Causes and Effects of Climatic Alterations

All the environmental conditions of the Planet find themselves in intense movement impelled by the entities of nature that follow through with the natural consequences of human decisions.

Many scientists of different nationalities are alarmed with discoveries of apparently irreversible effects of alterations caused by global warming in the arctic habitat of the countries surrounding the North Pole region. The climatic alterations have increased the duration of summer, consequently reducing the ice layer that covers the greater part of the Artic.

“The polar regions are the first that show signs of climatic heating, thus being the sentinels of environmental change”, declared the geologist Alexander Wolfe, of Alberta University (Canada).

According to Kathleen Tuhland, biologist of Queen University, “the moment of these alterations are clear evidence of man’s intervention.”

“The dense ice layer that covers the western part of the Antarctic is in disintegration, say British scientists. When this ‘landslide’ reaches its highest point, the ocean levels should rise by 4,9 meters, at least.”

The BAS group experts (British Antarctic Survey), whose headquarters is in Cambridge, discovered that these ice masses that were considered stable up to now, are in a process of "crumbling down".

“The team measured the density of the ice layer and arrived at the conclusion that every 12 months the level of the oceans would go up a fifth of a millimeter.”

“Professor, Chris Rapley, director of the BAS, declared in the conference that this warning sign already existed on the last report of the intergovernmental group about climatic alterations for the United Nations, but it was duly ignored.”

“The eventual collapse of this layer would cause a disaster of gigantic proportions, since enormous coastal zones would submerge, both in developed countries as in those that are in development.”

The Exeter Conference is part of the United Kingdom's effort, as presiding president to the G8 (the wealthiest countries in the world and Russia), to call the world’s attention to the climatic alterations that are already underway.

The British prime minister, Tony Blair, asked the conference’s scientists to determine from which point on, will the climatic alterations cause catastrophic consequences for the planet’s societies and ecosystems.

The Arctic Board study alerted in the Swedish press today that with the present conditions of global warming, by the end of 21st century, during the summer and at the beginning of the fall, the Arctic’s polar circle should already be without ice.

About a quarter of the region’s ice has disappeared over the past 40 years, and the average temperature has increased a degree. The increase in emissions of gasses has a larger effect in the Arctic due to the few hours of solar light in the region, explains the study.

According to Erland Kaellén, of the Meteorological Institute of the University of Stockholm, the consequent increase of temperature will place species, like the polar bear, in danger of extinction.

“The climatic alterations have already started, and there is no way of turning them back, nevertheless we can investigate up to where we shall be able to attenuate them", stated Kaellén to the newspaper ‘Dagens Nyheter’.”

The carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the Antarctic have gone up 2,6% in six years, it is the first increase of a gas that causes the greenhouse effect that has been detected on the continent, up to now.

This information belongs to a group of Japanese scientists from the National Institute of Polar Research, who have noticed that the carbon dioxide gasses originating from the inhabited continents are apparently converging over Antarctic’s atmosphere.

“Everything on Earth is now polluted with carbon dioxide”, said Takashi Yamanouchi, a professor of the institute. “This could be contributing to the expansion of global warming, however it is necessary to verify if the temperatures in the atmosphere are in fact going up”, he explained.

The very hot summers, with heat waves like the ones that affected Europe in 2003, should definitely repeat with frequency right up until the end of century, indicates a Swiss study.

Last summer, the high temperatures in Europe provoked the death of many people, all senior citizens, and the high temperatures unleashed violent forest fires also.

A study points out that global warming that has its origins from pollutants, provoke the climatic alterations that brings about the variations of meteorological conditions and is also responsible for the general increase in temperature.

Investigators calculate that agriculture will have great difficulties in adapting to these alterations. “The gases emitted by industry and transport, are pointed out as the main cause to the greenhouse effect hence global warming” (Source: Lusa agency)

A third of the amphibian species – between toads, frogs and salamanders of the entire world- are in danger of extinction reveals a study published by the magazine "Science".

The most threatened species are in Latin America. To the total of 1.856 amphibian species throughout the globe are in danger of vanishing. Of which 110 are from Brazil. In Haiti, the poorest country in the region, 92% of their species are in danger of extinction.

“The amphibians are the best indicator that nature has over its environmental health”, says Russel Mittermeier, president of the ecological organization International Conservation.

