Buddha, Zoroaster, & Lao-Tse

Teachers of the Path

The wheel of time moved swiftly, but upon Earth humans developed in the wrong direction, moving away from a spiritual life and chaining themselves to physical matter, suffocating their intuition that admonished them to recognize the Laws of Creation that represents the Divine Will, that is, the natural evolutionary course of all Creation that impels everything towards evolution and refinement. Instead of recognizing the Divine Will, thereby edifying their earthly lives, they developed their own will, overburden with selfishness and arrogance, provoking decadence in every direction.

Mankind withdrew continually from the true meaning of life, placing their insignificant will above all else, always in search of earthly pleasures and earthly powers without raising their eyes up to the marvelous Creation, questioning themselves: “What is the meaning of life?” “Where have we come from?” and “Where are we going from here?”

All the same, there were still many good-natured people whose hearts yearned for knowledge. From time to time, the Light, in its immense goodwill and wisdom sent to the different races, spiritually strong humans, with the mission to transmit the necessary teachings about the laws of Creation. The teachings of these special humans had in their essence much similarity, since all pointed towards monotheism: to the awareness of the existence of the One God, the Almighty, and the Creator of All the Worlds. Humans should strive to doing good and be conscious of their responsibilities, so that they would be able to assume the consequences of their acts.

The reconstitution of these special humans lives present many difficulties through the lack of data, and even the existing information is full of contradictions, presenting isolated disjointed facts, both legendary and mystical, without a continuous chronological order. There is in fact, little information available. In the case of Buddha, the majority of books do not mention the existence of three distinct personalities that reached Buddha’s stage, of the awakening of the spirit; the illumination: For the one that reaches perfect knowledge or illumination.

Of all the Buddhas that existed, that is, Siddhartha, Rahula and Gautaman, one stands out in a singular manner: Gautaman Buddha, whose knowledge raised his people to a higher sphere of awareness, leading them wisely to knowledge and consequently giving praise to the Lord of All the Worlds through their way of living and in their acts.

Certainly we can affirm that the only means through which mankind can manage to free itself from the base vices that chain it down to heavy matter, and proceed along its trajectory, is the recognition of its place in Creation and the working of the automatic laws that are oriented by the Divine Will, encompassing all creatures. This is the principal finality of mankind’s earthly existence.

According to the book Buddha, published by the Order of the Grail on Earth, prince Siddhartha lived a negligent life in his palace, in Kapilawastu, with his wife Maya and their son Rahula, the meaning of which is, “that one that is promised”.

Siddhartha scorned the beliefs, and his wife’s intuition, preferring to dedicate himself to hunting more than protecting his frontiers against invaders. Consequently, Kapilawastu fell into the hands of the enemy. Siddhartha was attacked, fell down half-dead, and was stripped of his goods and family.

“From prince, he became a simple pilgrim, he looked like a pariah, a miserable representative of the lowest social class; the scorned and cursed class. Little by little his long path of learning made him elevate himself, and he made revealing discoveries according to his inner development that transformed him into a great master. A prince who, through knowing the lowest and most base forms of life: later became an anchor of knowledge for his people.”

(Quoted from the book)

The story is prodigal in examples of human self indulgence that stand out in contrast to the coming of the prophets' and God’s Envoy. Showing that self indulgence distances man from a permanent performance in the preservation of the basic teachings in their original form, giving inclusive opportunity to the introduction of untrue concepts, principally by no longer understanding the teachings in a spiritual manner, but also in attending the interests of earthly dominance.

Later on, after the death of Gautaman-Buddha and his direct assistants, “a whole series of human interferences were introduced into the completely pure doctrine that came from the Most High. At first, they were almost imperceptible afterwards, more evident, and in the end, completely changed, giving rise to several variations. People took care in adapting the principles, to the spirit of each age, when in reality what they did was to simply accommodate themselves to evil, that does its utmost to cover the purity of primitive harmony.”

The disciples generally place that which is not correctly understood aside. Thus, with rare exception, the essential part of the doctrine presented by the prophets, ends up being postponed, losing its real content of the message received.

And, as has always happened to man that stops listening his inner voice, even then, at that time, each one only cared to avidly impose his personal point of view, thus they contributed by throwing a mud wave on top of the purity of the primitive doctrine.

