought vibrations and feelings on the individuals they are looking at. This way, they shall never obtain happiness.

If someone gives a slap, it provokes pain and resentment. But, if instead of this he just thinks and feels in a negative manner towards the other, without there being any physical contact the effect can even be more painful than a slap. In our mental contact with our fellow man we should always vibrate a beneficial effect. When we look at our fellow man, wishing sincerely his well being, we are contributing so that he can feel a moment of inexplicable wellbeing.

Life is a very valuable present to be wasted away. We should understand it's meaning and live it fully. We should strengthen our desire to live and fight for our ideals. In the banquet of life the human being was born to evolve and be happy. The crises must make us search for something better, a state of serene happiness originating from our soul.

For the exact comprehension, it has become indispensable to reacquire the lost knowledge on the needs and mechanisms that govern human reincarnation so that they take place with the objective of spiritual maturity being reached, or for when the foreseen allotted time runs out according to the laws of Creation. This is the miracle of resurrection. A new body, a new opportunity, however, submitted to an incorruptible justice. A shrewd and malicious white man, spiritually decadent, could incarnate in the midst of the African chaos, but also, a black African, whose spirit yearns for superior knowledge, could incarnate in a region where he has freedom and conditions to attain the evolution of his spirit. The same could occur between Christians, Protestants, Jews or Arab. That why it is a law for humans to, "love one's fellow man", as a means of reestablishing balance and harmony, preventing the appearance of anxiety due to incomprehension and attitudes of disagreement with the natural laws of life, attaining peace and the spontaneous happiness to live.