Tsunami – How Did the Animals Know?

Many of us have been shaken by the recent disasters in South Asia and most of us had never even heard of the word Tsunami until it struck with such stealth and furiousness. The loss of life, so much pain and hardship, we wonder could it have been avoided? Could there have been someway to warn the many thousands that died that they were in danger? Just a few minutes of warning could probably have saved thousands, but there was no way to warn, or was there?

This is of course a very interesting question which will take forbearance for those that wish to follow for we will have to investigate into areas seldom traversed by the scientific mind, the intellectuals, and the skeptics. Many in the stricken areas are bewildered by not seeing the loss of life of most of the animals. We assume by our great accomplishments that we humans are far more intelligent then any animal so why with all our instruments and accomplishments were we unable to do what the animals did, that is leave in time before the disaster. The very fact that they had the receptive capacity to receive such a warning proves that we have much to learn from the animals and nature. We can also safely assume that it has little to do with intelligence because of the massive loss of human life. Let us first assume that the animals were warned, for their actions proved it.

Many of the animals that were tethered tried to break lose and flee to higher ground. One wonders, who or what was warning them of this impending disaster?

In the busyness of our daily lives we are seldom aware of the multitude of activity that surrounds us all. There are only a few of us that take the time to notice the activity of nature in its truest sense. One walks in nature but their mind is often on other things so that they miss this multitude of activity. There is virtually a world of action happening, but it is seldom witnessed by the intellectual. One that does come to awareness knows that everything shows movement, nothing is without form. Thus it appears as if man is surrounded by a huge workshop, the activities of which partly stream towards him and partly diverges from him. There is the continually growing, blossoming, ripening and decaying along with the, knotting and loosening, building up and pulling down, in constant change, in accordance with the Laws of Creation. Man of this earth however, is in most cases, dull, blind and deaf to all this activity and feel that they are at the mercy of these forces.

There are creatures in nature, unseen by most that have their existence in this world of matter that we inhabit. They are not only active here but in all of the Creations and do the will of the Creator. They are called the elemental beings and are the builders and administrators of the House of God, i.e., of Creation. Many folk tales have been told of the little people as well as the other servants of God. The elves, the nixies, the gnomes, and the salamanders, that occupied themselves with the gross matter of this earth here, which is visible to us. They are the densest of all the elementals and can therefore also be easier seen by some humans that are closer to nature. Their activity is always carried out strictly in accordance with the Laws of Creation.

These elemental beings deal with that which men in a very superficial way call Nature, which include the seas, the mountains, the rivers, the forest, the meadows and the countryside, as well as the soil, the rocks and the plants. You should know that every tiniest one of them is immensely important to the activity of the entire Creation.

It is these elementals that not only cause the beauty in nature but also cause what we call catastrophes. They know exactly when and where these events are to happen and they willingly warn all those that are sensitive to their existence. How many stories have been told and how many lives have been saved by animals warning humans not to go a particular path? Horses have refused to move, even when whipped and who has witness a dog or cat whose hair stands up and they refuse to go any farther on their path? These elementals are seen by the animals, and rarely by humans, and are warned by them through their strange antics of waving and jumping around.

So this is how the animals knew of the terrible catastrophe that was about to strike.

This area of knowing will be forever alien to the scientific mind, the intellectuals, and the skeptics. Only he who is simple and uncomplicated and opens his soul to the forces of nature will be in a position to see and be advised by all these helpers in Creation. A worthy goal for any human to strive for! "

Richard Phillips

Notes: Richard Phillips is the New England representative for Grail Foundation of America. He can be reached at Grail Reader Services 207-223-5782 or e-mail at emmadick@infionline.net