Humanity has distanced itself much from the knowledge originally revealed by Buddha that now reappears like a present to those that seek real knowledge that now reestablishes the original knowledge, leading them on towards the light of the truth!

On reducing the importance of the recognition of Creation and its laws that should be primordial in his existence, man proceeds in canalizing his potentialities, principally, in the accumulation of earthly goods in order to leap over the steps of power, considering as secondary that which is essential for the adequate utilization of the time that was granted to him in this material world.

Modern man feels proud of his material feats, but the true knowledge of Creation is buried under tons of useless earthbound information, idolized by many scholars that ignore the elementary simplicity and clarity present in the working of Creation and its laws, the only ones effectively capable of forming the foundation of a healthy and lasting edification.

With regards to Lao-Tse, his life is practically unknown. Lao means young child, and Tse, mature or wise. Thus, the name would mean “young wise man”, spiritually adult. Tse was only added on to the name of those that reached the stage of Superior Lama.

Lao-Tse, lived and acted in Tibet and China, around the year 600 BC, and was moved by a profound love for his race, making him want to take to his people the knowledge of the Divine way. His race by nature, were overactive. Impatient, they built around themselves a restlessness that brought about much misfortune. They should pause in order to meditate, open up to their inner selves and listen to their inner voice. Only thus would they be able to become happy and satisfied, finding once again the path back to those Celestial Heights from whence they originated.

There are almost no records on Zoroaster's life. There are even doubts with regard to the date in which he lived, and in the doctrine attributed to him there are many distortions. It is probable that he lived around the year 600 BC having lived and acted in Persia, present day Iran. Zoroaster was to his people, the teacher of the path for those that were to come, and afterwards Zorotushtra, the conserver of the path, whose task was to make true knowledge accessible. With his teachings the people rose spiritually and progressed that made other races of the region adopted his doctrine.

Zorotushtra, become the supreme priest of the Iranians and he helped the sovereign of that time, King Hafiz, direct the people to the knowledge of the One-God – Ahuramazda. He also revealed the knowledge about the multiple earthly lives: “it is permitted to return to Earth, after death, to fix what you are undoing now!”

Little remained of these records, as they were destroyed by conquerors. Zoroaster's wise teachings did not remain in their original form for little by little they were being twisted by primitive superstitions, magic and the priests' ambitions of the time.

To adequately prepare the soil for the blessed welcoming of God’s Laws in Creation, special envoys of the Light: Krishna, Buddha, Lao-Tse, and Zoroaster, all of them brought to his own race, in the appropriate language for that time, the basic spiritual preparatory knowledge for the reception of the full true knowledge about the masterpiece of Creation. Also the prophet Mohamed had come to Earth with the same finality.

The forces of evil do not want the Light to be found, and it promotes a destructive action, whenever there are opportunities and willing humans to collaborate in its disastrous activity to annul the help sent to mankind.

In all the teachings of the Prophets and the Envoys, the great and uniform conduction originating from the Light can be clearly observed.

And all of them should have led to a single and true doctrine if there were not always humans willing to twist the real meaning of the messages, adapting them for their own greed and conveniences.

Thus, mankind easily abandoned the endless help that originated from the Light, to obey lies and more suitable falsehoods because of their vanity and self-indulgence.

The muddling of information had to bring about confusion and antagonism, fragmenting instead of unifying the knowledge, generating intolerance, enmity and persecution. Such teachings remained dispersed and confused and today, are unable to propitiate the great help awaited for by humans who seek, because they lack logic and coherence that is linked to intuition. If they had kept the original purity, there would be no conflicts and feuds. Also the arbitrary introduction of mysticism brought much confusion, discouraging those that seek.

However, for the humans that welcomed the little grain of truth into their heart, conscious or unconsciously, yearn for the knowledge of the spiritual truth and because of this they shall be led to the opportunity of finding the Light of the Truth, in order to leave the shadow of ignorance, because the Teachers of the path to the Light on Earth, in their teachings, always pointed to the need of being ready for the coming of the Son of Man, the bearer of the Light and true knowledge, but also of the judging sword for the acts of the human spirits. Evidently, the time for the trial of humanity was foreseen for a distant future, but in those days, the knowledge of multiple reincarnations in other physical bodies was a well-known natural fact by all, and that is why there was no doubt at all. May you be spiritually vigilant for the recognition when the time comes!