The Holy Grail, a Connection To the Divine

Much has been said, written and even filmed about the Grail. Writers and European poets have researched about this theme now for more than a thousand years, mixing it up with Jesus' Last Supper with His Apostles; with Christ's death on the cross, where Joseph of Arimathea is supposed to have collected His blood when he died on the cross, in the cup used at the last supper; with the imprisonment of Arimathea and his escape to England, where his descendents later founded the legendary Templars. Very much later, at the beginning of The Middle Ages, the Grail appeared in stories written about Parsifal and with the legend on King Arthur and the knights of the roundtable at the castle of Camelot.

And so on, for a long time the Grail has been described in books and verse sometimes as a Cup, others as a Chalice, and even times as a Cauldron, having supposedly some virtues such as, supplying food, the rejuvenation of life for whoever is nurtured by it, and astonishingly there is even immortality for whoever drinks from this perishable object…

Middle Age writers like Helinandus, a Cistercian chronic, Wolfram von Eschenbach, a German writer, and Chrestien de Troyes, a French writer, and the German composer Richard Wagner of the 19th century, dedicated part of their earthly existences in writing about and composing for the Grail, but unfortunately they did not manage to understand the true meaning of its theme, although they had foreseen it as an important subject for all human spirits.

In a report of the cover story of a Brazilian periodical magazine “Super Interessante”, of February/2005: edition 210, an analytic and historical synthesis is made about these stories, but it ends up concluding, “by what is indicated the Grail saga is far from over.”

A notion about it however has been getting stronger and stronger: the Holy Grail would establish the necessary nutritious spiritual energy connection between the physical matter and the Divine, propitiating the renewal of the life-giving force.

In the Internet it is possible to find practically all the information that has already been written about the Grail, including the most imaginative versions.

Many films have been produced about the theme, each one trying to focus on something that was written about it and then later presented in cinematic super productions. Recently, “The Da Vinci Code” is having much success in the bookstores and shortly it shall also be in the movie screens. Many other films have already been made about the search for the Grail. The theme just cannot get out of people’s minds, urging them to find the truth hidden behind the legends.

In the book “Reencontro com o Homem Sábio em Busca do Santo Graal” (A Reencounter With the Wise Man In Search of the Holy Grail), Benedicto Dutra wrote: “Nothing else that humans have hidden, because of their inability to understand, through their ignorance or lack of faith, shall remain so.” The force of the Light now puts everything in plain sight so that the truth can be known and with it comes liberation. Thus, there are references to the Holy Grail appearing all over the place. Confusing and obscure, nevertheless fulfilling its role of once again awakening the need to search: a search for knowledge and to live with plenitude. Everything started with the book “The Da Vinci Code”, written by Dan Brown, bringing the Holy Grail to center stage, questioning. “Is the Holy Grail a new discovery? Could it have been mentioned by Jesus to His Apostles in the most intimate circles to Him? Could the Holy Grail have been well-known in times past, by other peoples that lived well before the coming of Jesus?”

A researcher who wants to decipher all of these stories and extract something profitable from them is going to have to accomplish a superhuman task to come to a significant conclusion, as these writings by those honored scribes are conflicting and very little of what they wrote corresponds to reality.

The research of the GRAIL is not to be made with just the earthly intellect, but above all it should be done with one’s spiritual intuition, which can much better nourish this uncurbed desire of the soul. The earthly intellect, made up of gross matter to function just a few dozen years is not adequate enough for the elucidation of spiritual subjects and, is only useful, when led on by the spirit, as this is the true essence of its being. The physical body equipped with the intellect, is a dressing of the spirit, whilst it journeys on Earth.

There is no doubt that the GRAIL is of the greatest importance for all Creation, in which the unconscious spirit, traveling through physical and non-physical matter, can become fully conscious and develop, participating effectively, without hindering the Laws of Creation of this immensely great masterpiece of the Creator.

The book “In The Light Of Truth - The Grail Message”, by Abd-ru-shin, published in 3 volumes, contains the necessary and elucidative answers about the true and real meaning of the GRAIL. But only with a pure heart (spirit), is one able to arrive at the intuitive comprehension of its sublime meaning, thereby receiving renewed strength.

José Guimarães Duque Filho