The Rebirth of Earth

The basic principle is that all matter transforms itself. It agglomerates, it forms, and it decomposes, disintegrating into a new form. Thus, what happens immediately around us is only a copy of that which already exists in Creation, and in this midst the human was placed, endowed with a spirit and free will, apt to lead everything towards a more elevated direction, within reach of the Light.

With the faculty of free decision-making, which is inherent in us, humans should have chosen the way in the direction towards the Light. In the absence of this choice, all else has been lowered, leading towards a critical limit that leads to the disintegration process.

With respect to this, Abdruschin presents the following explanation:

“A part of the universe or sidereal material body, where human spirits in development, are tuned into all of their desires and their pure will directed only towards the Light, remain more luminous and thus lighter, at a height, that without interruption are enabled to receive in a full manner the live forces of irradiations originating from the Light, and are able thus to always remain vigorous and healthy, vibrating in the laws of Creation, and consequently because of this never arrive at the course that should lead to over maturity and disintegration.”

(Message of the Graal - In the Light of the Truth, essay: “I Am the Resurrection and Life; Nobody Arrives at the Father, Except Through Me”!)

In fact, humans, created according to the Creator's image, withdrew from the bread of truth, without which the spirit loses its energy, and is no longer able to act in a blessed way. Thus human society, withdrawn from the Light, finds itself under darkened clouds that shade its destiny, and the planet earth finds itself in a delicate situation, because in its current orbital movement it is in a danger zone.

When humans face problems in obtaining healthy food, it is a sign that the things have already passed over the tolerance limit. And there is no lack of examples of this. Some time ago there was much talk about the contamination of the beef in European countries, known as “mad cow disease”. East Asia has not managed to solve the matter of the “chicken flu” yet, and because of this they had to exterminate thousands of them. Now, the most recent information say’s that fish are not free from contamination either. Salmon and other fish are contaminating people, requiring the cooking of fish at high temperatures or adequate freezing procedures. Costal waters next to some countries, as that of Japan, do not produce many fishes for decades. Thus, to feed its population, the Japanese have increased the size of their fishing fleet and started to fish further and further away from their shores.

In 1962, when the American astronauts reached the moon, it was noticed that earth had it limits for the first time, and that we could not continue extracting nature’s resources in an indiscriminate way.

Some years later, in 2005, the "sad contamination" of earth was noted as seen from the International Space Station, there were large areas with smoke clouds and the pollution was clearly visible.

"It is sad to see what it is happening on Earth. It was painful to see the smoke from the factories and the contamination of nature". This is how the Russian Salizhan Sharipov defined the general impression he had of his mission of almost seven months on the International Space Station (ISS), beside the North American Leroy Chiao.

"We saw the contamination that industry produced. We noticed this especially in Southeast Asia, where the smokescreen prevented us from photographing the region", highlighted the Russian, in the first press conference that the astronauts gave in Moscow, after their return to the Earth: source ( on 27/04/05).

In fact, these are symptoms that something healthy has been removed from human life and from his environment. The vegetation coverage has been reduced. Soil suffers from erosion, the quantity of potable water has decrease and is polluted, and plague and viruses have begun to affect animal species and vegetation that are direct human food sources. But, in spite of everything, earth still continues giving refuge and offers food, water and air that sustain life. Nevertheless, humans receive the gifts with dissatisfaction and discontent, without reward and sincere thankfulness. Instead of beautiful bodies, with happy and healthy features, appear weak and ungraceful human caricatures, distanced away from the Light, presenting multiple disease symptoms.

We have reached the point of super maturation, and what becomes more evident are all the unbalances provoked by the human species, precisely the ones that should have ennobled and carried on with the work benefiting and beautifying the planet with our activity. Peace is precarious. Urban violence has increased, principally in the undeveloped countries. The current economic and global financial situation present so many unbalances that it was defined by Paul A. Volcker, former-president of the FED, as “skating on an ice layer that is getting thinner and thinner”, which at any time can break generating a strong financial crises. But in fact, what seems to be sitting upon the fine ice layer is the very structure of human life.

They are visible cosmic transformations being carried out, preparing a great happening to adjust the circular motion of planet Earth, elevating human creatures that crave because of this, for more elevated levels, where they can be reached by influential blessings from the Light, and they thus indeed accomplish their human objectives vivified by the spirit. Thus, earth will once again return to being vernal, so beautiful and welcoming, as when it first came out from the Creator's hand.

It is indispensable that man is ready and willing to renew his own future, if he really whishes to have a good one. He can, because he has the energy to do so as the Creator granted it.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra