I Live with the Dead and Many of Them are My Friends

So that the reader of this material does not waste their time I will right up front advise them that this writing is of a spiritual nature. Those that are not interested in knowing other points of view on spiritual matters and are only consumed with their own knowledge and can’t be totally objectionable should continue on their way for there is no value here for them. An unprejudiced mind is needed here to proceed along the path I wish to spell out to you.

I will speak of the atheist first. They may have avoided the warning stated above and have come along out of curiosity, I will say this to them! In all of Creation there is a cause and effect for everything. Try and think of something in this world that you see or know the effects of, that doesn’t have a cause. Then ask yourself, why would I be the only exception? Can’t you see that you are a part of Creation? With your non-belief you give no purpose to yourself and one without purpose would be without being! One of the biggest problems with so many today is that they try to use their intellect to comprehend something that is not of this material world. The intellect is only applicable to the world of matter, not other parts of Creation. As Jonathan Swift once wrote: “There is none so blind as they that won’t see.” I have not written this however to convenience anyone of their existence!

Now think on this! In Creation, that’s the key word, Creation, which you are a part of and came into existence through, prohibits your intellectual understanding of those things outside of Creation, God and the Divine. God and the Divine stand far above that place where the human spirit came into existence therefore one’s first concern should be with whom they are and why they are permitted to exist in this Creation at all. The answers are there if one truly seeks.

The human spirits emanated from the spiritual realm in the highest parts of God’s Creation. Readers please take note; that it is within Creation not outside Creation that the human spirit came into existence, in which man is a part of. Therefore God stands outside of his Creation where as man is within Creation and a part of it. Now the meaning of our existence here on earth and in the beyond (which is still part of Creation) is to develop spiritually so that we can return to our spiritual origin as fully conscious spirits. Conscious that is of the Creator and the Laws that permeate all of his Creation.

Now let me speak here of life, real life. Real life cannot be of this world for if it were then it would be obvious to all that there wouldn’t be any death. The fact that we die (physical death) is proof alone that this is not real life. Real life is something that transcends this existence. For the human being spiritual life is the only real life and this experience, which we call life, is but one of many that the soul must experience in order to progress.

What should be protected first and foremost, at all cost, is this real life and that can only be done by ones self and the Truth. One of the universal problems however is that most everyone thinks they have this Truth. They readily accept teachings of others rather than to exercise their own intuitive perceptions and would never think of putting what they are reading and hearing through a strict analysis to see if it has logic and conforms to the Laws of God’s Creation. The acceptance of things we don’t understand leads to a blind faith, belief which of itself is unhealthy and shows a high degree of spiritual indolence. Those Human Spirits in God’s Creation are suppose to become knowing and that requires spiritual activity through investigating and not just submissive yielding. Should it not be a solemn duty for every human Spirit to become knowing. Each of us are in a position to chose but are subject to the consequences (To Be Or Not To Be).

So you may now be asking who my dead friends are. They are all those here and on the other side that have allowed themselves to be misdirected to the real purpose of their existence. It doesn’t really matter what causes this misdirection the results are the same, a serious neglect of their purpose of being. If you are truly honest with yourself you will realize that many have placed the golden cow of the intellect and the material world ahead of their spiritual growth. Give serious thought to this, how many place their children, professions, hobbies, sports, sexual life, ego, and even religion above their spiritual life, for being religious is seldom the same as being spiritual.

Does one really believe that by attending regularly to a religious service that it is enough for eternal life. It really makes little difference to what religion one professes because the spiritual life is often debased by the ridge dogma and ritual of these institutions. The biblical saying echo’s loud and clear here “Let the dead bury their dead”. Has anyone ever given serious thought to this saying? Were we not advised by the highest that we are to “Seek and that we would find” and what we should be seeking are the adamantine Laws of Creation which have issued from the God Head and have never changed and will never change for they are eternal. Are these not the same Laws that the Master came to fulfill. Taking the time to come to recognition of these Laws and adjusting one’s whole being to them leads to the longed for heights.

Therefore, real life, for at least a small part of humanity rests in acquiring the necessary knowledge that brings conviction. Are you up for the task?

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