Religion and the Meaning of Life

It is sufficient enough to use the intellect with lucidity to realize that life has a meaning, because if it were not so it would not exist. The first human beings intuited a feeling of religiosity. For them, sacred meant all nature and its entities. Later mysticism was introduced with the appearance of demons and ghosts made by mankind itself.

Many generations were necessary so that humans, linked to nature, were able to perceive the existence of an inapprehensible Creator, The Most High Almighty, according to whose Will, everything was created, including man, whose essence is spiritual, giving rise thus to the bases for the recognition of monotheism.

The Will of the Creator is not arbitrary, it obeys a strict logic that is inserted in the laws of the Creation, not by chance as in the rites, beliefs and dogmas that were later constituted in the religions made by the humans. That is why, the religiosity feeling is found outside any particular religion. It is essential that mankind knows the plan of Creation instituted by the Divine Will, for then it shall be able to realize what is the real objective of life and how to achieve it.

In the 21st century humanity realizes that religiosity is inherent in them, and already the rules made by the religions propitiate intimate conflicts and incoherencies that disturb the vigilant spirit. Thus, people do not feel safe and end up becoming disbelievers, abandoning even one’s intimate feeling of religiosity. However, this is not appropriate. The human that realizes that life cannot only be this short interval between birth, growth and death prepare for it in the time leading up to its end, that person has foreseen that there is something more significant to be researched. There is something to be researched thoroughly, and very seriously and that is the purpose of the Lord Creator’s Will. For, inside natural logic, there are no gaps, everything is simple and coherent, impelling towards constant progress and the evolution of the spirit and of Creation.

When man detaches himself from spirituality, he ends up being a prisoner to superficialities. Many are wrapped up in the conquest and preservation of earthly power, making other people servants to fulfill their pleasure of dominance. But, earthly power should be used exclusively to do good and improve this world, because it is an ephemeral power, which in the hereafter means nothing, even if you were a king, a ruler, magistrate or pope as a human. It does not matter where you were, you shall still have to assume the consequences of each one of your acts.

The great impacts that reach the soul makes us think about life. Who are we? Where have we come from? Where are we going? And, is there a Creator? Religions have sought to simplify everything into a mechanical mechanism: “do this and that, give to charity, be honest, live an exemplary life”. However, these important notions are directed to the upper part of the brain, without penetrating deeply into the soul, in this there is nothing alive, for they would have to come accompanied with explanations on the operation of the laws of Creation, showing how the final consequences, good or bad, reach the generators of the thoughts and attitudes, wherever they maybe.

Everything that was artificially created by man, without taking into consideration the laws of Creation, is being exposed, showing its precariousness. The desire for religiosity should make the individual build a spiritual base as a support for the difficulties that life presents one with, in other words the irrevocable harvest of what one has sown through one’s pilgrimages on Earth.

It is imperious that we understand finally that the prophets and Jesus Himself, did not come to earth to create religions, but to explain the real meaning of life and its evolutionary stages, and Jesus having promised the coming of the Son of Man, with the incumbency of, once more, bringing to mankind the knowledge of Creation. The whole of existence is like a journey, returning to Earth for the Light, going up one step at a time towards the elevated objective. Not knowing this, without understanding human restrictions and the period, we are subject to the bitter deceptions and are not harmonious with the environment.

According to Abdruschin, “Jesus spoke of the Coming of the Son of Man as the last possibility of salvation, and also pointed out that with His Coming Judgment would commence. Therefore those that are unwilling, or putting it differently, those that are unwilling to accept any kind of enlightenment, due to their own obstinacies or indolence, would have to be definitively condemned!” … (In The Light of the Truth, The Grail Message, essay “The Son of Man”).

Mankind finds itself at the lowest point of gross physical matter. Crutches will be of no use to him, if he wants to reach the luminous heights he shall have to run the course, and this will only be possible to him if he understands Creation and where it is, and the laws that govern it, according to the Creator's Will.