Krishna, the Indian Hero

We live in an age of profound transformation. An indefinite anguish penetrates hearts. Facing the reality of so many tragedies, diseases and poverty, discouraged mankind in its majority questions: How can the Creator permit so much misfortune? The question is in itself, insolent, because, for the Light, suffering is something foreign, as it just exists in physical matter, brought on by mankind’s very own failure.

From time immemorial the Light has observed humanity's wandering from the designated path. To help humans, Earth received specially prepared envoys, like Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao-Tse, Buddha and Mohamed, trained with inconceivable kindness and highly strengthened spirits in their fidelity to the Light, and dispatched from the heavenly spheres. However, the great effort employed by these preparers of the way to the Light, ended up being disfigured as time went by, and the true description of their earthly lives was also subject to the hand of man. Belief was transformed into illusion, lifeless and unable of leading humanity towards true progress, to a world of real peace and happiness.

Life on Earth was being separated from the Beyond, both the before and after. The spirit was restrained from the restricted earthly life, in its narrow cycle of being born, growing up and work, awaiting its inevitable end. Ignoring the Divine laws, humans were brought up disturbed and confused, for not knowing them, as this should have been their sacred duty. To observe and respect the laws of Creation means to know Creation, respect the creatures on Earth and know the purpose of their own lives. Humans have to become aware of the life that God gave them as a present, keeping away from indolence and becoming aware of The Creator and his Work.

“Instead of this, mankind mocked and scorned the messengers that could show them this recognition. However, one does not win any prizes without making an effort, this would be contrary to the law of continuous movement in Creation that is part of the preservation and of the enlargement of it. This includes both movement of the spirit and the body. Everything that does not move, or moves incorrectly, is expelled, as it only causes a disturbance in the vibrant harmony of Creation; it is expelled like a sick particle, that wishes not to move together rhythmically.” (In The Light of Truth, The Grail Message, by Abd-ru-schin, Vol. 3: Temperament).

Nowadays religions are waiting for the coming of a great leader. The Jews await the Messiah, the Christians the promised Son of Man, supposing that He, and Jesus Christ, are only one person. The Buddhists await Buddha, and the Hindus Krishna's return. But the preparers of the way to the Light, announced to all mankind, the coming of the Son of Man, because this was part of their mission as helpers.

Let us take a look at Krishna. Sita, like a pure lotus, lived in the limpid and beautiful mountains as a queen, in a small but luminous kingdom, whose one and only activity was a prayer of thanksgiving. She gave birth to a spirit that should be called Krishna, who should be a guide for the misguided humans from the path of awareness, undoing the webs in which humanity in general had gotten tangled in. The teachings of Krishna would take the people away from the fearful dominance of the gods, from that point on only serving the One and Only Powerful Lord of all the Worlds. The people stopped giving sacrifices and proceeded to pray and work. A pure and noble caste was born that subsisted throughout the millennia through the pure knowledge about God. Krishna foresaw that in spite of everything, evil would spread terribly throughout the planet, but there would be those in whom the desire for the Luminous Heights would remain. In Écos de Eras Longíncuas (Echoes of Times Immemorial), Editor: The Order of the Grail on Earth).

His mission was to take the Light of Knowledge to the world in pain. The youth had in his heart the pure will of liberating humans from all the doubtful connections. He was a servant of the Creator of the Holy Grail. He was greatly saddened when he saw mankind's gloomy situation that celebrated its prayers amid wild orgies and bloody sacrifices, carried out wars, theft, and assassinations endlessly. Dominated by passions, they lived without peace, and entangled themselves in the evil weave of their ways of acting and earthly desires and humanity consequently headed towards the abyss.

Krishna wanted to indicate to humans all the treasures that provided them with happiness, chasing off fear, loneliness, penury and affliction, showing them the pulsating life of the Love of God in each stone, plant, and every single dew drop. The world could renew itself if humans sought the force of the Light for their obscure and sad lives.

Many wrong things were imagined about his stay on Earth. There are some theories that associate Krishna to Jesus, for he too was a target of harassment and persecution by the representatives of the religious casts, as he threatened their influence in a very effective manner. However, there is a great difference between them. Krishna is a servant of the Grail, and Jesus, is the Son of God. Krishna brought, through his teachings, the Light of Knowledge. Both had as an objective to show the humans the way to heaven, the salvation of the spirit. Jesus brought to Earth, ridden in darkness, the Light itself of which He was the bearer, without which humanity would have already destroyed itself a long time ago. Jesus, in His message, described the relationship between God, Creation and man, as they really are.

Heaven is the paradise, the luminous gardens of eternal happiness and of joyful constructive activities. The Divine is situated very much above it. To return to paradise the human needs to reach full awareness, that is, know about himself and Creation. Up to now there are only very few humans that have been decided to do this. The majority has remained chained to matter, coming and going successively, without managing to raise themselves to the luminous heights.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra