World Recession

“Which human being is the one that does not try to improve this world?”

The main goal of the human civilization should be one of transforming the resources offered by nature so that with dignity it manages to attend its necessities. With the further spread of the use of money, individual humans have simultaneously moved further and further away from a true spiritual life, becoming egoists, realizing the influence of money as a means of increasing each individuals world power, as in the “beyond” the earthbound money has no use whatsoever.

But, as the comments on the progress of the world’s economy become evermore convincing. Many bet that an economic recession is about to appear on the scenario, as an inevitable consequence of the imbalances created by the immediacies of mankind, which, like devilish spellbinders do not vacillate in dancing for joy over the use of money, in financial juggling that has nothing to do with the production of the indispensable utilities for human life.

On the other hand, the aggravation of adverse environmental factors as the destruction of the earth’s surface, the menace of the lack of drinking water and the climatic alterations, are elevating the level of peoples preoccupations that recognize the gravity of the situation.

Interest rates, Exchange rates and Recession

Just see how complicated exchange rates have become. The Chinese currency, the Yuan, has maintained the same quotation to the US dollar since the 90’s. It is a depreciated currency, with qualified and cheap labor, and this has made China a paradise for investments in the exporting sector. Producing in China at low cost, and exporting to countries whose currencies have valorized, has became a seductive exchange rate acrobatic. What is the main negative effect result of all this? It is the elimination of jobs that the American economy, according to Paul Krugman, (FSP of 21/05/05), has remarked upon the loss of over 3 million jobs since the year 2000.

In Brazil, the unemployed middle class has only has found low salary work that demands no special qualifications, thus provoking a standard of job skills to a lower level. The high interest rates attract lots of short-term dollars to the economy. The charges of interest rates consume an every higher volume of revenue. According to Cíntia Cardoso, in the newspaper FSP 27/05/05, “the appreciation of the Brazilian Real to the US dollar already undermines the Brazilian exporter base”. This has brought about an increase in scandals in the political scenario, and an increase in “hour-long” kidnappings in the city streets. Dealing with all this appealing to sensationalism, will not be enough to bring about an improvement. It is indispensable to seriously search for what makes humans act in such a contrary manner to their very essence.

In the Roman Empire the leaders stood out by their divestment and such moral qualities as courage, temperance and seriousness that were responsible for the make up of the reputation of the Roman republic. But the leading class became fascinated with money and its wealth. In the 1st century BC. the leaders exhausted the regions under their control to cover the expenses of their legions and quick enrichment.

According to the magazine, “History Lives-Great Themes”, (História Viva-Grandes Temas), edition no. 8, the leaders that abandoned their positions in Rome accepted positions in the conquered provinces with the goal of remaking their fortunes lost during their electoral campaigns. They were venal, justifying the move as a need to carry out a high and costly political career and surrounded themselves with assistants, avid for money, ready to negotiate their services or to propose dishonest agreements that left them rich. They also lent money at prohibitively high interest rates.

Rome should have been prepared with its best citizens geared to improve the world, as, the time of the fulfillment of the promise of the Messiah's coming was near. Thus, being easier for them to understand Jesus' message, destined to all mankind, showing in a simple way the universal laws, spreading kindness throughout the world. But the human beings did not understand Him, ill actions of the past were transferred to the future, and at that present time reined chaos and disorder due to the incorrect use of energy in Creation then.

The Spiritual Energy of Creation

Many think that the human being is the energy that carries out everything in life. But the situation is not quiet like that. The human being is the master of his destiny and of the destiny of the people on the planet, through his will and his thoughts that, coming into contact with the energy of Creation, through the magnetic waves, impels this energy to mould human destiny.

The creative energy has the peculiarity of being canalized and molded by the human will and through thought, as an attribute of being endowed with a spirit.

It is the human being who directs it, regardless of color, religion, social condition, or place of birth, being able to place the energies of the Universe to his favor, as well as being able to build the worst of worlds; hell in ethereal matter and the chaos of life on Earth. The human being is not an object. It is much more, it is spirit that is why it has destiny in its own hands.

Safety, peace and happiness are, nowadays just empty words. All the degradations and human corruptions are being placed in full view. Humanity needs to realize that it suffers because of its incorrect procedure contrary to the laws of Creation.

Many people are willing to seek a life renewal. They want share new ideas. One does not need to scorn what is structured and working well, but the great transformation should take place in the man himself, who makes no effort to understand the true meaning of life.

“Therefore I once more adjure all men: Keep the hearth of your volition and your thoughts pure, and you will become peacemakers and be happy! Then at last Subsequent Creation will begin to resemble Primordial Creation, where all is Light and Joy! All this lies in the hands of man, in capacity of every self-conscious human spirit, who will no longer remain a stranger in this Subsequent Creation!”

(Abdruschin, In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message, essay “In the Realm of Demons and Phantoms”)