The Spiritual Star Wars

In all sectors of life there are disagreements taking place. Agitation is always present. There are many people with many problems. Time is short increasing the unrest. Dissatisfaction and rebellions are breaking out all over. In this scenario uncoils the most tenebrous spiritual war of all times, bringing back the consequences of human actions.

Planet Earth is the extraordinary point where the human becomes apt to fully use his free will, being able to choose the channels to where he wants to direct the Force. In no other point of the material sphere is this possibility so evident, being human there, attracted by its equal species, having to coexist with one’s equal, be he good or bad; worried about constructing with goodness, in peace and harmony, or envious and full of abominable greed, vanity and destroyers of peace and harmony, generating dangerous threats that hover over all mankind. That has been happening ever since humans have been aware of their capacity of free will, through its intellectual will in an autonomous way, dissociated from the will of the spirit.

With the increase of greed, vanity and the eagerness to excel, the liaisons of solidarity have become slack, destroying the feeling of belonging, be it to the family, or the community. People have become isolated with their fears and insecurities. The elite become accomplices to obtain advantages and silence the discordant voices, doing everything so that there is an appearance of normality, hiding the existing conflicts for the conquest and preservation of power, seeking to believe, to prevent panic and certify that everything is under control.

This way, someone good can easily become bad by allowing himself to be dominated by vanity and greed. But on Earth, one’s desire is strong, one can choose. One has the destiny of the Planet in one’s hands. Humans, withdrawing away from a spiritual life, concentrating on the earthly and material, have managed to separate the body from the spirit, when actually the body is nothing more than an instrument for the evolution of the spirit. Then evil appears due to the human errors that have withdrawn man from the Light of the Truth, and evildoers do everything to prevent one form reaching the Light, because they themselves have withdrawn from the Light.

Life has taken a course in the opposite direction of the desired evolution that was wished for, making everything rough and hostile. Now the planet finds itself under a lot of pressure. The population has reached a number never before seen on Earth, or at any other time in its history. There are more than 6 billion inhabitants, of which, 76 percent, are living in the most precarious conditions. Many grievous things are happening simultaneously, like poverty, illiteracy, disease, urban violence and terrorism. And serious social tensions break out continually.

There is only one Force, and it should always be used to do good, but the fallen angel and his elite troop have influenced humans through the intellect, progressively silencing the voice of the spirit. Thus humanity has proceeded to direct the force toward obscure channels, but the Force exists, and the human is its leader, and, wherever he directs it, he shall have to assume the resulting consequences, be they good or bad.

On not applying the Force according to the laws of Creation, to build in a beneficial way, like the character of Anakin Skywalker, of Star Wars III, the human being becomes a “Jedi” renegade, because, as the despotic Chancellor Palpetine says: “Everybody who acquires power, is afraid of loosing it”. That is why one should not facilitate in promoting chaotic destruction, placing human monsters at the command of the perverse battles. There is no kindness. True love becomes unknown. Individuals should learn to take proper care of themselves, for at this very insensitive age, time is short, and there is no consideration for your fellow neighbor. There are goals to be reached fighting relentlessly for survival.

Anakin became subject to the effect of the laws, having to assume the resulting consequences of his wrong decisions, and he ended up by loosing his human form, his spiritual essence: his heart. His greed for power made him became a traitor of the Light. The film shows the human inconsistencies that allow corruption to set-up within the intrigues of power, and as an outcome there are clashes that affect all humanity. Amidst the grandiose constructions one does not see the people, whoever is not a politician is a warrior. And the film is a creative idea that propitiates many thoughts about the current way of life, and, at the same time, a varied lucrative option for its producers.

In fact, there will not be a Star Wars, but the promised Star is already approaching, accelerating with its primordial energy and the spiritual outcome for humanity. Thus, there is an increase in the speed of turbulent modifications in the life of humans, demonstrating that Divine Love is not a separate thing from Justice. War is already present on a daily basis and one just needs to see the clashes popping up all over. And, the way that humans are canalizing the Neutral Force of Creation, through the feeling of hatred and dissatisfaction, it is very probable that there shall be a unleashing of a general conflagration of all, against all, at least until the Force of the Light imposes recognition and respect to the natural laws of Creation, without that, true peace and the spontaneous happiness to live, shall never be attained!