“Its catastrophic decline constitutes a warning message with the meaning that we are in a important degradation period.” (Source: Folha on Line)

This is just some information, the entire set of alterations are much wider and far reaching, they include what happens on the Earth’s surface, like the consequences of human behavior regarding the environment, and also includes the powerful flow of energy in the Cosmos and the colossal solar explosions that affect everything, including under Earth’s surface, that manifests this effect through volcanic activity, causing an eruption to occur at any time, and also in the movement of tectonic plates, as happened on 26 December 2004, provoking an intense seaquake of 9.2 on the Richter Scale, a 160 km. from Indonesia causing a Tsunami that devastated many cities taking more than 300 thousand lives. There is also the appearance of cosmic lightning that takes place in northern Hemisphere in winter, and it has become increasingly stranger in its brightness. Finally, all this is interwoven with ocean currents, through the formation of hurricanes and tornados.

Life demands an adequate balance between uncountable elements. Soil, water, forests, composition of the atmosphere, the participation of million of animal and vegetable species. That was all carefully planned by the entities of nature according to the Creator's perfect laws. But then there are the negative effects of human action that have became clearly visible.

During millennia, the peaks of the highest mountains have been covered in ice. With the arrival of the spring a melting provokes the descent of crystalline water that bathes the plains, feeding streams and brooks, forming rivers. Life resurrects with plants, flowers and the reappearance of several animals species.

Kilimanjaro is no longer covered by snow that lasted for more than 11 thousand years.

This is an unequivocal signal that something is happening with the Planet. But it is not only Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. In the Himalayas, glaciers are also reducing from up to 10 to 15 meters per year. According to Jennifer Morgan, program director for climatic changes of the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation): “the fast melting of the Himalayan glaciers should first increase the volume of water in the rivers, causing generalized floods, but this situation will change, and the levels of water will fall, causing serious economic and environmental problems for the population of the west of China, Nepal and northern India”.

In 1962, when the American astronauts reached the moon, it was noticed for the first time that Earth had its limits, and that we could not continue extracting nature’s resources in an indiscriminate way.

The spiritual germ, in its desire to acquire self-consciousness, goes through the trajectory that leads them to the Planet Earth to experience the desire that is latent in them. Earth is the point in physical matter where everything unites that exists in Creation, and where they all reach the point of super maturation. Due to the retardation of the evolution of the human spirit many things have entered into the stagnation process, as the natural mechanisms were broken and the destruction has been of such a size that it has overloaded the natural capacity of self-regeneration promoted by the entities of nature.

We have reached a point of super maturation, and what becomes more evident are all the unbalances provoked by the human species, and it is precisely the human species that should have ennobled and carried out the work of benefiting and beautifying the Planet with its activity.

In an interview with Dr. Paal Brekke, director of the Soho project, in NASA, by Mitch Battros of Earth Changes TV, both examined the equation(1) that analyzes cause and effect among events inside the sun and the climatic alterations. For them, the solar stains cause solar flames that impulse the solar winds, which interact in the earth’s magnetic field that provokes changes in the marine currents, causing extreme climatic conditions, destabilizing the life conditions of humans. Including their emotional balance (Mitch Battros Producer - Earth Changes TV).

The fact is that, undeniably, solar activity is in frank progression, without knowing exactly the significance of this, but that, as a scientists' equation, should bring to Earth and humanity in general an aggravation of environmental conditions.

According to Abdruschin, in The Grail Message , “for many years already experts have been talking about the coming of a great comet, it could also called the Star of Bethlehem, because it is of the same species. Its force lifts waters to great heights; it brings climatic catastrophes and much more phenomena. The Earth trembles when its rays surround it”.

If humans knew how life should be, everything would be different, lighter, better, more peaceful and harmonic, there would not be all this suffering due to the wrong path taken; as much in one’s personal life, as in the daily difficulties of everyday life. There would be better understanding amongst people because the conciliatory feeling would always be present.

Nevertheless, knowing the meaning of life, knowing why we are here on Earth, is the duty of man. But who is seriously occupied with this? To the human spirit is reserved a special evolution that keeps it above of the continuous process that promotes the formation and decomposition of all that is material, so in order not to be dragged together with this, as long as it does not spontaneously hang onto the dominant materialism, it can withdraw itself from the evolutionary cycle foreseen in the laws of Creation, that affects the very circular action of the Planet itself.

Visible cosmic transformations are happening, preparing a great happening to adjust the circular movement of planet Earth, elevating the human creatures that desire this, to more elevated levels, where they can be reached by blessing influences of the Light, and thus effectively accomplish their purpose as humans beings vivified by the spirit.

It is indispensable that the human being be prepared and willing to renew his own future, if he really wishes to have a good future. He can, because he has the force granted to him by the Creator.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra

  1. Equation: Sunspots -> Solar Flares (CME’s) -> Magnetic Field Shift -> Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents -> Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (Mitch Battros) Back